Discussion on Particle - Modern Tech & Startup HTML Template

Discussion on Particle - Modern Tech & Startup HTML Template

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Hi Cloudberry_Motion and thank you for purchasing Particle,
We tested the menu on iPhone X before the last update and it worked fine. What browser are you using? What OS version and do you have any extensions / apps installed that might interfere with JavaScript while browsing?

Hi there, I purchased your Particle Wordpress theme directly from your website

Order Number: 1764 Version: Particle-v1.0.2

When I try to unzip it, I’m getting an error message “The archive is corrupt”

When I try to upload it to wordpress directly I’m also getting an error message “The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature”

Please do get back to me soon on a possible solution. Cheers

I now managed to rectify the corrupt file issue but still getting an error message on wordpress:

Installing theme from uploaded file: Particle-v1.0.2-enlkxv.zip Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed.

All issues have been rectified!

Great. The theme .zip file was within the main download .zip file but I guess you figured it out.


warboys Purchased

Purchase code: 83fafad0-1147-4e18-b9a4-8a65a606ed77

Could you please make the background videos available for download?

Just need the one for index-yt-video.html

I have a glitch, sometimes the video will flicker and on some browsers its blank.

Thank you.

Oh dear, looks like my spam timer got filled and cleared the folder. Could you please send it again. Many thanks.

Thank you!


warboys Purchased

I have the same issue with the video background glitching and some users report that it goes blank. The template for the video https://www.skilltechwebdesign.com/htmlthemes/particle/v2/index-video.html


Howman Purchased

I have messed up something I got the ReCap V2 to show up but I get a bunch of cookie warnings in browsers webtools and then the cap check box times out with out sending massage. But the forum on the portfolio-item.html page works but there is no cap for that page. https://wwwdothowmandotca (does not work) https://wwwdothowmandotca/portfolio-itemdothtml (works)

I do not like V3 cause I still can get almost 100 or so spam ever few days and had 2000 with in 2 months when I first got it working


Howman Purchased

No intergrations just your template https://wwwdothowmandotca/apps/Website/ when you told me to set it up in a subdir with in my site the warning and errors are there with out any intergations

Here is a screenshot from your site https://prnt.sc/AqyXvVmAfsvf ReCaptcha logo is there and there are no console errors. This means that everything is working as it should. If you have any SPAM issues beyond that I’m affraid I can’t help you as we are not an internet security company and the forms we provide, and the way we integrate them, don’t offer further custom-tailored spam protection.


Howman Purchased

https://prnt.sc/qAsqXoKhVh_d https://prnt.sc/xbIZNYLvwMW1 I know recap logo is working now but the warning and errors on the dev tools normal cause I wondering if that’s why I still get 10 to 20 spam mails in a day no where near what i was getting but was curious

Howman Purchased

My last comment ignore those lines are fine I was looking at your old version and new version trying to find out why math was not working


Howman Purchased

I think I found some problems with your new template your form.js line 68 says recaptcha-v3 and config.php in assets\vendor\simple-forms line 65 says define(“RECAPTCHA_V2_SECRET_KEY”, “YOUR_SECRET_KEY”); is this a confliect so I have it set to math and when I press send with out an answer it goes through so the math question does not seam to work I am sure all i have to do is change form.js line 68 to recaptcha-v2 and thats fine but not sure how to fix the math part


Howman Purchased

Hello I am curious 7 months ago you said you had an up date for your template did you ever release it or are you going to?

Hi Howman, that update’s priority wasn’t high since it didn’t make any functionality changes so I never got around to it. Anyway, I updated the forms when I saw your comment.


Howman Purchased

Thank you

Hi, I really like the particle theme and very happy with it. Can you please guide me how to enable dark mode. I inserted code as shown in documentation, but it didn’t work. Please help

As I answered below, I can access the theme code in two days at the earliest and then I can take a look.

As I answered in the previous comment, most light/dark mode changes are present on the blog. If you want dark vertion of the theme as your homepage, then you’ll need to select a homepage .html file that starts with “dark-”. In the documentation, you can use our wizard and specify if you want dark version of the theme.

hi, whats the fastest way to use the php contact form?

Hi, I’m sorry for the delayed reply. We are moving to another phisycal location so I can answer this wednesday at the earliest. The fastest way is to keep it exactly as instructed in the documentation.

Dark mode switch has no effect on website. Even on particle theme, when I switch to dark mode nothing changes. All style and color remain same. Do I need to do additional configuration/coding to make dark mode functional?

Hi, I’m sorry for the delayed reply. We are moving to another phisycal location so I can answer this wednesday at the earliest.

Hi vikas15a,
It took us longer than planned to get back up and running. If you’re clicking on Dark/Light buttons from the side menu (gear menu), you might not see changes simply because the part of the page you are looking at is not reactive to dark mode. The most changes can be noticed on blog pages. I hope this helps.

when I click send message in contact it takes me to the assets/vendor/simple-forms/sendmail.php file

Wouldn’t that give a message that the message was sent successfully something like that?

Hi LeoConcas and thank you for purchasing Particle,
Sorry for the delayed reply, we’re in the middle of the moving. Did you follow the instructions from the “Forms” section in the documentation?

Yes I did everything, the code looked like this in the index:

<!- Contact Form ->

Envie sua Mensagem

<!- Real Working Form - Simple Forms V3 ->
                        <form id="contact-form" action="assets/vendor/simple-forms/sendmail.php" method="post">
<label>Nome</label> <input type=”text” name=”name” value=”” class=”validate-name” min=”2” placeholder=”Seu nome” required> <label>E-mail</label> <input type=”text” name=”email” class=”validate-email” value=”” placeholder=”Seu E-mail”> <label>Mensagem</label> <textarea name=”message” placeholder=”Escreva sua mensagem …” required></textarea> <button type=”submit” class=”pa-hvr-sweep-to-right”>Enviar</button> </form>

Hello I had purchased Particle theme template, finding challenges to edit to mysite. Please assist to deploy. Its showing only one theme, whereas the required multicolor theme isnot in the download file. Request your assistance.. Need be i can pay for custom support please.

Hi mohang77 and thank you for purchasing Particle,
Please unzip your downloaded .zip file, open the “_Documentation” and double-click the DOUBLE-CLICK-TO-LAUNCH-DOCUMENTATION.html file to launch the documentation (or open that file in the browser if double-click doesn’t launch it). You will get all the help you need there.

I tried it, and the dark theme is not there..it has only one theme ? I could get assistance to custmize only the required file html

Of course it’s there as you can see https://prnt.sc/rVp9uyzoiX1m
In the documentation, click “selecting the Files” in the side menu, then click the “Wizard” link where it says “Now you can follow step 2. below or use our Wizard to quickly select your layout.”, select the files you want and the wizard will let you know which files to keep. I assume you’ll want all dark files. NOTE: if you’re clicking on Dark/Light buttons from the side menu (gear menu), you might not see changes simply because the part of the page you are looking at is not reactive to dark mode. The most changes can be noticed on blog pages. I hope this helps.

hi there

hello, I’m from Russia, as you know, we have problems with payments in other countries, you can somehow find alternatives to payments, for example, cryptocurrency

I followed all instructions to integrate reCaptcha V3 into my website. It shows an image “powered by captcha at the bottom”, but when the form submit button is pressed, the site is redirected to “sendmail.php” page. I have 2 queries 1. How to make reCaptcha work properly? 2. I don’t want senmail.php to display JSON response. it should reload the site

purchase code: e6838644-a85b-46b1-8445-0a2a2e5387de

I apologize for the delayed reply, I’m sure I replied back then but I suppose the comment didn’t go through. Recaptcha v3 works in the background, the image or text test that appeared on earlier versions is no longer needed. ReCaptcha is Google’s product so please read their documentation in order to understand what you are working with instead of assuming its behavior and drawing conclusions from that. The use of ReCaptcha is to prevent spam, and it is extremely valuable to protect your site because having an unprotected form exposes you to bots and other malicious stuff which could bombard you with spam and overload your server. When ReCaptcha allows the submission it means it automatically flagged you as human/safe. ReCaptchas logo showing up is all you need, it means you implemented it correctly. The redirect to sendmail.php should not happen. If you followed my instructions from the documentation and ONLY did the steps to enable forms and you still get a redirect it might be up to your hosting. As a last resort, you can send me your info and I can personally set up the forms (although this is way beyond regular support). You will need to contact me via a personal message (NOT here in the comments but via my profile) and send me your hosting or SFTP/FTP login, as well as your ReCaptcha keys and the email you plan to use for the forms.

Thanks for the detailed reply. I have configured site as per your instruction and everything seems to be running fine. sendmail.php is no more showing up. Thanks again for your support.

Great! I’m glad to hear it.

Please support me

How to make my navbar fixed on top an the color switch to solid color when its scrolled down?

Sorry for uncompleted question. I tried your code above but my navbar become fully solid color either it scrolled down or not. What I want is my navbar still has it transparent background (and still show the menu & logo) when not scrolled down, and then when I scrolled down the navbar turn into solid color. How do I do it?

As I’ve said, this is not a part of this template and you will need to apply custom css/js. You will need to create a new css class and style the menu (e.g. nav.navbar.pa-navbar.MYNEWCLASS) to what you want it to look like when the scrolling starts. Then you’d need to use JS to toggle (add/remove) that class for the nav.navbar.pa-navbar element based on the scroll position. You can google “change element background color when scrolling starts” and there should be plenty examples on stack overflow. But make sure you surround your custom CSS with the @media all and (min-width: 1200px) {} media query so you’d only be applying the changes to the deskop menu.

For example, put this in particle-theme.js file, after the $(document).ready(function () { line:
$(window).scroll(function() {    
    var scroll = $(window).scrollTop();
    if (scroll >= 200) { // i.e. 200 px from the top
    } else {
Then, in CSS add:
.menu-new-style {
    ... and change this with your new style for the scrolled out menu

Howman Purchased

Hello I have some more questions? 1. will you be updating the forum to use php 8 2.The reCaptcha badge where do you find the css I would like to move it up a bit or even to the left side of page. 3. got some error and warnings do not if they are some stupid or should be fixed error Uncaught TypeError: can’t access property “addEventListener”, l is null Warnings Source map error: Error: request failed with status 404 with jquery-migrate.min.map and bootstrap.min.css.map


Howman Purchased

I was just asking cause i was going to up date my server php I think your simple Forms is version 3 im not sure which version of php it uses but I be leave the newest version of simple forums does. found this https://developers.google.com/recaptcha/docs/invisible but not sure where to look for this “data-badge” seams to control location

Let me know how updating goes. As for ReCapthca and Simple Forms, we didn’t develop the form and can’t make any custom modifications. We simply obtained an extended license to enable our buyers to receive this premium product with our template for free and therefore have the forms capability.


Howman Purchased

I will wait for your update since you said about a month then up date my php cause its working now no reason to mess it up right now.


Howman Purchased

Hello I am having some problems with your simple forums the fact that there not so simple. lololol

(Mailer Error: SMTP Error: data not accepted.SMTP server error: DATA END command failed Detail: Relaying disallowed as do-not-reply@www.howman.ca SMTP code: 553{status”:” Email send failed … Please try again. “}) I think the www is the problem but not sure where its coming from


Howman Purchased

well I do not have a hosting provider I have IIS 10 so I have access to the setting of the server. I used googles smtp and I seam to be getting emails all spam tho but it is working. Just got to get it, so zoho will work. as for the ReCaptch it was on a live site. but when i applied for the key they gave me two different ones may be I am using the wrong one. I will turn it back on and see. Something else the simple forum has been up dated to 3.07 I think the one with your template is 3.

And In your template if you go to your home then to home dark video then Portfolio Section the images are set to light but should be dark. I fix them for my self, but if you want to fix on your template, I just thought I would let you know.

I’m glad it’s working (sending emails). For ReCaptcha make sure it’s ReCaptcha V3, follow the steps in the documentation and you should be OK (honestly, I’m also get pretty confused dealing with Google and ReCaptcha keys because they make it so complicated and keep changing the instructions). Note that if you’re on localhost, ReCaptcha will interfere with JS even if you set it up correctly – causing pages to take 20 seconds to load etc. (i.e. it will only work correctly on a live site). As for the simple forms, we’ll always be a few versions behind. This is because we always want to be on a stable version. And thank you for the tips about the theme, you are correct about the images.


Howman Purchased

Thank you for your help I found a solution to my zoho problem here https://codecanyon.net/item/ajax-contact-form-mobile-first/25185499 on comments page 7

Hello just found this on your comments page 7 tested and seams to work for me.

Hi. Change here the FROM variable, see: https://prnt.sc/1vg6shi

You can comment the existing variable (at line 274) then rewrite commented variable (see line 275) https://prnt.sc/1vg6y3u

Best regards. Lucas

So if any of you customers have the same problem

Hola, Actualmente tengo un problema con mi formulario de contacto.

Cumple con su función, sí me llega el mensaje desde el sitio web, pero al momento de dar click en el botón de enviar, abre un nuevo tab en el browser.

Me pueden ayudar con ese error?

Hi trukotruko and thank you for purchasing Particle,
Have you followed the instructions from the documentation? If it translated correctly, what exactly happens with the new tab? Does the original page remain and a new tab opens? If you follow instrctions to the letter everything should work unless there is a hosting-side issue which you’d most likely need to resolve with your hosting provider. I hope this helps.


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