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Interested in purchasing this theme, but I need to know if there’s an option to have the nav bar appear in the home screen. Please let me know. Thanks.

Yes this can be easily achieved. You will just have to turn off the function that hides the nav on load.

I am having an issue with the form registration section. I put in information to test it out, and the redirect url works, but its not sending this form to my designated email account. Is it supposed to take a while to send? Because it’s been an hour or so, and i still havent received an email. I did exactly what it says in the documentation…”Is completed for you. Just supply your email address and you will be alerted whenever someone signs up. You need to replace “Your-Email-Goes-Here” with your email address.”....but nothing worked. Any help is greatly appreciated

nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com is my email. This won’t happen until after regular business hours. Thanks.

Hey Mrwipeout, sorry for the long delay, been extremely busy. Would you still be willing to help me set my email up? Hostgator keeps beating around the bush, and clients are asking me about emails that I havent been able to send yet, lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Ok email me with this request. My address is nickalexanderrivers@gmail.com

Is there a shopping button to this template? Can you archive events ?

This is an html template so whats in the demo is exactly what’s in the package. Events aren’t archived because this isn’t using any databases.

Hi, I purchased the theme, I love it, perfect! :) I would like to ask if there is an option to embed a Youtube video instead of Vimeo. So far I don’t know how to do it, the Youtube video doesn’t appear if I embed it. Thanks

Sorry, I already could resolve the problem. :) Working fine!


Can I create personalized agendas whis this template? For example, if the participant has registered for a specific event, then only “his” events appear in his agenda? And at the same time the other participant who registers for other events would see only his “personal” Agenda? Is it piossible?

Since its just an HTML template, you can change whatever you like. There is no limit.

I am getting this message when I try to upload the theme. The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

This is not a theme. Its an HTML template.

Hi. Nice put together template. Just wondering how you turn on “socialmedia” It is not turned on by default. Thank you.

Where do you see social media?

Hmmm… was looking again in the template. I was sure that, -in the original live preview, I saw a facebook and twitter icons on first screen or I thought I had seen it since facebook and twitter Icons was included in icon-folder. Anyway, is there an easy way to include it within the code?

Yea thats pretty easy to add. How familiar are you with html?

Hello, I have been trying to upload this theme to my Wordpress site (tried it on two different ones), but both came back with it is missing the css style sheet. Any suggestions?

This isn’t a Wordpress theme. Its an HTML template meaning its just HTML and css. Themeforest can refund you if this is a deal breaker. I’m sorry for any confusion.

Can you just put here the configuration for the php, at the server level? So we can check it by our own?

I’m not sure what you are asking for here.

I mean, the php form in your theme needs some configuration at the server level. Mine is not working, so it needs this configuration. But I don’t know what to check or how to configure it. So I am asking for the “thing” or “configuration pattern” that needs to be in place at server level, in order for the php form to work correctly. Am I explaining my self right?

Yes. The PHP code requires your server to have a mailer which most servers come with out of the box. I’m happy to assist if you need it.