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You’re going to have a bunch of sales when you’re done with the wordpress version. I’m ready to send you money! lol.

This theme is now available in a wordpress template: http://themeforest.net/item/paper-made-wordpress-theme/52833

Thanks for this file!

Hey, anyway to also slide the gallery slider when clicking a link on the page? I don’t see a way to distinguish between the individual slider frames, they all have the same span class, so im not sure how i could link to a particular one.

I work with atext based editor. Does the download include html and css files too, or only psd?

Hi osaft, yes the download has all HTML & CSS files as you see them in the preview.


many thanks I’ve bought it now. I am doing some charity work with it and it works great. Only thing is that I have problems with the contact form – everytime I send it I don’t get the thank you page or error page but a php code page that shows a lot of code, even though I have followed your instructions. can you help please? A test site can be found at www.sn25.de

many, many thanks

Hi osaft,

Website looks awesome :) well done on the menu.

Please enable PHP on your hosting account. You can contact your website hosting provider to enable this.


Hi dtbaker,

I had forgotten that php was not installed on the test server. The site is now live at www.riversidepreschool.org.uk

I am now getting a “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end” for both the form and the sitemap. I have checked and found that all the brackets seem to be there. can you please help with that?


I have deleted the part that gives the reply that mandatory fields are missing and it works.

This error is caused by “short tags”

Wherever you see a ”<?=$” change it to ”<?php echo $”

Then wherever you see a ”<? ” change it to ”<?php “

Great template, I’m having problems with the hover menu effect,, I just want a one color menu,, how do I get rid of the hover color change effect?

Hi Bravoceo, An easy fix is to open up the photoshop file called menu_sprite.psd change the bottom font color to the same as the top so they are identical, then save the file as menu_sprite.gif

I wish to thank dtbaker, it is so amazing what can be done with a 10$ template. You saved me at least 3 or even 5 days of work! well done!

Has this design been updated to display correctly with IE8 ? The live demo looks fine in my browser, but I only see IE6 and IE7 specified above.

This looks gorgeous but is it possible to change the cloud background images? I have another blue background I want to use instead – it is stored as a jpg on my PC. is it easy to change?

How do we center the menu items in the menu sprite? At present they are all shifted to the left, I would like to have them all centered.

Hi there,

I selected a static Home page instead of the blog posts. Works great.

How do I create the default blog “Home” page (with all posts) so I can link to it from the navigation?

Also, how do I show the Services page with the icons? Where is that located?

Can anyone assist here? Thanks!

Like the design. Why anymore not on sell Wordpress theme? Would like to buy it?

Br, Steve

We are currently updating the Wordpress theme to support wordpress 3.3, please check back later for an update.

Hi A client i had got your wordpress version of this I am working on the template on my server befor i move it to their site and I was wanting to know how to edit the menu links as i have tried and failed when i mouse over the contact button it shows a page id of 25 min is 15 i need to set proper links. plus take off the search option and the latest news i need it to link to the latest news .Rick

Hi, this is probably in the header.php file. The wordpress version is currently not available. Thanks, dtbaker

:O) yea it was there odd you say its not released it is a wordpress template and pasd files client give me were in the zip file. i was doing some work on the topbar.php and see this in the code

/** * Top Bar PHP File for Paper Made Theme * * Author: David Baker * Email: YOUREMAIL@gmail.com * * This file controls the top bar that appears on the home page. * */

I forgot to ask you when you go to a sub page say about it shows a wee box on the right with the heading Pags i know how to knock this off but end up with the paragraph not runing the full way across how can i widen the txt to fit with this pages box gone.. and thanks

what happened to the Wordpress version?, Page Not Found

Not quite wordpress 3.3.2 ready. Once it is we will release it again :) not sure how long that will take sorry.