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This is a really beautiful design man, congratulation :)

Thank you Joomfx :)

Very nice minimal design. Congratulations!

Thank you :)

gotta have wp version man

WP version is coming soon. Thanks,

Very good… Does it come with quickstart?

Yes, Quickstart included in download package.

does template come with quick start files

Yes, quickstart was included in download package.

Love the Template. On the TZ Employee module (ResponsiveSlider) i need to change the white hover banner with name and career to bottom of image. I’ve searched high and low for 2 days but cant figure it out. Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

Hello, 1. Change color hover author image: You go to administrator/extensions/template manager/ choose edit responsive template in tab “Themes Color” you can change value “Background Title” 2. Change title and career in bottom image You can add custom css code in “advanced setting” of template options

div.box li.sb-media-skin h4.author_name{ top:auto; bottom:0; }

Thank you very much….

Hello there seems to be an issue with ie8 and flexslider—> “main picture” is black … any advice? Thx


Please go to administrator/extensitions/templates manager and choose edit Responsive in “Advanced” you will see “custom css code” and add this code

.bg-slide-overlay{ filter:alpha(opacity=30); }

Thank you, i will upgrade version.

Best Regard,

thanks this problem is solved.

But i see another problem with ie8: —> with Background Pattern(image)> the background image doesn’t autosize… any idea Thx in advance :-)

Please send us a link via support@templaza.com. We are going to help you check it.

Hello, I bought the template. But there are no modules added to the package? Do I have to purchase them seperate?

Where can I buy the Flex Slider?

Hi Roy,

That is my mistake in last version. I am going to update package today. You can download module at https://github.com/templaza/tz_multi_slideshow


Sorry one question: I have to upload a photo gallery (many photos with many categories).. each photo must be in an article? Is not so practical….

An other question: flexy slider doesn’t work fine, it can’t upload images… it’s a bug? zoom slider and nivo slider works well. thks

Please send me an admin login via support@templaza.com. I am going to help you.


sorry but my website is still in local.. on my mac…

Template is compatible with joomla 3.2?


You should update Plazart Framework when you upgrade to Joomla 3.2

We are going to release new version soon.

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

Hi!!! i really love your template, great work!! :D I’d really like to buy it but before i proceed with the purchase i’d like to ask you one simple question: is it possibile to have the main menù bar as “fixed”? Just like the “Eventory” one? http://demo.templaza.com/j/eventory/#section-2 :D

thank you so much!!!


Responsive Joomla Template you can fixed menu bar is very easy.

We have options “custom code css” in template options and you can add small css code to fix menu bar.

If you need help in custom code css please email us via support@templaza.com include your license. We are going to help you.

Thanks & Regard,

thank you so much for the help!! :D i’ve just bought it and tried installing it via “quickstart” in both 2.x and 3.x versions but there’s a problem with the images in the default site, they don’t seem to work properly, neither in the sliders (both zoom and default one) nor in other sections, it looks like they’re missing from the root or something like that! Could you check that please! thx!

We have received your email. Please follow your email. Thanks,


I seem to have an issue concerning the background image of the template. I changed the settings, I even tried hard coding in CSS, but the image won’t display.

Is there something that I’m not doing correctly?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Hi, I am sorry. You have to wait to themeforest approve update package. I have received email from them that Responsive v1.8 was approved. You can download and update your template, right now.

Thanks & Regards, Sonny


I’ve downloaded the latest version. How would I go about updating the template?

Also, how can I decrease the space between the menu items? I know it’s somewhere in the CSS but Firebug can’t tell me definitively.

And then there’s the issue with the home page. Please see the link below. http://falcodorgameranch.co.za/newsite/

Where you see Test and Our Story. There’s a white block at the bottom right which I cannot get rid of. I have another quote setup but it’s not displaying in that space. I do not want to increase the width of the site. Any assistance in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

You should change limit article +1 so you can fill blank place. Please send me your admin login via support@templaza.com I am going to support in advance.

Thanks & Regards, Sonny

Hello, is it easy to change the theme colors? We want it in dark red (mostly)...


You can easy to change theme color in template options.

You go to administrator/ extensions/ template manager/ themes color

and change color menu, title, link …

Thanks & Regard,

Hi! The template supports the following extensions:

K2 component, roksprocket, Phoca Download Component?

I will migrate a page…

Dear Friend,

Now, Responsive Template has not support this extensions.

We will upgrade K2 and Phoca in next version.

Thanks & Regard,