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I noticed in the demo the header_img1.jpg image will resize depending on the device you are using but the image I am using doesn’t resize. Can you please advise. I am testing on an iPhone 6 plus.


Add the below code in CSS in @media 767px section

.masthead {
    background-size:100% auto;

Hope that helps,

If issue persists, Please send me your website link to


Thank you for the quick response. That worked perfertly

Glad I could help.

I can’t get the Twitter stream to work on

What am I doing wrong?


You should register first on Twitter dev. Then you will get some OAuth keys. Can you send me an email to ? I’ll send you detailed instructions.


Thank you. I did as you instructed and included screenshots to illustrate my Twitter Dev registration and insertion. Please advise your very earliest convenience.


Sent you an email..

Demo is not working.

Thanks for noticing. It should be working fine now.

Demo is not working

Thanks for noticing. It should be working fine now.

Thank you for the theme, very nice. I’m not being able to customize soundclound though, what should the script look like?


Thanks for your purchase. You will get an Embed Code from Soundcloud. you can replace the current code with that.

If you have further questions, Please contact me on

Hello Sujithctly : 3 questions 1. I want to delete the newsletter section but when I delete the code in index.html theres still a background that does mess up the pages scaling How can I delete a section without messing up the background alignment? 2. When I sent a message I get a feedback Loading .. and then in red message not sent.. ( but the message is sent and received in my mailbox) The echo lines in contact.php are not shown..? whats wrong?? 3. I want to use the ProgressionPlayer – Responsive Audio/Video Player (envato for a audio jukebox ( envato code canyon) instead of the soundcloud. What part of the audio section do I have to keep in place?


I’ll be glad to help you.

Can you please give me your website URL?

Please create a new ticket on


mail is not sending from contact form. server is hostgator, so i guess contact.php shouldn´t have problems or do i have to do something else here?


I’ll be happy to help. Can you send me your Website URL?


i made the most stupid mistake of all.. it works! emails just went to spam folder.. ;) thanks for your help anyways..

No worries. Glad it works for you.


Hello surjithctly,

Great template. PLEASE i need this on WORDPRESS been waiting for months.

Is there any chance to get it?

Thanks Eden

Hello Eden,

Thanks so much for your interest.

I’m sorry to say, There are no plans now to convert to WordPress. I’m sorry for that.

But I can assure you that, Editing in HTML is simple than you actually thought. If you got some issues, Please send a support email via

I’ll be glad to help you.


Hi, Iam trying to use this with Wordpress, and Iam getting the error “style.css missing”. In response to same question earlier, you mentioned

“This is an HTML Template and it work without wordpress. So just customize it with any code editing software and upload the files directly to your hosting server.”

However, I would like to use this on Wordpress as its simpler for me. Can you send me style.css & required phps please?

Cheers! nram

Surjith, Your recommendation makes sense but it doesn’t fit my timeline / budget. Besides, I already have everything working with Wordpress and all I was hoping to do was to get a better look and feel with your theme. (btw, it does look quite good .. nice job). So, I won’t be able to use this theme for my use case (only because it doesn’t fit in my setup). Whats your return/refund policy for this order ?

Okay no problem.

I have one more offer for you, Are you interested for a custom WordPress Conversion Job?

And for refund, Please contact envato support and they will help you. But I’m not sure about that because you’ve downloaded digital goods.


Surjith, No, I have invested quite a bit on WPS and migrating to pure HTML5 is not an option for now.

Hello, I have problem with the videos are not displayed to give click in the list; page of link:


Open the HTML in code editor and then scroll to very bottom where you can see some scripts.

Look for “Play Video” script section and CUT the entire <script> block and just PASTE it above the “Twitter Feed Script.”

That will fix the issue.


Hello, I can not solve the problem of the videos in:


Because you didn’t followed what I said in the previous comment..

Email me via I’ll help you further.

Thanks, ~Surjith

Even with the new update, the background image still doesn’t cascade the entire length of the webpage. Even your demo site displays this error (see: We Are Social): When will you or how can we fix this?

I did not received any emails yet. Are you sure?

I believe that yesterday was my last day of support, so consequently my ticket may not have been registered in time. I don’t know. In any case, I sent you a message via the general contact form (hopefully you receive it and can still honor my ticket). Thank you.

Hi Surjithctly, I would like the Background Image (header_img1.jpg) to be exactly like my original .jpg image, not darkened. Is it possible?

thank you Surjithctly, never mind I figured it out! thanks again awesome template

Glad you figured it out!

Let me know if you need some further help :)


How can I contact you for support. Every time I try the support section and click Authorize I get an error message “error creating user


Please reach me directly via


is there a way to add images to the events ? Or is the event section just text ?


Yes. you may add images as well. I’ll help you if you contact me via once you purchased.


Hi, great template, I’m looking to purchase a copy and willing to pay for some extra coding. Just a few questions. 1. Is it possible for the when the event time/date has passed the information is automatically remove? 2. Can watermarks be added to photos in the photo gallery? 3. Can a merchant cart for tickets be added (linked through Eventbrite)?

Please and thank you.

Thanks for the quick reply, the information is really helpful.

Hi, I understand you don’t have a Wordpress version. Is it possible to get your team to convert the HTML to Wordpress? Like you mentioned in this comment thread, referred to as a WordPress Conversion Job?

Yes. Please contact me via