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I tried adding the letter spacing. but its still not working. Please give a solution. And also the text is out of the screen. You can check the link in IE 8 .

Hi again,

The theme doesn’t seem to work properly (at all) in IE6 ,7 and 8. Is it possible to add some kind of fallback so it degrades gracefully on the earlier browsers?

I’d love it if I didn’t have to code for IE6 and 7 – they are ancient browsers but some of my clients work in companies where the IT is controlled centrally and so they can’t upgrade their browsers themselves, it has to be done by IT and they are reluctant since some of their systems are tied in with the old version of IE – long and boring answer sorry.

No worries, I will perhaps have a message asking people to upgrade their browser on entry.

Any idea what is wrong with the lack of spacing on the intro title animation in IE8 though?

also – in IE8 the portfolio images aren’t displayed properly. It shows half of the top image and half of the image below (what is normally shown when you click the image).

Hi, I am away from home at the moment on my summer break. If you have any more queries please contact me through my profile page. Thank you! :)

It’s quite Unfortunate that you don’t include the .PSD file for the round “Logo” at the top!

I am an author here, and I include Every file I use so that the people that purchase my items have Maximum Edit-ability.

Not including the .PSD of that logo is the Only thing keeping me from buying this.

A psd of the logo IS included. It is stated in the item’s description, along with other elements.

I’m Such an Idiot!

I’m SORRY , I completely didn’t see it there! I’m used to seeing it included on the right-hand side.

Again, I’m sorry. :-(

Awesome Template!

You’re forgiven! :)

Awesome! Just Awesome! Bought the template on Friday and went live on Sunday. Easy to use, even for a beginner like me. Jo was quick to answer my newbe questions, great support!

Thanks a million!

Thanks so much! :)

We have bought other one page themes but this is the best I have seen in code thanks.This will be fun to work with :)

How kind of you, you’ve just cheered me up! Don’t forget to give it a star rating once you’ve finished! :)

Hi. I really like this template. I’m having a problem when I disable the exploding code (not sure if I did that right as It also disabled the other effects for other headers), the big fonts overlap each other. How can I get some space between the lines where the big fonts are? Thanks!

Could you contact me through my profile page please so that I can take a look for you.

I’m actually having an issue uploading the theme through wordpress. Am I supposed to take any files out and then re-zip it before uploading?

It’s a html template that’s why it won’t work.

AWESOMEtemplate! I love it!!! :D

Nice template but I’d appreciate a multi-page version more.

Could you please make a wordpress version of this site? Thanks

Hi, I don’t think that we will be making a WP version, sorry!

I am in search of a mail chimp compatible template with animated type like this…recommendations? Is there even a such a thing?

I am really disappointed that you haven’t updated this to a mobile first responsive type of site. tsk tsk

Hi, I purchased and am attemping to edit, but when I preview it I just get the text and graphics… none of the style. It’s all blank white background and off the the left????

I snapped a pic. I can send it to you.