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Adorable design, awesome work and last, but not least, good luck with the sales!

Thanks Ferdilicious! :)

Getting an install failed notice. style.css missing?

You are the first buyer, thanks for purchasing! :)

all css files are in the html/css folder. The main styles are in the main.css.
Inside the head tag have all css styles, here is the style tag for the main.css:
<style type=”text/css”>@import url(“css/main.css”);</style>

Pictures for slideshow plugin are in html/pictures folder.

HA! Thanks!

Can’t find where I can change the text “Your Email Address”

at the top of the html/includes/submit.php file has:

$emailAddress = ‘HERE type your email’;


:) Sorry, I’m asking the wrong question. I need to know how to changue the text “Your Email Adress” in the mail field in first tab. I want translate it.

Inside the index.php file, inside #tabs-4, find this:
<input type=”text” class=”required email default_val” name=”email” id=”email” value=”TYPE Your Email Address HERE ”>

I want to remove black dots on the background of the design

Inside the css/main.css file, find this id #pattern and remove this style:
background: url(../img/bg-pattern.png) repeat scroll 0 0;

hi, thanks for that nice one…. some few question:

the countdown set the launch day, so it goes back to a date. i want to have it different. i have – as an exampel: 2007, May, 05 … so must the go high to 2012, juni, 12 …. understand me? how can i set this?


You want to set the since date, right? :)
yes, you can do it. At the bottom of the index.php file replace countdown function with this:

$(document).ready(function() {

since: new Date(2010, 12-1, 25), // *** SET DATE HERE
format: 'wdhms',
labels: ['Y', 'M', 'W', 'D', 'H', 'M', 'S'],
labels1: ['Y', 'M', 'W', 'D', 'H', 'M', 'S'],
whichLabels: function(amount) { 
var units = amount % 10; 
var tens = Math.floor(amount % 100 / 10); 
return (amount == 1 ? 1 : 
(units >=2 && units <= 4 && tens != 1 ? 2 : 0));

I cant seem to get the Notify field to function. What am I overlooking?

thank you for purchasing!
what do you use, mailchimp or mysql?

mysql 5

the demo work in mysql, whats the problem? do you check the documentation file? :)

Well I have the contact set up that works. But if i type in anything in the notify window I dont get any responce.!/5/set52/

do you have created database table for emails on your mysql server? See at the bottom of the documentation file in mysql section how to create :)

No I dident create a database. I wasent sure if I needed to do that or not. I thought it would go to my email. But thanks for the help. Nice file by the way.

thank you! :)

Great theme! Is there a way to customize or change which portion of the image is displayed in the super slideshow background? Thanks.

This theme already looks good on iPad, you can view here.
For the main nav, sorry, I don’t understand your question, please tell me more details :)

The main “box” that houses the Home, About, Portfolio, and Contact tabs- can the whole thing be moved? Instead of being dead center.

it’s pretty hard to do that because animation of that buttons are made with CSS3 effects from right to left.

can i use wordpress…install failed…missing style.css ..plz let me to install on wordpress..

Inside httpdoc, create folder with name “wp”. Put inside all WordPress site. After that, back to httpdoc folder and put all coming soon page files. When visitors type your domain, the server automatically goes to index.php file. Now the index.php is coming soon page. After finishing your site, remove coming soon page and put only your wp files in this folder. :)

I cannot see countdown.
I cannot see countdown.

Hi, thanks for purchasing, at the top of the index.php file, please setup database name, password etc.. Please read the documentation file for more instructions.

well done, like it, good luck;

thank you @GrafAS :)