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Scale - Web Application & Admin Template

Scale - Web Application & Admin Template

A fully responsive web app and admin dashboard template.


  • Built with Bootstrap 3
  • Flat ui with clean style
  • Many components
  • Mobile widgets
  • Fully responsive
  • Web app layouts
  • Html5 Markup & CSS3
  • Less CSS

Change Log

v.2.0—10 July 15

  • update to Bootstrap v3.3.5

v.1.2.1—8 August 14

  • Update Fontawesome to 4.1
  • Include glyphicons
  • Fix email.html, note.html on ie11
  • Remove the focus outline

v.1.2.0—27 June 14

  • Upgrade Bootstrap to 3.2.0
  • Fix ipad landscape body height issue
  • Fix off screen nav toggle back issue on iphone
  • bjax function improvement

v.1.1.1—17 June 14

  • Upgrade datatables to v1.10
  • Upgrade bootstrap-slider to v.3.0
  • Add touchspin
  • Add typehead
  • Add page search.html
  • Add page profile-2.html

v.1.1.0—11 May 14

  • Add psd file
  • Add landing page

v.1.0.3—2 April 14

  • Add chat page
  • Add contact page
  • Add note page
  • Fix menu on Android ICS stock browser

v.1.0.2—20 March 14

  • Add project page
  • Add media page
  • Add .row-sm class for small gutter grid
  • Fix email page menu on mobile
  • Fix hbox collapse menu
  • Fix fluid layout min-height

v.1.0.1—6 March 14

  • Add boxed layout
  • Add fluid layout
  • Add example for loading csv file to datatables
  • Fix off screen nav on iPhone5s