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Missing style sheet error when installing the theme

A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a "Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. This error message does not mean that the theme you have purchased is broken, it simply means it has been uploaded incorrectly. Luckily, there is a very easy fix.

PointFinder v2.1.3 Update Information 19 Aug. 2022

IMPORTANT: Please read this update article before and after the update process. URL:

+ Latest WordPress compatibility tested.
+ New: Custom Fonts support added to the Options Panel.
+ Custom Fonts plugin support was added to the system.
+ Geolocation issues solved.
+ One-Click Theme installation system updated. Problems solved.
+ Select box “No result found” text problem solved.
+ Map: mouse scroll issue solved.
+ Listing Gallery animation and thumbnail problems are solved.
+ WPBakery Editor Resize problem solved.
+ PF Listing Carousel and Slider loop problem solved.
+ Elementor notification errors solved.
+ RTL style problems fixed.
+ The Listing Grid default order problem is fixed.
+ Social login issue solved.
+ Twitter widget problems solved.
+ Free listing expiration date renewal problems solved.
+ One column listing views on mobile, problem solved.
+ The listing Type section moved into the grid detail section.
+ The featured listing widget problem was solved.
+ Fontawesome Library updated to v6.1.
+ The options panel > Theme customizer > Header Bar > min.height for desktop and mobile added.
+ The listing detail page reCaptcha problem solved.
+ The options panel > Grid Settings is renames as Listing Grid Settings
+ The options panel > Grid Settings > General / Image and typography options moved to the options panel > Listing Card Settings
+ The options panel > Favorites System section moved under the Listing Card Settings.
+ The options panel > Listing Card Settings > New Listing Type and Location area options were added. Please check after the update.
+ The options panel > System Setup is removed, and Custom Detail Fields, Search Fields, Post Type Setup, and Listing Type Connections are replaced as new menu items
+ The options panel > Listing Type Connections is renamed Taxonomy Connections.
+ The options panel > Info Window section moved under the Map Settings
+ Pay Per Post system > Invoices > Listing name and ID added to the description.
+ The options panel > Upload System > Upload Page Settings > Conditions area problem solved.
+ The additional setting panel > Site Pagespeed Optimizations > Image Explicit Size option was added.
+ PF Orders > User Email/ID/Username search added.
+ PF Orders > User Column added.
+ Facebook Login SDK Updated.
+ Review pagination converted to the ajax pagination.
+ HTML Charachter problem solved on PF Directory Map marker Title area.
+ Included plugins updated.

Update v2.0 & Core Plugin v1.2.1 – 21 March 2021

+ Elementor Page Builder Support was added. + Elementor > PointFinder Elements added. + Redux Framework v4.x support was added. + ACF Plugin support added. + PF Search (Mini search) Advanced search option added. + Paypal API and IPN documentation updated. + Stripe Payment API and documentation updated to the latest version + 2Checkout payment system API and documentation updated. + Quick Setup section updated. + The purchase code registration gate was added. You must insert your theme purchase key to continue to update the theme and included plugins. + Options Panel > Frontend Upload System > Upload Page Settings; – Added Listing Type Selector Style checkbox/dropdown option – Added Description TinyMCE Editor on/off function. added. + Options Panel > Grid Settings > Listing Card Image Settings – Added Hide All Images option – Added Hide Not Found Images option added. + Options Panel > Page Defaults – Body: Selectbox Hover BG Color – Body: Selectbox Hover Text Color added. + Options Panel > Search Results Page > Half Map Page – Search Field column option added. + Options Panel > Category Page > Half Map Page – Search Field column option added. + FontAwesome icon library updated to the latest version. + All page edit options updated. + Post New Point button settings added to page options. + System Status tab added to the Point Finder admin dashboard menu. + WordPress Dashboard PointFinder widgets removed, and information moved to the system status section. + The full-width menu problem was solved. + Default column number problem solved . + Custom point Style problem solved. + Custom Tab auto space problem solved. + Mapbox API is updated. + Frontend Dashboard customization problems solved. + Submit New Listing form image system language problem solved. + Youtube privacy links added an embed URL fix applied. + Fontawesome icon problem solved. + Default post order problem solved. + Social Login Error while creating a new account + Event start and end date-time problem solved on the grid. + Google IP Restricted key option was removed. Now the system only using one map API key. + Mobile membership buttons are added to the menu. + Enable/Disable option added to the Options Panel > General section to control the “Terms and Conditions” checkbox. + The frontendPM header title problem was solved.- Report Ticket + Submit New Listing Page featured listing problem solved. + Options panel > Frontend Upload System > Uploaded Item Settings > Renew Listing Post Date & Renew Listing Post Date on Featured Listing Update options + added. + The text search problem was solved. + Listing ID search added to the Search Fields. + The geolocation field > distance problem solved. + Ajax AutoComplete in PF Search Widget problem solved. + POI enable/disable function added to the Options panel > Map Settings. (Google Map) + Multiple default distances added for State/County/City to the Options panel > Map Settings. (Google Map) + The second subcategory problem on multiple subcategory selection was solved. + The link color problem solved. + Multi-level feature check problem solved. + Custom Footer Row problems solved. + Empty username problem solved. + DropzoneJS updated. + Featured listing order option & column added to the backend listing list. + Listing Detail Page; slide autoplay stop function added if less than 2 images. + Account Data Removal system enable / Disable option added to the Options Panel > Frontend Upload System > Profile Page Settings section. + Cyrillic char problem solved on review message area. + Preview mode enabled for admin backend. Now you can check the listing before publish. + Username display problem on PF orders and PF invoices – Solved. + User annotation field added to the user profile at the backend. + Instagram option added to the agent profile. + Field validation problem solved on Half Map search. + Half Map reset filter problem solved. + The horizontal map search system improved and all issues fixed. + All jQuery functions updated. + Php v8.0 requirements completed. + Latest WordPress version v5.7.x compatibility added. + All included plugins updated.

Update v1.9.7.1 & Core Plugin v1.1.9 28/03/2020

+ Page body font problem solved. + A code problem solved on the footer.php + Listing detail page autoplay issue solved. + Select2 script problem solved. + Woocommerce compatibility checks are completed. + All included plugins are updated. + Language pot files are updated.

Update v1.9.7 & Core Plugin v1.1.8 06/03/2020

+ IE11 and IE10 problems solved. + Horizontal search width size problem and button problem solved. + Date Field sort by option and show on grid option added. + Event Listing Type Date grid view option added.

Update v1.9.6.7 & Core Plugin v1.1.7 29/02/2020

+ The backend locate me button problem solved. + Map information logo color problem solved. + PF Settings > Size Limits Config > Word Size option removed.  + PF Settings > Options Panel > Grid Settings > General Grid Settings > Title / Address / Excerpt area row limit options added. + PF Settings > Options Panel > Info Window > Title / Address area row limit options added. + Language pot files are updated.

Update v1.9.6.6 26/02/2020

+ Google Geolocation solved. + Color problem solved on the indicator. + Translation problem solved on the account removal text + Map zoom issue solved. + Language pot files are updated. Please update your po/mo files by using pot files. + Options Panel > Map Settings > Google Autocomplete Result Type field added to change Autocomplete information. + Google map layer number problem solved. + A problem fixed on the marker cluster system. + Filters not showing up on the half map: problem solved. + The geolocation field distance message issue solved. + Listing detail page > Contact section > Show / Hide option added to the listing edit window. + Php v7.4.x compatibility fixes applied. + Ultimate Addon, Pointfinder Core Plugin, Slider Revolution plugins are updated. Please update these plugins after apply this theme update.+

Update 18/02/2020

+ Google Maps Autocomplete problem solved. + Directory map javascript issue solved. + Account data removal request admin email added. + Map max zoom issue solved. + HERE Maps Geocoding problem solved. + Auto Geolocation Problem solved. + Review pagination not work. + Link problem solved on the image price section.

Update v1.9.6.3 13/02/2020

+ HERE Maps Quick preview patch + Geolocation field icon align problem solved. + Double zoom icon problem solved. + PF Map element javascript issue solved.

Update v1.9.6 11/02/2020

Contains below patches and add-ons: + New: FrontendPM Plugin support added to the admin dashboard. + Fix: Count problem on the listing detail page. + Fix: Listing the renewal date problem solved. + Fix: Social Login buttons now placed into the register window. + New: GDPR Data Request/Erase Form added to the user system. + Update: Google login logo changed. Report Ticket + Fix: An issue fixed on the comments module permission. + Fix: An issue fixed on the keyword search. Report Ticket + The map system completely changed. + New map APIs added: Here Maps, Mapbox, Google Maps, Yandex Maps, ArcGIS Maps, Nominatim, Photon, and OpenCage + New country restrictions added to the Geolocation area. + New: Reset button added to the Half Map and PF Directory map. + New: Quick preview links added to the grid elements. + Multiple point system completely changed. + Map Marker Cluster System completely changed. + Listing detail page maps completely changed. + The geolocation system completely changed. + Options Panel > Item Detail Page changed to Listing Detail Page + We added a new option to the Options Panel > Search Results page > Point Results + Options Panel > Map Settings options are changed. Now you can choose to geocode and map service providers separately. Also, we added more map provider options including free map providers. + Options Panel > Point Settings section deprecated. You can manage point options per listing type by using the Advanced Listing Type system. + Options Panel > Map Settings > Cluster Settings updated, new options added and old settings are deprecated. + PF Contact Map updated. + Listing Detail page directions now only using google directions link. + Options Panel > Map Settings > Buttons Config & Map Drag Status & Map Button Tooltips deprecated. + Options Panel > Grid Settings > “Item Box” word replaced with “Listing Card” + PF Settings > Options Panel > Frontend Upload System > Profile Page Settings > GDPR Settings added to modify “User Data Removal Request” options. + Options Panel > Map Settings > Map Search Window > Map Options Tab deprecated. + Quick view link option added under Grid Settings > General > Quick View Link + Options Panel > Map Settings > Gesture Handling option added. + Options Panel > Theme Customizer > Tooltip Layout options added. + Options Panel > General Settings > Rounded Border moved to under Theme Customizer section. + Frontend dashboard styles updated. Mobile optimizations completed. + New: Frontend date and time system now using WordPress date-time format. + Options Panel > Theme Customizer > Page layout > Body: Table Heading Color added. + Options Panel > Theme Customizer > Page layout > Body: Half Map Page Background added. + The scroll menu size changed. + ” Post New Listing” Button Icon Name added to the options panel. + Map Styles merged with a new system. The old styles are deprecated. + “Visible Area Ajax Load” deprecated. + New: Tooltip system added. + Listing detail page layout updated. + Options Panel > Listing Detail Page > Contact Settings > Social links & Name/Compnay enable/disable option added. + Options Panel > Theme Customizer > Menu Layout changed as Desktop Menu Layout + Options Panel > Theme Customizer > Mobile Menu Layout section and options added. + New: All mobile menu systems updated and design changed. + Rounded border-style issues solved. + Options Panel > Frontend Upload System > Upload Page Settings > Validation error messages moved to the po/mo files. + Old Image upload & Attachment upload file size limit added. + WPML String generator updated. Please re-create the wpm-config.xml file by using the generator. + PF Settings > Twitter Widget Options panel moved to PF Settings > Additional Settings > Twitter Widget + PF Settings > Extra Styles Panel moved to Additional Settings > Post Item Button Styles / Page Builder Styles + 2 & 3 Columns option added to PF Agent List element. + PF Agent List design changed. + Telephone, Mobile and Email protection added. + Latest Fontawesome Library added and 90% of icons replaced with Fontawesome icons. + Mobile Icon Input added to the Appearance > Menu section. + Mobile: Button Status added to PF Settings > Additional Settings > Post Item Button Styles + PF Settings > Additional Settings > Top Line Status moved to Options Panel > Theme Customizer > Topline section. + Mobile Top Line Status added to Options Panel > Theme Customizer > Topline Section. + PF Settings > Additional Settings > Post Item Button Styles > Hide Text & Hide Tooltip options added. + Options Panel > Theme Customizer > Desktop Menu Layout > Sticky Menu Enable/Disable option added. + New toggle menu added to the Mobile version. + Slide event added to the mobile menu view. + Double count problem solved on the listing detail page. + Frontend Dashboard layout customization added to the Options Panel > Theme Customizer section. + Fontawesome icon option added to the Listing Type edit window and Advanced Listing Type section. + PF Settings > Additional Settings > Speed Up Settings > Default Point Settings > Point FontAwesome Icon added. + PF Settings > Options Panel > Grid Settings > Featured Listings: Optimization added to disable featured listings on top while sorting with value. + PF Static Grid shortcode replaced with AJAX system. Static grid deprecated. + PF AJAX Grid SEO optimization completed. + PF Settings > Additional Settings > Inner Sidebars > Category and Search page sidebar moved to the Options Panel > Category Page and Search Page section. + PF Listings > Listing Types > Edit > FontAwesome Icon Font option added to point settings and grid settings + PF Listings > Locations > Edit > FontAwesome Icon Font option added to grid list and view. + WPBakery Page Builder > PointFinder Elements > PF Locations & PF Listing Type Element > Show only main categories option added. + PF Settings > Additional Settings > General > Redirect Login Attempts & Auto Login After Registration moved to Options Panel > Registration System section. + PF Settings > Additional Settings > General > Map Search: Horizontal Mode Close moved to Options Panel > Map Settings > Map Search Window section. + PF Settings > Additional Settings > General > Mobile Zoom moved to Options Panel > Map Settings section. + PF Settings > Additional Settings > General > Mobile Dropdowns moved to Options Panel > Theme Customizer > Mobile Menu section. + PF Settings > Additional Settings > Sharebar Settings moved to Options Panel > Listing Detail Page section. + Options panel > Category page / Search Results Page > Half Map view > Map Position added. + IMPORTANT: You need WordPress 4.9.6 at least to use new changes. The user data removal process requires this!+

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