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Thanks buddy! Cant believe how quickly this got approved, it was like 5 hours. Kudos to the review team!

Stunning work Luke! Hopefully you will get some mad sales with this ;) Keep it up dude, love seeing all these new themes!

Thanks Mike, I appreciate it! Wordpress versions will be coming soon too!

very clean design… good luck!


nice work…

Thank you!

Thanks Sherman!

Thank you!

Great! Waiting for the html version…

Its coming soon!

Bought ur PSD , nice.

Did u use 12 or 16 grid?

What grid template did u use? 960gs?


Thank you! I used 12 grid, 960gs.

ok, thx :D

LMK if you need anything else!

Hi love it, when will the HTML and Wordpress versions be ready?

The WP is coming very shortly. its just about done.


Any news on the html/wordpress version ?

Thank you !

Hi, don’t want to push you or anything, but I delayed the developed of this website we designed based on your template because of your wordpress announcement, could i ask you to try and publish the wordpress version ? thnx !

We are submitting the Wordpress version tomorrow, but it can take up to a week to be approved. Its coming as fast as we can!

amazing job, really easy to edit, great work!!!

Thank you so much!

modeon was here!