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Plain and simple. Your theme rocks.. You can really tell when someone puts the time and effort into all of the various features you are offering here for such a great price. The design alone is clean, fresh, and well coded (not to mention that you built it around the fabulous Blueprint framework) but the discrimination in your selection and use of scripts really vaults the theme to another level. I’m a believer.

Technical Question: You call some JS here: that doesn’t seem to have made it into the download. It looks like it’s a level or two up. Am I missing something?

Keep up the great work! Mike

The call was struck from the comment. I’ve removed the tags:

script src=”../../Scripts/swfobject_modified.js” type=”text/javascript”

Hi deuxexmachina, thanks for your kind words :-) Yes that code was inserted via Dreamweaver when we added the video. I’m not sure why as it didn’t include the script itself and it isn’t even necessary. We will be deleting that line of code and re-uploading shortly but for now if you just go through each page and remove that line you will fix any errors without causing problems.

If you do, be sure to check the JS near the bottom of the page as I believe there is a line of code there to activate the script too which will need removing.

live preview not working here on IE7


Do you mean there is a CSS issue or you simply cannot see the template? Please be a little more descriptive :-)

works ok in FF3 .

in IE7 , the page loads, then “done” appears at the bottom of the screen and nothing more appears on the screen, just a whited out content area

don’t have a screen shot online


what did I say wrong, any clues as to why this is inappropriate!

by the way, live preview is still not working using IE7 for me, I did preview the site using FF3 .5


??? what is inappropriate about not being able to view live preview?



Sorry, not sure what happened there, we certainly didn’t flag your comment.

I’m not sure what to say about the Live Preview. It’s obviously a ThemeForest thing as the template works fine when you view it directly in IE7 .

Good job! I’m bookmarking this.

Wow I really like this, I am tempted to purchase this now. It could actually look really good as a webhost template aswell.

This has got to be one of your best works yet! Great job man!

hey jigowatt

got a quick question for you regarding alignment of swf files in this temp

i have been using diffrent embeding code , trying to get the swf centre ect

but nothing is working,

images are all ok using align

but flash will not align

i messed around with you flv player

changing the vals of salign parameter but that swf didnt either

any tips



hey jigowatt

still having issues with alignin flash

and some issues with pretty photo, will only work in firefox



Hi Will,

Please contact us via email with your problems and include a URL . It’s a little difficult to conduct support through the ThemeForest commenting system and I can’t do a lot without seeing what you’re developing.