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SGBoise Purchased

Hi ace,

Can you please give me access to Pages on github? Username ProgMaster1384



ace Author

Hi there

We have made a form on our website. For anyone to add themselves in :) but I already added you

Hi Ace,

Recently my partner complained about the fonts issue on windows environment. Is there really an issue with fonts on windows?


ace Author

Hi there

Windows do have bad font rendering by default. Let me know what version of windows your using and any screen shot would be helpful for us


s2892 Purchased

I already bought the backend pages, now i discovered that you provide frontend as well, so I had a few questions:

- To have an access to Front and Backend of pages should I have to buy 2 of them ? - does bundle (combine css / js) for both of them exist ?

Thank you for your replay


ace Author

Hi there

Yes you have to buy it separately :) They do share the same core. But now we have update Pages Admin Dashboard to Bootstrap v4 and yet to update frontend


as206em Purchased

Hi guys is there any scheduled update in near future

Hi there

Yes two big updates are coming and we are working hard to get it out :)


rayonef Purchased

Hi, i noticed that the docs of v2.2 had a boilerplate section for express.js and sails.js. Is this feature still supported in v3.0 ??


Hi there

Sorry guys we did not have time to update it to v3.0 because of the new layouts and new bootstrap update. So no it does not support unfortunately


johnpg82 Purchased

If you try to use the “mobile” menu for the Form Wizard it is broken. It doesn’t change the tab based on what menu you select.

Hi there

Sorry about that, It seems to be an issue. I will get this fixed ASAP

I added a selectpicker2 in the quickview-wrapper calendar-event of the calendarapp. The options are behind. Can you tell me how to normalize?

Hi there

Sorry about that

.select2-drop-active { z-index: 9000 !important; }



i6mediabv Purchased


We’ve bought Pages, and love the simplicity and clean design!

There’s however a tiny bug:

In responsive mode, when you open and close the sidebar (with the hamburger icon), it sometimes doesn’t close proper, and leaves a big empty gray space (from the background).

Is this a known bug?

Hi there

This is not known to use. Could you give me a few details on the test device?

It’s on an Android phone, but also visible in Chrome with responsive mode turned on. I’ve screencaptured 30 seconds where you can see it happens at 4 seconds, and at 28 seconds. I’m not “bashing” the buttons by the way (it’s not a stress test).

I see, thank you for taking your time to do this. I will have to dig deep. Not quite sure at first glance whats really happening.

Hi! I have an issue with the date-range picker of your template. I added it but the “modal” that have the calendar and options doesn’t fix to the element when I scroll.

I saw the same behaviour on your template site.

Please let me know how to fix it, I tried different things and nothing worked so far.

Regards, Agu.

Hi there

We are planning to switch to a better one in the coming update

Are you guys ok with this?

We will switch style to pages but the functionality will be this

wow, really bad support…

Hi there

Sorry guys we have been really busy with Angular & Reactupdate for Pages. My sincerely apologizes. Will try to get the tickets replied faster :)

Hi there, where’s the widgets page? I can’t seem to find it. Also I would like to have access to the github repository for rails gem access.

My username on github: immortal03

Regards Michael

Hello Ace, so the only widgets left are in dashboard page of each demo?

Hi there

Yes and there are more in the “widgets” folder in the downloaded pages package. We just removed the widget browser because we introduced v3.0 with new layouts and didnt have designs for widget browser ready at that time. We will re introduce it again.

Thanks for the reply.

Hello, I am planning to buy the theme but am going to use it with angular. When will be the angular version available?

Thank you in advance.

Hi there

Very very soon :) We working hard to get it out. Keep in touch.