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I just sent you the Message. Thanks again

uh np man :)

I like this design and i have a few questions from you before purchasing this. Please email me at glarf.international09@gmail.com I would really appreciate it so much.



I’ve mailed you Laura, thanks

Hi. Great template BTW .

I just have one question – some of the buttons like “Read More” and “View Larger” have a slight lag on them. How did you code those buttons? Is there any way of getting rid of that lag by preloading?

If this can be sorted then I’m definitely buying!

Edit: Just checked this in IE6 , Oh dear! Any chance you’ll sort it out?

Thank you, OllieMcCarthy. The coding of the buttons is how it has to be as in any logical css/tableless designed theme. They are coded as background pictures of the divs that has the ids of the buttons, and it’s enough for them to get loaded once, no matter how many times they’re being used on page or on site. (Maybe you already know this) And about IE6 , after seeing some major sites on IE6 , and not having been seeing an actual IE6 user for a few years, honestly i never checked this theme on IE6 :) having used some fixes for IE7 +, i think i prefer to spend the effort on a new tough process of designing+coding+getting it approved ;) Once again thank you, please let me know if you have any other questions.

There’s definitely a lag there, whatevers causing it. Even after I let the page load in its entirety. Maybe its my setup here – XP & Firefox 3

Fair enough if you don’t feel you need to design for ie6, I totally sympathise since its a rubbish browser. However I still have to accommodate them :(

even i cleared my cache and viewed the live preview again, i haven’t experienced any lag man and you’re the only one who mentioned about that issue :S i really am confused.

Hai, man in your html file. Contact page. there is no mail receive on my id. i change the id in PHP file also . plz clear me. soon

on jigneshparekh84@gmail.com

hey, i mailed you

Another noob question. Since I really plan on buying this I need to know, does the compatible browsers list mean it can only be used with those browsers or that those are the best to use… or what… I use Chrome n’ want to make sure…

@xTHHxAimiForevr, compatible browser list indicates the browsers that i tested the template on and the theme works perfectly on those ones. i didn’t test p-folio on chrome, but i guess it works on it without any problems as well, but best way to find out that is viewing the live preview on chrome, and you can do that via the button “live preview” above on the theme pic or via the link: http://themeforest.net/item/pfolio/full_screen_preview/43887

Thanks for the tip.

you’re welcome :)

akin , i purchased the design but i need the logo in PSD not AI support@des4me.net mail me man ;)

Hi mahmoudo, I’ve just sent you the psd logo, and thanks for the purchase :)

Hi AkinGn!

I liked your theme and want it for my wordpress website. Can you provide me wordpress theme for the same design ? How much it will cost ?

I mailed you about this, thanks for your interest :)