Discussion on Pages - Admin Dashboard Template

Discussion on Pages - Admin Dashboard Template

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Can we please have access to dev version of Angular V10?

Github user is hyperspike

Oops sorry Github username is HSPIKE


biapar Purchased

Is’t ready the react version or it’s better to use the html version with ReactJS?

Hi there

Its in beta, you can access via our github :)

Hi page’s team

Could you please tell me how to hid the close button in pg-card? it’s seem you can config every button in card header except close button. Actually I can use a div with card class but i need to collapse the cars too. Please give me your advice.


Hi there

Are you using pages angular or html version ?

Hi- I’m just wondering as to whether you have implemented a Wordpress version of this website?

Hi there

You can try https://kepler.app/. This is something we built

We need a version for angular v10+, when it will be released? its almost a year without an update…

Hi there

Sorry about my late reply. We hit a few bumps with the pandemic situation. I can not give a release date any time soon. What is the latest date you want to have angular 10 I can see if it fits our time line ?

hello, i’ve purchased this template several years ago with my company. but now i just purchased again today, and i realized that there’s much changes on the styling. can i get the older version as i’ve purchased this template recently?

Hi there

What is the version you want ?

it was version 4.1 where the sidebar menu still using black-boxed background


I found the problem when using pg-select in pgFormGroupDefault and it not fade the label of focused class. Because in form-group-default directive your code support only querySelector(‘input’) please fix it and reply me when you fixed.

Thank you

Hi there

I see, Let me check the dates we can get it fixed :)

When will we get the latest Angular version of Pages Dashboard? Thanks..

Week would be something impossible but I can get you a beta ready by 2 weeks

That would do. Thanks :)

Hey ace, just wanted to know the status of your progress in Pages Dashboard in Angular version 12.

Guys, I’m implementing pages ui on a rails app. I’m following the instructions here:


But the repo https://github.com/revoxltd/pages-core.git doesn’t exist anymore. Was it relocated? If it was just deleted, can you give me some pointers on how to set this up?


is this error normal? “Error: Can’t resolve ‘pages-root-urlfonts / pages-icon / pages-icon.svg’” while running npm run dev? thks

can you please advise me how i get access to the git hub repository for this product i filled out the form when they changed over but never got linked up

github username: bluebombmedia

ace Author

Hi there

Added you in :)

Hello, I was working with the LoginComponent, and everything looks great except for the checkout. Can you tell me what I miss?

ace Author

Hi there

What did you mean by ” except for the checkout”


creatix Purchased

Hi, I am trying to download the export design from the Pages Theme but it keeps failing to locate

can you please help with this?

ace Author

Hi there

I see, let me fix and get back to you

Hi, I don’t know if this is classified under support. If so, let me know and I will renew it.

I wanted to change the primary colors, but I am using an older version (v3.0.0). What’s worse is I lost the original source files. I saw you guide some people using LESS to update the values.

Could I get a copy of that older version so I can update my primary colors?

Ignore this comment. Tried to delete it, but can’t.

To reduce your workload, going to just update to the latest template and update that way.

Thanks for your good work.

ace Author

Got it :) also do you know SASS ?

I don’t know it, but I’m a programmer and got enough to pick up the basics. Now I just have to update the site to your new template.

Since I have your attention, just have to say this template is beautiful! Thanks for the follow up!


ibrahm2 Purchased

hello, I purchased this template. do you have any support for Angular 11, even it is in beta? thanks

I got this problem with Angular in ng serve


can add me to you angular10? wisplaynetworks my GitHub

Hi, We like your work guys! Do you have any react version available we are planning one enterprise grade application development.


shuriken Purchased

Hi, love the template but would like to switch to React. Is there any possibility to get the React version or is it in development? Thanks.

Hi, any plan for Bootstrap 5 ?