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Hi, we have purchased your template recently. If it’s possible can you send your PSD file via email. Many thanks.

Thank you I sent an email. Have a good one.

Hello again, can you share your google drive link for download to psd file. Thank you.

Hi, sure we can.

Are there alternate themes available

We are working on some new themes. Stay tuned. :)

Any idea how soon? Or is it possible for me to change the colours? In how many places would I have to change them? Sorry to be persistent but I have an urgent requirement. I have to produce some screens by end of next week and I’d like to use your template but with a theme suitable for selling chocolate. Something brown maybe?

Hi Andrew,

There is an OpenCart version of this template. We got accepted it recently. http://themeforest.net/item/right-choice-responsive-html5-opencart-theme/5359917 There is a Theme modification tool on left. You can create your preferred color scheme using it. Hope it helps. If not, we’ll help you create your color scheme.

Good luck.

Dear MosaicDesign(Author),

Recently i bought this script & developing our own ecommerce portal. thx. for v.nice design. we have one issue, we are unable to set the star rating for the product. is there any way to display active stars for the product & also we are unable to give hyper like to stars . please help us.

Regards, Prasanth

Hi Prasanth,

You actually can replace this CSS based stars with the jQuery based stars plugins. If you search the internet, you can find the one that fits you best.

P.S. We can recommend you to try Raty plugin (http://wbotelhos.com/raty).

IS there a simple way to add more than one address (icon point) to the google map on the contact page?

Hi Peter,

Yes, you can add as many markers as you want.

Here is a sample code:
$('#googlemaps').gmap({'center': 'your first coords', 'zoom': 10, 'disableDefaultUI':true, 'callback': function() {
        var self = this;
        self.addMarker({'position': this.get('map').getCenter() }).click(function() {
            self.openInfoWindow({ 'content': 'Your 1st Marker Name' }, this);
        self.addMarker({'position': 'your second coords' }).click(function() {
            self.openInfoWindow({ 'content': 'Your 2nd Marker Name' }, this);

Hope this helps. Contact us if you still have problems with that.

i have a question

what is the different between Regular License and Extended License ? look ,i want to buy this template that includes CSS & Javascript & HTML & Jquery to use it to make my own website so , Describe me what can i do ???


You can do any changes to this template after purchasing. Regular Licence allows you to use this item in only one project and do whatever you want within this project. In order to use the template in your other projects, you’ll have to buy a Regular Licence for each, or buy an Extended Licence once.

The download package contains all needed files, like CSS & jQuery scripts.

Wish you a good luck with your project.

Thanks a lot dear .. but what about admin panel ?

This is just a HTML template for regular web-sites. It doesn’t contain any admin panel files. You’ll have to find another admin-template, if you are going to develop your own CMS. You can look for the special section of Themeforest.com for admin-panels, or use the search form. There are a lot of admin-templates of excellent quality, and I’m you’ll find the one which suits you best.

dear sir ,,, I have problem in this template .. when open this template by using VISUAL studio 2012 , and open the index.html page and when clicked on design view to edit something , the visual studio couldn’t load it and not responding .. I need help , where is wrong ? but I think the wrong from your template


This template is not working fine in IE browser…. please release the updated version immediately.

we can’t be able to go live with template …. plz…help.

Regards, Prasanth

Hi Prasanth,

Please, provide some more information about your situation. What version of IE you are using, how it’s not working. Screenshots or live website would help, too.

thanks for your immediate response… here is the info

OS:windows7 IE version : 11

1) I am getting right side scroll bar, but its not working in IE, I have to use either mouse middle button or up/down arrow in keyboard. 2) Allignment while display single product in IE

please give me your personal email, i will send my website URL.

Regards, Prasanth

You can write to support@mosaicdesign.uz. We’ll try to do our best.

The My Account and My Wishlist pages are missing. Can you upload them?

Hi! Great theme! I bought it some time ago and It’s great! I’ll sent you an email asking for the PSD files, I’ll hope you can answer me as soon as you can :) Regards!

Hi, Copy from my site I send you link Thanks