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Nice work ! GLWS :)

Thanks bro :)

Congratulations brother .. Fantastic :)

Thanks hady ;)

Good Work and design, i think if you add 2 blog page you need create blog-post.html page.

Thanks bro :)

Awesome work! Congrats

Thanks bro :)

Simply beautiful template! :)

Thanks for your words :)

Congrats mate !

Thanks bro :)

Good job!Good luck :)

Thanks bro :)

Beautiful work, good luck. :)

Thanks brother :)

Really nice work! I like this style ;)

Thanks for your words :)

Nice man! Good luck

Thanks daveeeo :)

Can the pages have a black background?

Do you assist with uploading the template. I bought it but I can not get it uploaded

Thanks for your purchase.
Actually i don’t assist with it, but i will help you to make it, please provide me your site information via email.

Ok, I send it

good job.. wish you more & more sales :)

Thanks for your words webduck :)

hello, I’m planning to buy your theme, but when i scroll with the trackpad it flickers a lot and seems not want to go down (or up). can you fix it?


Hi bmrg, I will improve scroll for touch devices in the next release. You are welcome brother :)

hi, thank you for your fast reply. the problem it’s on my macbook air and even on desktop computer. might be caused by smooth scroll.js keep up the good work. i’ll wait for the update.

The problem is comming from smooth-scroll.js file, You can remove it easly if you want.

Good work Ahmed , Good luck with sales :)

Thanks bro, Good luck to you too ahmed :)

nice work, glws :)

Thnaks AliA :)

Can someone please help me? I can’t get the theme to upload… nothing seems to be working.

Hello brother,
Thanks for you purchase, please contact me via email and i will help you. You are welcome.

Great looking theme! Nice job!

Thanks ThemeREX :)

Thanks stefan, Good luck to you too :)

Great work, glws :)

Thanks thecrea :)


I really like this theme and I’d like to buy it, but first I need to know if the gallery support video or it’s just for images?


Hi mariafocsa,
Thanks for your interest, It not for images only, sure you can embed videos from vimeo or youtube easily.
You are welcome.