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very nice.. good luck with sales

Thank you

Great Job… Good luck with sales


Great design very nice! Good luck :)

Thank you

Thank you

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

Thank you

Clean and very cool theme. Good luck with your sales :)


something like WoW! ;)

Thank you

Nice, good job!

Thank you

Unique Design, GLWS!


HOLY WOW!$ This Is Gorgeous and Amazing!! WP version PLZ!? #MuchRespect #Web4ProROCK$!

Thank you, yes we are planning to release and WP version of the site.

Template deçevant : Beaucoup d’éléments absents ou non fonctionnels !

Thank you for your feedback, we are working hard to improve website functionality. If you have any specific questions or comments, please write to us at the e-mail. We will try to accommodate all requests and to make our site better.

Hey web4pro. After uploading the folders through the FTP I am getting the following error- “Stylesheet is missing.” Even though i hav not uploaded all the contents in the rar file. But still.. Pls help.. I am really excited to use your theme. Please. I uploaded 4 folders- css, js, images,fonts.


Check please css folder. Are you see these .css files? css/uncompiled/normalize.css






If it so, then everything should be fine. Else write to us at the e-mail all details of problem

Thank you

I have all the css files u mentioned above. But still getting the problem- Stylesheet is missing. Please help brother..

I really enjoyed your template

good luck mate!

Thank you

web4pro please help me with my above solution. Its really important.

You are welcome to use our email address designer@corp.web4pro.com.ua to inform us about any problems you have faced. Unfortunately I haven’t received any letters from you. Please don’t spam our general chat and contact via e-mail directly.

Great template. Really interested in buying. Just need to know if purchase includes documentation. Also, the description mentions that this template is easy to modify. Are there any applications/content managers you would recommend?


You need to have at least a small experience in the HTML coding in order to modify (transform) html templates. To this effect you can use http://notepad-plus-plus.org/ or some other simple editor for the tempates modifying. For example Adobe Dreamweaver http://www.adobe.com/products/dreamweaver.html has a window for visual examination of any templates changes, but it’s a comersial program ( not a free program)

Hi, the Youtube video dosen’t work for me. The vimeo video work great. Do you know why?

thank you very much, it’s a great template!


What way did you do it? On demo page http://demo.web4pro.net/script/ Youtube video is working now. Write to Us please at email designer@corp.web4pro.com.ua more details and we will help to you fix it.

Thanx for feedback

Hi, I tried to download again and the same thing happened. I tried to use Safari and google chrome. In google chrome, when I clic on the youtube image : unfound image (or something like that because it’s in french) appear. But in the demo view in themeforest every things is ok. Do you have an idea? Thank you very much for your help Best regards Etienne


Very Nice theme, i loved it i am planning to buy this theme to build my portfolio but when i checked it in IE8 its not rendering properly is that a bug ?

Please help

Thanks and regards Annapaul

SUCH A Gorgeous, Amazing Design!! ahhhh was hoping that WP version was going to come out… PLZ?!

Thank You. We are working on WP version. If all goes well, soon it will be presented on the site.

i have a template from themeforest. If i create own javascript for example: popup box for enquiry form, its not working. And the template has one js file called func.js, When i disable the file, my own jquery is working fine,but all another javascripts disabled.

pls fix the problem

I understand, but I need see your mistakes and your JS code to give a good feedback

i fixed the problem, if i put the script before the func.js, its working perfectly. For Examble:

<script src="js/animations.js"></script>
<script language='javascript'>
<script src="js/func.js"></script>

Anyway Thanks for Your Good Support.

I am glad that you have solved the problem. I will improve also my js code to work with any code is always possible. Thank you for your feedback

Hello, Thanks for your great design !

I have one issue, when i changed any section name (i.e ‘about’) to anything like ‘asdf’, section heading animation and our skills animation doesnt work correctly.

I renamed everyting on css and js files from ‘about’ to ‘asdf’ . What am I missing?


You may check ancor #about in html file in menu also. However, if you changed ALL word “about” to ‘asdf’, all should be Ok