Discussion on Jumbo - React Admin Template with Material-UI

Discussion on Jumbo - React Admin Template with Material-UI

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Still No Dark theme option on the demo. https://jumbo.g-axon.work/dashboards/misc

Getting GIT invite error for Jumbo 6x on the following page. http://github.g-axon.com/index.php

The Github Repository field must be one of: gaxon-lab/jumbo-react-5.x.x,gaxon-lab/jumbo-react-4.x.x,gaxon-lab/jumbo-admin,gaxon-lab/flexile-react,gaxon-lab/wieldy,gaxon-lab/wieldy-2.x.x,gaxon-lab/drift-angular,gaxon-lab/drift-angular-2.x.x.


We are sorry for inconvenience caused to you!

The above error has been fixed.

Please let us know on below link if you still face any trouble: https://themeforest.net/item/react-material-bootstrap-4-admin-template/20978545/support

To your success,
Team G-axon

Hi, We have implemented the dark theme option which will be available in the next release this weekend.

Still waiting on the release and demo update for dark theme.

still waiting for the laravel version.

When will laravel version come?



Sorry for the delay in response!

The laravel version is targated be out next week.

I will keep you posted.

Team G-axon


crisssnow Purchased

you said the same a month ago.


erfgr Purchased

When will the nextjs version come?


Sorry for the delay on that but that is coming in the mid of the next week.

Kind Regards,
Team G-axon

Congratulations on this new library update. The template is kept up to date. The middleware tutorial is not very clear to me. The question is, with your support, to be able to do the login flow with jwt until you enter home? It seems to me that in the first version of the template it did have a login flow with jwt, but this version does not.

Thank you for reaching out to us here!

We truly appreciate your feedback about the documentation on middleware and will update the documentation to make it more detailed.

Also, the JWT authentication is about to be added along with the Firebase Auth and all of these will be available in the first week of the Sep.

Kind Regards,
Team G-axon


Thank you for pointing that out!

We have noticed that MUI author has recently separated the date time picker packages to @mui/x-date-pickers/ from @mui/lab

So, I suggest you to follow the instructions given in here https://mui.com/x/react-date-pickers/date-time-picker/

We will also make these amendments in upcoming update (around first week of Sept.)

To your success,
Team G-axon

laravel version?


That will be introduced around end of this month along with the NextJS version.


what is the procedure for updating to jumbo v3 from v2? how to do it best?

sorry from v5 to v6 (latest)...


Unfortunately, there is no V5 to V6 migration instructions as V6 is a complete revamp of architecture because of following reasons:

- MUI5 had a complete architectural changes comparing the MUI4 - Lots of performance improvements from V5 required the changes in architecture - Decoupling of Redux and Context API to give a free choice to either use one of them or use both of them - Addition of React Query from @tanstack

So, unfortunately this revamp will require a complete re-work :(

However, you can always contact us via Support and it would be a pleasure to assist if we could be a help in any manner.

Kind Regards,
Team G-axon

I bought this by mistake. I didn’t know there was reactjs. Where can I download the html of this? I don’t want to waste money for nothing.


Are you already supporting Typescript/NextJS?


Thanks for reaching out to us here!

NextJS is about to be released around end of this week and TypeScript support is under development.

Kind Regards,
Team G-axon

Hi, I am using this theme now, But this theme is not working in my side. I can’t solve this problem, please support me,

I am deploying in windows 10 system.

$ yarn dev
yarn run v1.22.19
$ npm run development

> development
> cross-env NODE_ENV=development node_modules/webpack/bin/webpack.js --progress --config=node_modules/laravel-mix/setup/webpack.config.js

[webpack-cli] Failed to load 'E:\laravel-react-demo\node_modules\laravel-mix\setup\webpack.config.js' config
[webpack-cli] Error: Cannot find module 'E:\laravel-react-demo\node_modules\lodash\lodash.js'. Please verify that the package.json has a valid "main" entry
    at tryPackage (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:353:19)
    at Function.Module._findPath (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:566:18)
    at Function.Module._resolveFilename (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:919:27)
    at Function.Module._load (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:778:27)
    at Module.require (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:1005:19)
    at require (node:internal/modules/cjs/helpers:102:18)
    at Object.<anonymous> (E:\laravel-react-demo\node_modules\laravel-mix\src\helpers.js:1:20)
    at Module._compile (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:1103:14)
    at Object.Module._extensions..js (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:1157:10)
    at Module.load (node:internal/modules/cjs/loader:981:32) {
  path: 'E:\\laravel-react-demo\\node_modules\\lodash\\package.json',
  requestPath: 'lodash'
error Command failed with exit code 2.
info Visit https://yarnpkg.com/en/docs/cli/run for documentation about this command.

Thanks & regards.


As per the error message given above, it seems like there are few modules missing.

Have you gone through with the steps mentioned in the document: https://docs-jumbo.g-axon.work/laravel-version/project-setup

I hope the above documentation will help you in rectifying the issue but in case if it doesn’t then please raise a support ticket at: https://themeforest.net/item/react-material-bootstrap-4-admin-template/20978545/support

Kind Regards,
Team G-axon

Hi, thanks for your message, Let me try it regarding your guide again. Thanks.

I bought this, followed the steps on building the laravel one but never worked because composer install returns a fatal error already. I contacted support but unresponsive.


We are sorry for any convenience caused to you!

Your ticket has already been responded with a solution.

Kind Regards,
Team G-axon

Do you have a non-React (i.e. regular HTML) version of this theme?

Sorry, its just the React version we have right now!


awaiswa Purchased

Hello there,

I have purchased this item, I am using HTML + Laravel Teamplate. I had seen a toast demo in your live website at the link https://pixinvent.com/demo/vuexy-vuejs-laravel-admin-template/demo-1/components/toasts I am unable to find the same in the HTML Laravel version. Could you please let me know if I am missing something or where I can find those toasts in the HTML version?



I’m sorry but the live website link you have shared with us isn’t ours. I think you might be comparing with a something else.

Kind Regards
Team G-axon

Hello, When the new update will come. I’m interested to buy this theme in the latest version of react.

Hello i’m asking for if the themplate are supporting using keycloak for authentication , if that is possible can you send me documentation or something to support me for use it .

how can i hide sidebar? i want only my menu is in top. thanks

Hello. Are you giving a new update? mui5 and nextJS12 …....

Hi …. what happened to the update?

Hi @devjunior2020,

We are sorry for the delay but we are still working on the wrap-up and a thorough testing and the hard deadline for the update release is 11th March.

There is no news ….

“Yes, Jumbo is nearly there to come-up with version 6.0 which will include mui5 with NextJS at its latest.”


hello i like your template if you can provide me with more informations about the environment like the version of node and React etc


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