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Hi one more newbie question, can a slider be fitted to the home page on the WP version? Thanks

Hi, yes it will be possible to add flexslider to homepage in wp version.

Hi, read wp version is out and you can put slider on homepage.

Very nice theme! I like simple and elegant design and UX. Looking forward to WP version ;)

Hi, thanks, wp version will be available in just a few days.

Hi, read wp version is released!

Dear pixelwars, I have some problems with your theme. I added a responsive kenburner plugin as a slider to the homepage, which I’m using only as entry page for my 2 websites. It uses the same jQuery. The plugin doesn’t scale properly as he would do if on a simple HTML page. After hours I realized the main.css file is causing the problem: it changes the format also of the plugin container.

You can have a look here to better understand: http://www.luigifieni.com/prova/prova.html I’d be very grateful for some help. Thanks for your time

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.


(Long comment ahead)

1. Intro

Hello pixelwars, I want to say that the moment I saw your theme I felt that I REALLY had to get it for my blog.

Even though it’s currently running on Wordpress, I plan to take the plunge and use your theme, as I think it will be easier to customize than the Wp version (once it’s released). Of course, the price was also important ($15 vs $40-$50 which I think the Wp version will cost), but I don’t mind coding by hand in Notepad++ each blog post. In fact, I might even pick up a thing or two about HTML this way, so why not.

Besides, I used to run a website in the old 4.0 days which I coded myself, so I think I can manage with the modifications, with a little help from Google as I’m a bit rusty.

2. Q&A

But I do have a couple of questions beforehand, if you don’t mind:

- I want to widen the theme a bit (the size of the Grid page seen on 1080p resolution), would that be a problem with the template? On Wp it is a bit complicated to modify the width of my current theme (I was suggested to contact a developer for this task).

- How hard do you think the transition from Wp to HTML will be? I don’t use any special plugins on Wp apart from galleries, so apart from hand-coding the individual html pages for posts (I think this is the way it works), I don’t see any other difficulties, but I thought I’d ask.

- How do the older/newer posts links work? I didn’t use such items on my old site. Does each page adapt to new posts and when the set number of posts is met, new pages are created automatically, or do I need to create them manually?

- Lastly, does the font you use support other characters? I plan on using Romanian characters and maybe Japanese & Russian ones (Romanian is a must, Japanese would be nice, Russian is entirely optional). If it only works with Latin characters, would it be possible for you recommend a replacement font that would suit my needs? I really like it though.

Thank you in advance for having taken the time to read this rather lengthy comment.

Best of luck in all your current and future projects!

Hi, thanks glad you liked it.

1-) This template has two page layouts in general 780px wide and Full width. You can easily change 780px layout to anything else with css, such as 960px or 1200px wide.

2-) I don’t really recommend using blog section as static html site, without any CMS integration. It could be a little frustrating to put content, adjusting links, making blog list page. You also need to adjust older/newer links or next/previous post links by hand. I recommend you to wait for wp version which will be available just in a few days. But it is possible to use as static html blog of course if you don’t mind all these.

3-) I didn’t check if the fonts i used supports other characters beside Latin. But if not fonts are easy to customize.

Thank you for replying.

To be honest, I don’t mind the extra work, as I’ve said previously, it will be a good opportunity to learn a thing or two about HTML 5. Not to mention the price difference, as I don’t have a lot of money on me at the moment.

So, if I understood correctly, I will need to manually insert each article into a page, plus new pages every 10 or so articles (depending on how many of them I want per page), with the appropriate links, both in the article itself and in the page. Fine with me, I can have more flexibility this way.

The thing is that my current theme on Wp is hard to modify and there are a lot of things that I lack, needing a developer to lend a hand => $$$. This is why I decided to go back to HTML, as I can understand a bit of code and modify it to my needs with a bit of help from Google.

Will take the plunge in the next 48 hours, as soon as my paycheck rolls in.


Yes, you got it right, you need to do things manually in HTML version.

Great theme! If I buy this one now may I be able to upgraded it later to the WP version, or I would need to pay in full both themes? The content editor is similar to WP already?

Hoping you won´t take so long releasing it

just a few days left to release wp version.

Hi Pixelwars, will the WP version still be $15? Also how close it is now to launch please? Thanks

Last question, I don’t know the difference but is it built with HTML5 Boilerplate?

I have used some common techniques but i have not used HTML5 Boilerplate.

Hi, read wp version is released with $35 price!

Hi, pixelwars.

This is a very nice theme too.

I’ve already asked this question on one of your other themes (Impressivcard). Just wanted to check the same is the case with this one.

I’m looking for a theme for a freelance writing website. Do you think this portfolio would work well as a writing portfolio? I need it to be able to…

1) Link to websites where my writing is 2) Upload and display PDFs (for print articles)


1-) Yes custom link is possible on portfolio items.

2-) You can link directly to pdf files, and if user’s browser has built-in pdf viewer (chrome does) they will be able to view pdf online, otherwise will download the pdf and open it with Adobe Reader.


hey there thanx for the template first of all

i have a quick issue i cant solve,

i need to re-size iframe to show a full website through my website, and i’ve spent a day looking for the solution.

it’s 640 width somehow fixed. i need smth wider

thanx in advance

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Hi Pixelwars

Do you know when the Wordpress version will be released?

This template is epic!


Hi, thanks, it is almost done, we are currently working on documentation, just a few days left to release.


Looking forward to buying the WP version !!!

Want WP version. Great work. When you say “a few days”, how many days are we talking? I’ve got a portfolio I want to build with this in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks, min 2, max 5 days left to release.

Hi, so today is the big day ?? ;-)

Hi, we have completed the wp version, it is awaiting to be reviewed by staff. Hope it gets released soon. Thanks for the patience.

Hey man,

I’ve been looking for a theme that focuses on readability all day and this seems like the closest contender to being the one—great job! I’ll be looking out for the Wordpress version.

I’ve got a couple questions about the Wordpress version:

1. In my opinion the

font size is too small. The font size should be a bit larger and the paragraph less wide. I like that the theme is fluid responsive, but I don’t want to break any of that. I want it to be done right. So I best not mess with the code :)

Brings me to my next question:

2. Is it possible to make the paragraph be less wide? From what I’ve read from Trent Walton—the dude who’s behind the Microsoft website redesign—the width of a paragraph should be no larger than ~60 characters. I forgot the exact number he suggests (and I think violates), but in my experience, I lose track in my reading after about 60 lines.

3. Is there a way to split paragraphs in text columns within a normal post?

4. Can I use my own buttons?

How difficult would the above be to alter? How much would you charge for those customizations?

Thanks dude!

Hi, content width and paragraph font size can be easily customized. Also you can split paragraphs into text columns using columns shortcodes or CSS3 Multiple Columns feature. I can assist you free on support forums about these topics. Also you can customize/replace buttons.

I hope wp version get released today, it’s under reviewing process currently.

Thanks for your response! Looking forward to the release

Hi, read wp is out!

Hi all, Read Wp is out!

Hi. Can I post Soundcloud?

Yes, of course.

Hi, Just brought this template, can’t edit index or home for some reason using Dreamweaver CS6 – any ideas?

p.s. the only indicator i have is an error on line 48 on home.html

Please help.

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

the template seems to be locked from editing.

Template is editable in Dw, but we have used template system in DW, please see the post below;


Hi! I would love to purchase this theme for my blogger-blog. However I have a few questions:

1- Can I easily customize colours, fonts and sizes just as I can do with the regular blogger-templates that are already installed?

2- Will there be an option to embed certain functions at the bottom of the page (version: Home alternate) such as my Twitter stream, latest comments, popular blog entries etc. (basically everything that can be found in the sidebar at “Blog with sidebar”) can I put it to the bottom of the page to keep the clean reading space?

Thank you! Kuevra

sadly no, you need to look in blogger category;


Are you planning on publishing a Blogger version? I have spent hours now searching for templates but there is almost nothing of good design and definitely nothing that suits my needs. ( I know, Blogger is the ugly little sister of Wordpress… :) )

sorry, we don’t plan to release a blogger version.

HI, i bought the theme and i’m very satisfied but there’s something i don’t understand: even if i inserted an EXCERPT in every post, it continues to publish all the textual content instead of the except and the “continue raeding” link. I use the “blog with sidebar” as homepage from WP Genreal settings and i can’t understand why it keeps showing me all the content of the posts… help me please;-)

Please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

How can i download 1.0 version to compare files (diff)?

Only the latest version is available to download.