Discussion on Petz - Responsive HTML Template

Discussion on Petz - Responsive HTML Template

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mrjv Purchased

How do you adjust the footer as I can’t find it in the dashboard

Hello, this is an HTML template so there is no dashboard. You find the footer in the code. :)

I sent an email to get some help but still no reply. Can you please reply back to my email?

Hi, I have replied you yesterday,please double check your email and spam folder :)

HI. I just bought this the Petz Theme and so far could change a bunch of things. But I’m stuck with the Service Petz section… how do I modify the content of that section? It does not seem to be modifiable directly in the Elementor environment…. is it a separate content? Thanks for enlighting me. Hugo

Hello! I think you bought the Wordpress version, this is the HTML version. For support for WP please go here: https://themeforest.net/item/petz-pet-care-shop-veterinary-theme/19888637

Hello!! Just one question. In gallery page, is there any way to load the page using another tab (except the all) as default? It seems that setting manually the class of p.e. “Other Pets” as active is not enough as needs the JS code for “themeforest-fFLh9QxI-petz” to be run and filter the items in container. Otherwise the only thing that will be happened is to have only the button to be marked as active and nothing else.

Thanks a lot in advance. Panos.

Please note that I want to dynamically set the active button (and also filter the underneath images accordingly) based on a get parameter from url. So a change in main.js by altering the asterisk (the default for All button) is not my case. It seems also that neither a click simulation via JS on the specific button is working. The button become selected, but still show bellow all the images as when the All button is active.

Talking for your actual code from your template in gallery.html, those I want is to show images either of “Dogs and cats” or of “Other Pets” dynamically based on condition declared in a GET parameter from the url during onLoad.

I know how to get the parameter and put the active class on the correct “li” item and the button show correctly. But no filtering done on the bellow images. Expected as the JS code waiting for the click handler to be triggered and has nothing to do with the active class.

Sorry for my long comment.

Thats fine,sent you an email!

Thanks you very very much. I will check it and I will inform you.

Do you have any plan to provide an update using Boostrap 4? Also, one more question, what is exactly the perpose of the library from Lea (prefixfree)? What if I will not use it? Will your css code not actually working on all browsers?

p.s. Template was bought by my customer. (this is the reason that not show me as purchaser).

Hello! sorry no plans for boostrap 4 yet,prefixfree is just to be sure that all the css effects are working fine in all browsers,so without it might be some difference in how some details show in different browsers.

Thanks a lot for your response. Again well done for your work!!

I just purchased this theme and I cannot upload it under plugins in WP, it has failed error “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed”

Can you cancel?

Please request a refund at themeforest so I can accept the refund request


I requested, Thanks

I just purchased this theme and I cannot upload it under plugins in WP, it has failed error “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed”

I have had no response from my support to Ingrid, so if she does not respond and send me the correct theme download, I will have to request a refund as I need to get this site done urgently for a client thanks

Ingrid, I checked on Envato, I have the same problem as mingmanfred, so how do I request a refund, I just cannot find the process thanks

hello! sorry this is an HTML template and NOT WordPress, I contacted you by email

Hi, I bought your template a while ago and I am not programmer or anything else, I wonder where is the place where I can insert the google analytics code on the template. Is there a field for it or should I insert it directly in the backend?

Hello! this is the HTML template so there is no backend. To insert the analytics code in the HTML pages just paste the code right after the opening <head> tag on each page.

Helle, does this template include less or sass files?

hi! no,only css

thanks, one final issue on the mobile menu, when open, and a user selected a menu item, the navigation stays open, can it not close once a user has selected a item?

Found the solution; });

$(document).on('click','.navbar-collapse.in',function(e) {
   if( $(e.target).is('a') ) {


Thanks great template, how can I slow down the slider on the homepage, can not seem to find that setting.

Hello! Open your plugins.js file and find this “autoSlideDelay=6e3” ( you can use the search field in your html editor to find this text)

and then just put a bigger number,for example autoSlideDelay=7000 – for 7 seconds

Hope it helps :)

- duplicate post

Hi Ingrid – I love the template! Could you point me to where I would find the pulsating paw used for transitions? I want to update to a different image! Thanks

Hi – Found the code! I guess I’ve got a whole lot to learn about CSS before I go trying to do this! Replacing that part of the code gave me a blank screen (no preload…) So I put it back. I did change the paw to another flaticon! So that’ll have to do until I learn more about CSS. Thanks for trying!

Hello Again! Wanted to touch back and say FOUND IT – CHANGED IT – IT WORKS!!!! Realizing the blank screen (noted yesterday) I figured it had to be the link to the image. YES! Changing the directory to ../img/ made all the difference.

HAPPY HAPPY!! Thanks so much!!!!

you’re welcome :)

There is no proper zip file for theme installation, I have purchased a few theme and this is the first time that I encountered this issue.

hi! this is an HTML template,not a Wordpress theme! The Wordpress version you find here https://themeforest.net/item/petz-pet-care-shop-veterinary-theme/19888637 you can ask for a refund at Envato

oh my god, sorry. Let me go to refund process and purchase wordpress version after refund

no problem! I approved the refund

hello! the color changer is for display only,so the buyers can see the different colors that comes with the template. To change the colors on the template you can use the stylesheets that are inside the folder “styles”.

Ok Thanks,

One more query in that Can you help me to add a popup on button because the css is so complicated its not visible proper.

hey! you can use this code to create a popup https://www.w3schools.com/bootstrap/bootstrap_modal.asp if you still need help,please contact me through the forms in my profile page.

Hi If you like partnership in Joomla version then please contact me via contact.bluetheme@gmail.com

Hi, how do I get the Contact form to send email? Also, how do I get the map at the bottom of the page to work (receiving an error). Thank you.

Hello! Please read the documentation file.

- The contact form will use php to send emails. Open the file sendmail.php located inside the php folder and change the example email found in the line 4 and your form is ready to use.

- Map not Working? Google announced that starting June 22nd 2016 all websites registered after June 22nd using the google maps API or any other API will not be able to use the service unless they register a valid API key, Get you API Key https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key

and replace the google script link with your key <script src=”https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=YOUR_API_KEY&callback=initMap”></script>

It seems to me like there’s an issue with the Mobile (collapsed) navbar. The dropdowns don’t seem to extend… instead a scroll bar appears which would be a bit problematic on a mobile device. Can you look at this issue? I want to buy this theme. (I can probably fix it myself, but I thought I would mention it to you). The rest of the theme is amazing.

Any chance you could add an “Adoption – Single” page? (i.e. Animal for Adoption profile?) I will end up building one myself when I buy the theme, but I thought it would be a good add for the template.

Great Job!

Hello! you can easily change the height of the collapsed navbar, it is small now because bootstrap navbar has an issue that can be a problem to show in mobiles in landscape mode if the navbar is too big,so I chose to make it smaller.

About the single adoption page,I can include it in a theme update this week!

I already have updated the theme with single adoption page and also improved the navigation menu.

Can I integrate it with Woo Commerce?

No sorry,this is only HTML


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