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Hi, your work is really nice and clean. Can i use this for my html website?

Thanks, sophia. Sure, you can use it for your website. Although this template was created as an admin skin, converting it to another type of website should not be too hard. The CSS grid will come in handy. If that is what you are asking?

Thanks for great theme. I also plan to customize it and use for my website, not like an admin thene, but just like regular template! :)


Please take a look at the theme in Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 and see if its all broken like it is for me?

Thanks, Nick

Everything looks perfectly fine for me in Firefox 3.1b2 (mac).

Everything is broken for me under Windows. I will confirm a fix if I can find one.

Thanks, Nick

Hi, it’s broken in internent exploreer 7, th elive preview doesn’t work. Thanks

FYI , igorarbizu solved his problem. Quote: “the problem was that when you go to the demo through themeforest page, you need to push the “close” button at the right top corner to make it work properly.”

I am new to this…how do you apply skins to existing admin pages?

Thanks, Will

Well, you will need some HTML and CSS knowledge to port the style over to an existing admin. Out of the box, the CSS file will only apply correctly to the correct markup with the applicabled IDs and classes.

When I set the a href on the different tabs, it doesn’t go anywhere. I removed the code block but it still doesn’t work.

Also, I want to chop this up into different pages so it’s not all in the index page, but even when I do that it doesn’t redirect it to another page.

Any assistance on that?

Hey Dusting, I just answered your email. Just a matter of removing some “return false” lines in the javascript file. The “return false” part on links prevent the actual links to be followed. In this case, it makes the tab mechanism work.

Why isn’t a “purchased” banner appearing with your comment, by the way?


Is this a skin that I can load somehow to my wordpress site and it will transform the outlook of my admin panel? I’m not getting the template thing :) Thank you!

No, this is a HTML /CSS template, not a WordPress theme. :-)