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So, is it posible to combine with PLUM .SHOP or SHOP STAR (CodeCannyon scripts)?

Truth be told, I’m not familiar with those scripts yet, but the Responsify HTML template includes 9 different page types such as the homepage, a category overview, product pages, search results, content pages, article pages and a cart of course, all written in clean HTML and very well commented.

Because of that, it should be possible to integrate this template into nearly any e-commerce solution available with a little work and HTML / CSS experience, yes.

I recently had a look at the Plum.Shop script over at CodeCanyon and it basically just seems to read the contents of specified HTML elements via using jQuery selectors in order to process these accordingly.

Because of that, it should be possible to integrate this theme into Plum.Shop from what I can see so far — all of the other things such as grid / list view as well as the adaptive overall behavior will remain working properly as well of course.

I hope I could help so far and will remain available in case you should have any further questions of course!


Your template include a working cart?

The cart page has been prepared (you can see how it looks like if you click on the “Live Preview” and then on the “Checkout” button on top right of the page).

All items commonly required are there already, but this is just a HTML template and so no real functionality has been implemented yet. You could use the layout and prepared contents in order to implement the e-commerce solution of your choice though.

By the way, I forgot to mention that there’s another version of this theme available which works out of the box with Shopify. I know that Shopify might not be suitable for everyone, but just in case it could be useful, here’s the link: http://themeforest.net/item/responsify/793107

This is an HTML /CSS template so it depends:

1. NO – it is just an html/css template so actually nothing is working
2. YES – it is just an html/css template so actually everything can be working when you convert it to ANY e-commerce cms you want.

Exactly! Thank you very much — couldn’t explain this any better myself! :-)

Hi, is there a way i could get the PSD , I tough that it was included


Thank you very much for purchasing this theme — it’s much appreciated!

As per the documentation where I mentioned it already, the PSD file for this item isn’t that well ordered because I’ve been working with it quite a lot during development. If you don’t mind that the layers aren’t labeled and put into folders, then please just send me an email and I’ll forward the PSD file to you accordingly of course.

It includes all of the layers but it isn’t as tidy as it should be this time. Nevertheless, if it helps I’d be glad to send it to you of course! :-)


Hi Max, can I please get the psd file as well? I purchased the template yesterday and am setting up my parents online business with it and need to change the colour palette and the psd would come in handy. Thanks.

Hi again Aaron,

I just submitted an updated version of this template to ThemeForest which includes the PSD file and optional drop down menu support. I guess this could be useful for you in some way and hope I could help!


Thanks Max, I will download it now. What happens to the top left hand nav when the screen goes to the middle size, that is, the size between iphone and maximum?

Hi Max, I just downloaded the template again but there isn’t any psd files in it. Have I got to download it from a different link location to get the updated template? I didn’t see any drop down nav support either, so is there an approval process that ThemeForest goes through before your updated template is available?

Ok, my bad. I downloaded it from the downloads section of the site and the psd is there. The top right corner of this page has a “You have already purchased this file. You can download it here…” message which doesn’t appear to link to the newest zip! Cheers!

Yes indeed — every item needs to be approved before it’s available and this one has been approved roughly about 6 hours ago as well, pretty much at the time you published this comment, but maybe a bit later. :-)

Could you please try to download it again and let me know if you should have any further problems?



just purchased the theme and have a question. I added a dropdown wich works on pc, but not on my android, when i click the button nothing happens, any idea how to fix this?


Thanks a lot for your feedback and for purchasing one of my templates of course — it’s much appreciated!

First of all, I assume you’ve been following the instructions how to add a drop down menu item accordingly, right? Furthermore if that drop down menu item seems to work on your PC I assume you just can’t see it if the design switches to smartphone view where the navigation realigns accordingly.

Could you send the URL to your website to hello@indiqo.eu via email please, so I can have a closer look at that for you later today?

I’m sure we’ll find the cause and a solution for that together, so I’ll be looking forward to your email for now and will see what we can do. :-)


I am sorry, i should have added that the dropdown does not work when i use the template at its smalles (telephone in portrait). i havent uploaded the theme yet, so i cannot provide you an url, i hope you know what i mean!

Thanks for your very quick reply!

I guess I see what you mean and you could solve that by following these instructions easily:

1.) Open up your style.css file and search for the line which includes the following piece of code:

#collections ul, #collections li { float: none; }

If you didn’t apply any modifications yet it should be line 1027.

2.) Please remove the next line which looks like this entirely:

#collections li ul.visible { display: none !important; }

3.) And finally paste the following piece of code instead before you hit save:

#collections nav { 
    z-index: 9999;
    position: relative; }

#collections .wrap { overflow: visible; }

#collections li ul li { 
    border: none;
    border-right: 1px solid #197E86; }

#collections li ul.visible { width: 270px; }

These three steps should do the trick from what I can see so far.

I hope I could help you and would appreciate a quick answer / feedback wether I could solve your problem or not if you don’t mind just to make sure it works properly now. :-)


Hi, Great design! I purchased the wrong template – I meant to purchase the version with “shopify” which has a functioning shopping cart. Is it possible to get a refund? Or instructions on how to implement the the shopping cart?

Thanks so much!

Hi and thanks a lot for purchasing one of my items — it’s much appreciated!

As far as I know, a refund isn’t possible here on Themeforest because the marketplace handles all of the transactions and authors just receive a percentage of that.

Integrating a shopping cart solution into a HTML template or vice versa is a fairly complex task and can’t be explained as well. I might have an idea how to find a suitable solution — could you just send me an email to hello@indiqo.eu or use the contact form on my profile so we can discuss that a bit further please?



So, is it posible to used this template with OpenCart?... Do you have any documentation Or instructions on how to implement the Temp to a opencart ?.. I also purchased the wrong template.



Well implementing a design into a complex e-commerce platform such as OpenCart for example is a difficult and time consuming task due to the sheer amount of template files and page types which need to be adjusted, which means that writing a documentation or tutorial isn’t possible unfortunately.

The Responsify theme itself is just available as HTML version and for Shopify while there’s no further release planned for other platforms at this point. It would be possible to manually create an OpenCart template out of it in a custom project, but I can’t say wether this would be a viable option for you considering the amount of time, work and costs required to do so.

Nevertheless, you can contact me at any time to discuss possible options of course — please feel free to leave me a comment or directly send an email to hello@indiqo.eu whenever you like to.