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Hi, great theme, I’m about to buy it but I have a couple of questions about it:

- is it possible to use podcast or any sort of audio player for the portfolio page? Using an image as thumbnail and then the item being a post with the image and maybe below the player?

- is it ready to allow different buttons like the ones from paypal and similar services? Would there be any problem with restricted content for premium/membership needs?

- Finally, is opt-in form only available through plugins or does it come with a widget, etc?

Thanks in advance. I only need this info to finally purchase it


1-) It can be possible maybe with a plugin or you may consider soundcloud embed.

2-) I am not sure if i really get what you mean. But it might depend on the plugin you use.

3-) Contact form is a built in functionality(page template), no plugin required.

Hi, it seems that the current version of Flexslider breaks when in Firefox new versions. I got a “g is not defined” error and replaced manually the flexslider.min.js file in the server.

That fixes the issue but now the buttons to pass a slide from left to right don’t work anymore. I wonder if maybe is because of the current implementation in the template maybe doesn’t work with the new file.

Anyway, now I don’t receive any error at least and the auto slide works.

Best regards.


Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Hi. Will this theme work properly with the newest release of WordPress (3.8.2) and the future versions?

Hi, no issues reported.



I got the amazing theme like more than 8 months, I wish to know if I need to re-purchase in order to get the new added features and update?

Thanks for the great theme! Patrick

Hi, no you don’t have to purchase it again, just download it again in your Downloads page, you will get the latest package.


I really love this theme and i have already bought it :) I can see it has html but I am looking for it on the folders and I can’t find any html files. Could you help me. Thanks

Hi, this is a wordpress theme, and all html markup is in the php files.

So couldn’t i open it on html?? Traying to change it in dreamweaver? thanks

You can edit php files in any Text Editor or DW.

Thank you very much for your answer. i have another doubt. the items on the porfolio page haven´t the same dimention, i have gone to the settings and try to get it modifying the copping settings and reload the features images, but it continues to be desorganized.could you help me please. Thank you very much http://www.fabricadeimaginacion.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/cropping.png

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Hi, I like the theme very much

Can I rearrange the homepage to remove what I do not need?

Hi, homepage is widgetized, you can add/remove/change order of homepage modules. Thanks.

Is there a way to add text to the homepage in paragraph form? So if I want to add 300-500 words to describe what my website is about. I’m looking for something besides the four icon service box. Thank you.

Hi, please use our support forums for support requests, thanks.

Hmm, tried to go post a support request, but forum is closed.

In Responsy “From the Blog” section, can I limit the blogs displayed to 1 category? How?

Hi, sorry this theme is no longer supported as we stated in the item description a while ago. However you can still register to our support forums and check previous topics in the theme’s forum. Btw what you are asking is not possible by default. Thanks.

Hi, good day. I am planning to buy and try this theme because it seems nice. But I have few questions.

-Can I make the portfolio page as the homepage? Like when opening the website it will show the portfolio page.

-In the portfolio, can I have as many as 500 images (the square box images) and when images will be clicked it will be routed to a small blog/article about that certain image?

-I notice in the portfolio, the square box image has a title under it. Can I remove those and just make it the image alone?

-Can I also make another page or menu where it is for blogs and articles like magazines and maybe a news news pages, like that.

Hoping you somehow understand my concerns. XD

Update: This theme is no longer supported and was already abandoned? This is unfortunate. Any reason for this? This is a nice theme.

Hi, unfortunately, we have dropped support for Responsy Wp to focus on new themes, also please note that this theme was last updated on 30 June 15 and last tested on wordpress 4.0, so you should better look for a more recent theme.



gdavies Purchased

doesn’t work, paid for nothing

Hi, unfortunately we don’t support this theme anymore, you can start a refund request here;