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I’ve another question: i’d like implement something like jump section in one project from portfolio (something like this http://www.loisjeans.com/web2012/es with left menu and loading different content from year, no animation or cool effect). Is it possible? How?

Thanks in advance


Hi, Unfortunately you can create the same with Relway template.


Hi i am trying to install the theme but it says the style.css stylesheet is missing ? Thank you.

Also I tried uploading via FTP but it does not work either


I apologize to you for the late reply.
Relway is a static template and you can’t use it for the wordpress.


Hi just wanted to let you know I have purchased the theme and I am supported, and would love to get started

the project section does not link correctly how can I fix this? this is very urgent.


Thanks so much for your purchase.
I need to check this issue from your website directly so please send to me your website URL and the FTP info from the contact form in my profile to fix it.

Best Regards!

if you cannot resolve this problem I need a refund as this template is useless without a portfolio section!!

Please see my urgent query regarding projects not working…!


I am Naseer, I have purchased the Relway template a few months ago and used it to develop my website. Now I am facing a problem with the template.

I have two issues with the template which are existing on your demo also.

1. Modal popup is not displaying correctly. 2. Navigation bar menu item highlighted wrongly when you click from the blog page to other pages such as Team. It highlights wrong menu item.

Here is my website (http://www3.ecozlabs.com/) please check and let me know if you are able to fix it on my site so that I can provide you FTP details. Or Please advice me how to fix it by myself.

More details about the issue: 1. Please go to Career page and click on any “Apply Now” button. It will popup the modal which is not screening the background properly.

2. Staying in the Career page click on any navigation bar menu that is right to the “Services” menu. It is not highlighting the menu item that you have clicked.

These issues are on your demo site also. Please verify.

Thank you,

Regards, Naseer

Hello Naseer,

I need to check all of these issues and fix theme from your website directly so just send to me the FTP details from the contact from in my profile.

Kind Regards!