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Looks nice, very clean. Good luck with sales!

Thank you.


Any chance of a WP version?

Thanks, wp version will be available in 2-3 weeks.

Woo! Awesome.

Looks great indeed!


Great! I want WordPress WordPress WordPress WordPress!!!))

Thanks, wordpress version is on the way!

Hi, Read wp is out!

Nice work! Clean lines, great type, all my favourites in one place ;)

Thanks, glad you liked it!

This is definitely the cleanest template I’ve ever seen on ThemeForest!!! I couldn’t resist and I had to buy it ;-) Good luck with sales…

Thanks for the purchase.

Great template! Good luck!

Thank you.

awesome. I wish more items on themeforest were this clean!


This is gorgeous – simply perfect for a portfolio/blog. I hope your future work follows this path!! I may be picking up your wordpress version.

Good luck =)


very nice theme! on your wp version, if you add social to the posts, and facebook comments, i will buy for sure.

Thanks for the feedback.

Hi, read wp version is out with social share option!

Hello mate, nice theme – im waiting for the WP version. Is there a possibility that you can add paypal option or woocommerce shop?

Hi, this template will not be a e-commerce theme with wordpress version, but we will make it compatible with some general used plugins.

I too await the WP version. I hope you have instructions for how to use it

Yes I saw but for when you add the Wordpress version. I’m new to Wordpress and I’m worried. LOL

don’t worry, wordpress version will also have detailed documentation.

You get a follow from me bro, cool stuff! The WP theme is going to sell like hot cakes for sure!


Is that really possible to use this template as a blog on which people can let articles / videos / links … ??

Hi, this is just a static html template, no cms integrated, if you liked it and don’t know how to entegrate it with a cms, wait for wordpress version which will be available in 2 weeks.

Looks great, is the wp version still on track for launch in a week?

Hi, yes wp version will be available in a week probably.

Hi, read wp version is out now!

pixelwars cannot wait for the WP version. The wait time is just terrible.

It’s on the way, less than one week to release wp version of Read.

Hi, read wp version is avaialble!

Is this theme for a certain content management system or is it a stand alone theme that needs to be uploaded directly?

Hi, this is a regular html template. You can upload it to server and use as a static html website. Or you can wait for wordpress version if you are looking for a site with cms.

Hi, couple questions please…

1. Can you filter the gallery the same as the portfolio? Or can you have multiple galleries – e.g. named weddings, portraits, etc 2. Does the portfolio have the full screen slideshow option – like featured in the gallery?

Thanks Pixelwars


1-) Gallery page doesn’t have filtering. But you can have multiple galleries.

2-) Portfolio doesn’t have fullscreen slideshow option, supports only lightboxes.

As a final word, gallery page and portfolio page use different scripts and you can’t combine them into one.