PreSkool - School and Education Management Admin Dashboard Template

PreSkool - School and Education Management Admin Dashboard Template

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PreSkool is a simple and easy-to-access management dashboard for education, including schools, colleges, and universities.

In this preskool dashboard, you can explore information concerning students as well as teachers. Here, you can manage various details such as the account details, details about the holidays, exam fees management and exam management, timetable management, and library management. All these management activities are performed for each individual student.

Note: This is a template only. Not a Full Functional Product.

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Features offered

  • Login and User registration
  • SEO Friendly
  • Events management
  • Transport management
  • Timetable management
  • Library management
  • Account Management
  • Subjects Management

What will you get?

  • Reliable Technical Support System
  • Lifetime Template Updates
  • Template Documentation

This item is supported

Support is conducted through our Support Forum. We are in GMT +05.30 and we aim to answer all questions within 24 hours on weekdays. In some cases, the waiting time can be extended to 48 hours. Support requests sent during weekends or public holidays will be processed on next Monday or the next business day.

Note: Preview Images are for demo purpose only, not included in the package.

v1.8.1 (05 Jun 2023)

-  Added Eslint in Angular Template & Template RTL
-  Updated node version to v20.2.0
-  Updated react version to  v18.2.0
-  Updated documentation
-  Updated Webpack version to v5.73.0
-  Completed Page Conversion
-  Fixed Vulnerabilities

v1.8.0 (18 May 2023)

- Upgraded to Laravel 10 template & rtl
- Removed Laravel Mix Support template & rtl

- Added Laravel Vite template & rtl

- Added Update Packages template & rtl

v1.7.9 (22 Apr 2023)

-  Added  NodeJs 18.0.0 template & RTL

v1.7.8 (03 Mac 2023)

- Added Angular 14 to Angular 15 migration. 

v1.7.7 (16 Feb 2023)

- Added Bootstrap-vue-3 vuejs template & rtl
- Added reusable components vuejs template & rtl
- Jquery less vuejs template & rtl
- Changed node version 18 
- Added vue plugins

v1.7.6 (27 Dec 2022)

- Used only angular supported plugins
- No jquery used instead used angular conditions
- Scss style used  angular template
- ngx-boostrap used angular template
- Version upgrade to 14.1.0  angular template
- All data are loaded dynamically angular template

v1.7.5 (10 Dec 2022)

- New template and Template RTL added in Vuejs

v1.7.4 (22 Nov 2022)

- New template and Template RTL added in Laravel

v1.7.3 (02 Nov 2022)

- New template and Template RTL added in angular

v1.7.2 (26 OCT 2022)

- Added blog, edit blog, add blog, blog details pages angular template
 Added base ui pages  angular  template

v1.7.1 (19 OCT 2022)

- New template and template-rtl added in html

v1.7.0 (09 SEP 2022)

- Added blog, edit blog, add blog, blog details pages html template
- Added base ui pages html template

v1.6.9 (29 JUNE 2022)

- Changed laravel version 8 to 9

v1.6.8 (28 JUNE 2022)

- Changed angular version 13 to 14

v1.6.7 (18 MAY 2022)

- Added settings and invoice pages vuejs template

v1.6.6 (17 MAY 2022)

- Added settings and invoice pages laravel template

v1.6.5 (08 MAR 2022)

- Added settings and invoice pages html template

v1.6.4 (08 MAR 2022)

- Components splitting with child component vuejs template
- Removed jquery vuejs template
- Added json file format for dynamic content vuejs template
- Javascript or vue components for required pages vuejs template

v1.6.3 (24 FEB 2022)

- Splitted breadcrumb components as dynamic laravel template
- Plugin installation laravel template
- Changed calling method in all pages  laravel template
- Splitted plugin script as common laravel template

v1.6.2 (27 JAN 2022)

- Changed bootstrap 4 to 5 Reactjs template
- Added RTL for Reactjs template
- Authentication provided to Angular template

v1.6.1(24 DEC 2021)

- Added rtl for HTML, Angular, Laravel and vuejs
- Changed bootstrap4 to 5 HTML, Angular, Laravel and vuejs

v1.6(14 DEC 2021)

- Changed Laravel version 7 to 8

v1.5(07 DEC 2021)

- Changed bootstrap4 to 5 HTML Template
- Changed angular version 11 to 12 Angular template

v1.4 (14 OCT 2021)

- Added teacher and student dashboard pages for all templates

v1.3 (17 February 2021)

- Reactjs template files added

v1.2 (24 December 2020)

- Angular template files added

v1.1 (14 December 2020)

- Laravel and Vuejs template files added

v1.0 (26 November 2020)

- Initial Release

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