Discussion on Paper Panel Multipurpose Admin Dashboard Bootstrap 4 Template

Discussion on Paper Panel Multipurpose Admin Dashboard Bootstrap 4 Template

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The table cannot be displayed in RWD and needs to be fixed

Hi, is easy to integrate with data from mysql? I can not find any code sample in the documentation and as I’m not up to date with some stuffs, I want to be sure that i’ll be able to populate my tables in an easy way before buy.

Hi, thank you for a beautiful theme, I love it. There is an issue that I have found today, I’m getting the error `TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘this.options.slide’)` when opening the right sidebar, “Activity List” panel. The same error can be observed on the Demo site as well, here https://xvelopers.com/demos/html/paper-panel/index.html . Please advise Thank you

Thank you for reporting. I will check about this issue.

Hii, While i trying to implement the paper template to framework or start to edit any of the page it always loads for long time.A blue spinner loader spins at the right-top of the page and a blue loading line appears below the task bar.

Please check console errors if there are any

ok .Thanks for the reply. when will the active menu feature will be available

how can i change the side bar colour and primary colour?

can you please wrap your sidebar like this

<aside class="main-sidebar fixed offcanvas shadow text-white no-b theme-dark">
    <div class="blue">
       <!--you sidebar code here -->

Having issue while using Jquery field validator, it will check the field when first load not when trigger submit button.

sorry, you can ignore i put incorrect class

How to integrate it with Vue, its app.js and Vue app.js is conflicting and certain functionality is not working properly.

Please include CSS and import JS libraries in your vue app.js dirctly from node modules. Please check development version.


I hope you are fine and in best health.

Any thing on the CSS printing for invoice?

Hi, I would like to work on it but right now I am stuck with some other projects hopefully at the end of this month I will work on your request.

Thank you, I would very much appreciate your help in this matter

  • I tried buy this admin panel. it is 25 USD. but they tried get 2.700 usd from my credit card. it is unbeliavable


I’m not very familiar with Gulp. When I run the installation ”$ npm install” I get this error: npm ERR! code ENOENT npm ERR! syscall spawn git npm ERR! path git npm ERR! errno ENOENT npm ERR! enoent Error while executing: npm ERR! enoent undefined ls-remote -h -t ssh://git@github.com/rendro/easy-pie-chart.git npm ERR! enoent npm ERR! enoent npm ERR! enoent spawn git ENOENT npm ERR! enoent This is related to npm not being able to find a file. npm ERR! enoent Thanks


Please make sure you are in a right directory which has a package.json file. Also if you have a lock file (package-lock.json) in your project please remove it and also node_modules folder and run npm install again.

please remove your purchase code from comment

textarea dosen’t work in vue.js env. do you know??

are you getting any error in console?

hello, I need a active menu support for this product. If i choose a sub-menu option and load a screen the menu goes to collapse state instead it should remain in expand state until i choose other menu options.

Hi, This is missing in current version. We will try to add it next version. It may take some time.

I downloaded the file.

I run index.html

and then products menu click and then new product and

you can see the tag label.

but I don’t see the tag word.

I guess that the tag word is white

I can’t fix the tag

I wish that you send the fixed file.

can you please send me a screenshot as I am not following what is the issue. May be its looking different on your end. You can send screenshot at xvelopers@outlook.com


Thank you for a great template, I have one problem.

The invoice page does not print, and invoice-print.html does not exist on the package.

Can you please include the print version.

Yes, I will check it for you.It may take some time.

In reference to this request, is there any chance that it might get included

What are all the supports given for extended support for 12 months

Support is provided for any purchase.

I posted an issue in regard to template js. but no reply to my my query available till now. Please check ASAP.


I am getting some issues with the template. there are some console issues arising in the master js files of the template. Also, the template js not allowing simple bootstrap accordion to work properly. We also tried the following simple W3C Sample in this template. but this do not work. https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_accordion.asp

The accordion is closing on its own due to some master js function. The same accordion without the master js works fine.

if we remove master js, then design of template gets distured.

Please help in this regard.

Hello, I’m now considering your attractive dashboard and have a question about license. My company provides CMS to our about 8 clients commercially in Japan, we want to use your nice dashboard template in our CMS for the clients. In that case, which licenses should we choose, Regular or Extended? Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi, Sorry I missed your message. You need to buy extended licence if you are using it in multiple products or you can buy separate licence for each product.

Another person in charge of CMS dashboard design in our company will buy Extended license later.


I am looking for the HTML Dashboard, So that i can integrate it with my WordPress Website.

Is this dashboard files work with custom WordPress? Files will be in HTML or which language?

Look forward to hearing from you

Hi, I bought a Paper Admin theme. But I want to use it as html theme. I will not use this theme with node js. Only html css and javascript files required. Can you help me?

this is html template. Node is used only to compile and make development process easy. Please check docs.


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