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Beautiful Email Template. Thumbs up bro

It is a beautiful email template mainly because of the use of the faded background image. Unfortunately, this background image is not going to show up on 80% of mail clients !

80% is not right, please refrain from using percentage figures like they are fact.

The background image is tested and shows up fine in the following clients: Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002/XP, Outlook 2003, MS Entourage, Lotus Notes 8, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Mobile Me, Apple Mail 3, Apple Mail 4, Thunderbird. More information can be seen here: http://www.campaignmonitor.com/css/

Even on those select e-mail clients where the background image doesn’t show up, they will still see the image since it’s part of the main image header.

good item. easy to configure and looks great.


Thanks! Glad you like the template.

Can anybody tell me how to get the code for this template ? I am signing up with Constant Contact and they asked for a code in order to upload the html into their system. Please advise thanks Flavio.

Hi Oliverabag,

I would try contacting the constantcontact support group first, I’m not sure what code they are asking you for to allow you to upload the html from the template.

Please tell me if I will change the image header with my own, will the background image change also automatically. Is this template working in Gmail and Yahoo? Thanks!

Yes, the header image will show up fine in all email clients, as long as your custom image matches the file name and size dimensions are they are in the original template.

I’m having difficulty getting the background image to show. I put in the url after “background-image:” and it is not appearing. If you could show me where I’m going wrong I’d appreciate it.

Other than that it looks fantastic – this will be the bow on top!

Hi, please make sure the url you are using is ABSOLUTE and not RELATIVE . It should read something like this:


If your image is properly hosted somewhere, I don’t see why it wouldn’t show up.

I’m having trouble getting my email to properly show up in most email browsers, but everything looks good on the html end…


I was wondering whether anyone could let me know what the cause is…

Extremely frustrating! Thought I’d done everything by the book!

I have downloaded the template but am unsure of how to insert my info/images etc. How do you customize it?


is this template made with table tags?