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excellent template, good work dude

Thanks dalemo.

That’s really funky, a nice change :)

Good luck with sales!

Great template!, It’s a nice breath of fresh air, use to seeing the same old templates on here, however this one is very unique, I like it alot, def stands out. Great work!

Thanks guys. Definitely wanted to do something a bit different.

Hi. I LOVE this template and wanted to know if you will be making a wordpress version. Do you also help people customize it for their site? Thanks very much. This is the best one I found after browsing around for about 4 hours!

“Do you also help people customize it for their site?”

Of course :-)

And a WordPress version is in the works. Should be done by this December.

beautiful job! wonder blending of soft colors, and the oval top/bottom is a lovely alternative. and seven different pages? what a fantastic site this will make.

Thanks persebra! :-)

lovely design, fresh colours, good luck mate. :)

Nice, unique template.. great job!

Nice design! If you can get it CSS ’d I would buy it for sure.

Nice work Will be buying soon

IS a word press version available yet?

Hey epicweb. I’m actually working on the WordPress version right now. If all goes well, it should be done by December. :-) I’m fairly new to WordPress though, so this is what’s causing a bit of delay.

Would love to purchase the WordPress version. Any closer to a release date?

I’m halfway done with the WordPress version. Looking to submit it for review on December 23.