Discussion on Sandbox - Modern & Multipurpose Bootstrap 5 Template

Discussion on Sandbox - Modern & Multipurpose Bootstrap 5 Template

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Hi. I just installed the template via npm and getting a few vulnerabilities (41 vulnerabilities (11 moderate, 27 high, 3 critical)). Do you have any documentation to address these?


Thank you for purchasing Sandbox. First of all please make sure you use the latest version of Sandbox with up to date nodeJS. The warnings are related to some development dependencies for gulp in npm install and are not directly related to the template itself or its components and doesn’t effect/ break it and can be ignored since you get the warnings on a local environment.

Good afternoon I sent a request yesterday via the application form, but have not yet received your response.

Problem: I am using ajax to load images, but there is one problem, the glightbox script is initialized when the page is loaded, so when new data is loaded via ajax – glightbox does not work. How to re-initialize scripts without reloading the page.

Unfortunately our knowledge is extremely limited on this. So we are unsure about what specific code to offer. Since lightbox is already defined in js/theme.js as follows:


Something like this might work again in js/theme.js:

    success: function(data) {
        // Reinitializing

Please add builtin slider and gallery page, overall great theme

Thank you for choosing Sandbox. Could you please provide more details and examples about your request? Not sure if we understand what you mean by built-in slider and gallery page. Thanks.

The ✨ spark icon has become a popular choice to represent AI. I can’t see it, or the “Wand” icon, in those provided by default within Sandbox. What is the best way to access this icon and use it on my Sandbox pages? Thanks Nick

Many thanks.

Btw, demo 33 uses the timeline feature. Can you please let me know where in the documentation this feature is discussed so I can see its options? Many thanks, Nick


Timeline element is basic HTML and CSS and it doesn’t have options beyond what is shown on demo 33. You can reach its snippet from Blocks > About in the documentation.

Hello is there a way to add bg color to desktop menu dropdowns but not have the bg color show in mobile menu? As-is the white dropdowns are sometimes hard to see on white page background. I tried ul class=”dropdown-menu bg-pale-grape” and it works fine with dark text but then on mobile menu the text is white and hard to see with that bg color showing.

I see “dropdown-menu-dark” in style.css, should that be applied like this <ul class="dropdown menu dropdown-menu-dark" />

Figured things out, I changed—bs-dropdown-bg and—bs-offcanvas-bg and got all my colors to match. Peace =)


I have purchased another theme, and the demo files of it were broken, so I decided to find another theme, I was searching for themes who have marketing demos and I really liked Sandbox, because I was hurrying up to find the theme for my website, I liked its demo content and I didn’t check good that it’s not a WordPress Theme, after the purchase I realized that it’s not the WordPress Theme, and I saw that you can’t make refunds for orders that were made by mistake, but I saw that you also have the WordPress theme, and I would like to ask one more time if there is any way for me to get refunded for Bootstrap 5 Template and pay the Bootstrap WordPress Theme?

Thanks, Sead


We’ve just replied your email.

When do you plan update to bootstrap 5.3 and add dark mode ?


We’ve just recently upgraded to Bootstrap 5.3 but decided not to include dark mode due to compatibility issues. Ensuring a seamless user experience remains our priority.


How can we make datepicker for form ?


You can follow this example on CodePen https://codepen.io/2kool2/pen/dyzbmaN as a guide on how to integrate a datepicker into the Bootstrap 5 form. Make sure to add the new field into fields line (25) in php/contact.php to have the date in the form’s submission results after the user submits it.

Do you have any .psd of this theme?


Sandbox doesn’t have any design files. It was designed directly with HTML. You can reach the resources of mockups (psd) used in the template from the documentation though: https://sandbox.elemisthemes.com/docs/credits.html#snippet-2 scroll down a little bit for mockups.

Thanks for Sandbox – it’s a great theme and easy to work with. I am having a problem with the breadcrumbs on contact.html. If the breadcrumbs are too long on a mobile phone, they become left justified instead of centered. Any idea why?


To make the breadcrumbs centered, please add .justify-content-center class to the .breadcrumb ordered list as follows:

<ol class="breadcrumb text-white justify-content-center">...</ol>

Worked perfectly! Thanks for your help.

dogboy Purchased

hi just a question, can the shape dividers (specifically waves) be at the top of a section instead of the bottom? Thanks.

They mostly should work on top as well. Depends on the shape really. Also you may need to change the color depending on the section that follows. You can use text-* classes for this.

dogboy Purchased

Do they have to be inverted vertically? I’ve tried to use as-is at the top of a section but waves are downward facing, not 100% how to accomplish this.

That’s why we used the term mostly. The elements that do not function as intended need to be inverted in the SVG file, which, unfortunately, cannot be achieved through CSS. However Wave 1 and Wave 2 are opposites of each other. If the one you’re currently using is one of those, you can try switching to the other one and see if it resolves the issue.

Hi, The last update in the file description appears to be 26 June 2023. The latest version is v3.3.0 – 11 February 23 in the downloaded file. Which one is right?

Latest update was a quick documentation update. We haven’t altered any template files. The latest version is v3.3.0 as mentioned in the changelog.

How is the contact form configured so that there are no problems sending and receiving emails since it is an HTML template?


Thank you for your interest in Sandbox. PHP is included for the contact form to function.

Hello, my budget is a little low. Can you make a discount on the theme?

Thank you for your interest. Offering a discount is not currently part of our plans. However, our theme is priced exceptionally low compared to similar ones, which is why we will be increasing its price within a week.

jdiniz Purchased

I’ve been using this theme for some time and a few weeks ago the info button menu stopped being displayed. I looked for errors in the code that could have generated the problem but I didn’t find it. By clicking on button (i) the menu appears and disappears very quickly. Can you help me? www.dinizwebmaster.com


The following CSS code you have on your page prevents the offcanvas from working properly. Removing it will solve the issue:

.show {
  display: none;

<button class=”hamburger offcanvas-nav-btn” style=”user-select: auto;”> </button>

Can we make this appear on the left instead of the right?

To achieve this please add the following code right before .navbar-brand in the header:

<button class="hamburger offcanvas-nav-btn d-lg-none pe-3"><span /></button>

so together they will appear like this:

<button class="hamburger offcanvas-nav-btn d-lg-none pe-3"><span /></button>
<div class="navbar-brand w-100">

And remove the existing burger icon from navbar which is the last item in .navbar-other div.

wow~~ beautiful~ thanks u

how do i turn on dark mode ?


Dark mode option is currently not available.

Hi, Do you have any pricing table designs that cater for a “Best Value” or “Most Popular” option, where once choice is heavily formatted to stand out from other choices? It could be taller, heavier shadow, coloured outline, have a badge or a ribbon on one column to stand out from the others? thanks Nick

Btw, do you have a date for the next update?

We plan to make an update, but it won’t be soon. Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide a timeframe at this moment.

Hi Guys, do you know when the next update will be available? Really interested to see the cool, new designs & features you’re working on. Many thanks, Nick.

Hi, Need Support. How do I separate template wise css and js code??? Urgent response needed


We’ve just replied your email.

Thanks. I also replied your email. Please Response.

Hello! There was a problem creating MegaMenu according to your instructions. Please point out the error. I am attaching a link to the site and video of this problem.

https://disk.yandex.com/d/LcxBokr0lxIV0A Problem page: https://head.z-webstore.ru/ Video screen problem https://youtu.be/7RXb1LlIDSc

We’ve just replied your email.

If anyone needs Bootstrap NavWalker Wordpress For the Sandbox theme, download the link from my repository


I am also attaching the Html code Multilevel Menu fo Sandbox Theme


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