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Awesome theme. Good luck :)

Thank you, Vicky. :)

Simple and very beautiful.

Thank you.

This is a stunning design. My one question though; is it compatible with an opencart resposnive design? I would love to use this with opencart, but am afraid that it won’t mesh

Thanks for your interest. I think our template can work with Opencart. If you liked the concept, why don’t you give it a try? If you come across with a problem while applying this theme to Opencart, we’d be happy to gave a hand.

Nice work! Good luck :)

Thank you, Louie. We really appreaciate it.

Congratulations! GLWS ;)

Thanks, wish you the same.

Excellent Theme! Good Luck

I’m ready to buy it for a magento site, does it come with the PSD files? Thanks!

Currently PSD files are not included in the package. Email us after your purchase and we will send you all PSD files.

Nice looking template, but on the demo I can’t get the mobile version to show the nav?

Thank you. We fixed the issue. Please, try now.

I’ve noticed scrolling is really “jerky”. Is there a reason for that? Is there a way to “smooth” that out?


Thank you for purchasing our theme.

We tried to make scrolling as smooth as possible, keeping the functional convenience. You can play with options of NiceScroll library to make it as comfy as you like. Please, contact us via e-mail, if you cannot solve the issue.

on the div product-info on the home page what controls the height of the div when zooming in and out? I need to increase the height so I can have 2 lines for the title of the product rather than just one.

In “script.js” file, as shown in the picture, try to increase the value of height parameter.

I am having an issue with the drop down menu

I am having an issue with the drop down menu div class=”dropdown span7” and index2.html

If I have 10 items in the menu I cannot click on the 10th item. When my mouse hits the 10th item in the menu the menu disappears and thinks it is hovering over the thumbnail of the slider.

Is there a fix to allow at least 10 items in this drop menu?

In “megamenu.css”, on line 14, try to increase the value of z-index, for example, up to 1000. This solves the issue.

On the product details and grid/list pages I find when the browser is between 981 px and 1199 px wide the right content block gets placed UNDER the left side menu.

Is there a way to allow the right column to appear on the RIGHT SIDE when between these browser dimensions?

look your bootsrap.css line 307. span9 width:780px and span10 width:780px too. FIX IT span9 width:700px

or use bootstrap.css file in the package

What shopping cart works with this theme, I couldn’t get it to work with open cart. Please help.

This is just a HTML-template. It can work with almost any online shopping engine. But you’ll have to adapt it to our choice, for this you should have at least a basic knowledge of PHP. We are working on OpenCart version of this template. Very soon it’ll be available on ThemeForest.

yeah, I’ll just wait for the opencart version to come out Hurry guys! you have one customer ready to buy :)

having some issues with your theme in IE8

the newsletter signup on the home page is not a circle but has a square border and the 2 images on the side are cut off.

Also found the product details page has an issue with the product details bumped under the images:

The issues you mentioned are known issues of IE8. IE8 and older versions of IE don’t support ‘border-radius’ property of HTML elements. So we usually ignore this. The possible solution for this can be increasing the sizes of signup modal, so that the picture could be placed in the modal box without being cut.

We solved the issue from the picture. This also has to do with the ‘originality’ of IE. You just need to include this part of code into the ‘head’ tag of your pages.

<!--[if IE 8]>
.container { width:1170px; }
.span1 { width:70px;}
.span2 { width:170px;}
.span3 { width:270px;}
.span4 { width:370px;}
.span6 { width:570px;}
.span7 { width:670px;}
.span9 { width:870px;}

If you still have problems with this, email us. We’ll try to help.

any chance you can address the IE8 issues above?

where is the documentation?

Sorry, while updating the theme, we forgot to include the documentation. We just uploaded the new version of the theme. You can download it after confirmation of admins.

Ok. Thanks!

Hello! I have just purchased your theme but i dont know how to change your position on google maps with my own position. I am looking forward to hearing your response.

Hi, erisa. Thank you for purchasing our theme.

Get the coords of your own position from Google Maps and replace it with the coords in this part of code: 'center': '57.7973333,12.0502107' It’s in the end of Contacts page.

is there any way of knowing what has changed in the recent verison? I am sure many others like myself make lots of tweaks to the code. It would be great to know what has changed from version to version so we can update our files and not loose all our custom work.

There’s not many changes in new version. We fixed the width issue of IE8 and included documentation, which we forgot to include in the previous version.