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Hi JOGJAFILE, I need support with an issue I have, I have done a design to be implement with Plasma Template.

How can I use a single position with 2 different modules ?, I want to add at the left side 2 right at the customs and newsletter, as you can see on this screenshot:

“The 2 custom modules are below the slideshow at the left and the newsletter at the right, that is what I need to do.”

Hope you can help me.

Regards, Maria

bostaq – Just go to Google Maps, look up what you want, snip it with the snipping tool under Start and replace the map that is in there. That is quicker than inputting the exact latitude and longitude.

Thanks wzunino

Hi JOGJAfile, I am having so much trouble with the Plasma Template for Joomla I have purchased.

The testimonials module is not working right, because It seems It has a bug, just check this out on my demo site, please help me, I need a quick a solution for it.

As aditional the Testimonials module cannot be used twice, because It shows a bug too.

The image gallery (slider) that shows on section: “Invite Anthony Gioeli To Speak At Your Event” from my demo, seems to have the same issue, not working right, It has a bug.

Please check the demo I am working on, I need solutions urgentes:

Regards, Maria

the fastest solution is download jquery 1.10.2 minified version here rename it jquery.min.js and upload it to media > jui > js

Thank you, I Will try with it, and let you know if it works.

Hi JOGJAfile, please help me, I tried it, but it didnt work, could you access and do It for me? if I send you my administrator, please, that would me great. Regards, María.

Hello, I own this template from when it was free. I’ve uploaded the theme on my server and when I access the webpage it freezes on the loading screen. Any solution? Thank you so much!

Hi kEv_nEt,
Did you use HTML or Joomla template? because this is Joomla template’s comment section.

I bought this template, but I am not so happy about it:

First, because it has many things that nobody would need in their project. I used the all in one installer, and I found tens of articles, that I didn’t know if it’s possible to see them in the site, since they aren’t in the menus from the first page. There were those useless Australian parks articles, and some about joomla features, Also, there are so many modules, that are displayed on the first page. It took me hours to see what to delete so I don’t break anything. So I could begin then to add my content. I wish it would have the minimum only articles/modules/images that were visible on the first page. It would be easier to customize the site.

Also, it doesn’t load so fast, and I see those circles going around for a few seconds. Maybe after I finish deleting all the stuff I don’t need, it will load faster.

And one other thing: I was unable to change the logo. Whatever I did, replaced the image or configured it from Templates > Theme > Logo image, always the old one appears.

Thank you for your input, we will delete all unnecessary content on the next update.
To make your site faster, please go to template manager > plasma – default > Development Mode > turn it OFF and enable the css and js compressing .
For the logo, please make sure you change the logo on template manager > Plasma – One Page (or any template which assigned to your home page).

If I want to change somethings on this template (like the green color of the text and buttons, or the font size…) is it ok to modify the over-4000-line template.css file? Or there is another solution?

Does this template work with multilingual sites? I tried to put a language switcher module, but only the title is shown, and the flags not.

Hello, how can I change the address of map? Im not find this correct file to change.



I purchased the item for free via my Envato account

How do I remove the map without affecting the scrolling navigation. I tried to move it before and when I did everything looked fine except that the navigation was not viewable after scrolling down the page.

Also, the message text from the contact form is not coming through in the email. The name and email address comes through but no message text

cheers James

I own this template for Wordpress. JOGJAfile can you help me with the configuration? Or perhaps help me switch to another version of the template? You stopped selling and supporting the Wordpress version.

I do not sell it in the wordpress version, but there is a developer who develop and sell. but he cheated me. so sorry, I can not help you.

Can you switch me to another version of the template?

I can not, I do not have a file that you mean. so I can not give you an idea on how to solve it. I am very sorry can not help you.

When view a blog post with its URL (not using the popup) the main menu items dont work. Even when I changed the about us menu item from ”#about-us” to “”, it still doesnt work. Please respond promptly.

I think it has to do with some javascript that fires when a menu item is clicked. I noticed that when I click on the logo which has the same href as the Home menu item, the browser navigates. But when I click on the Home menu item, nothing happens. Please expedite action on this, I don’t want to start loosing traffic.



What is happening concerning my issue? Have you guys forgotten about it? You are the ones that built this template, so why is it taking so long?

Please expedite.


This is not fair…not a single word after 4 months

Hello I have the same issue as imyque. I’ve added a new menu and the menu items don’t work. This is for everything except the homepage. You can click but nothing happens.


Hi, the live demo not working?

Thanks for your inforamations, we will check !