Discussion on Scutum - Professional Material Design UIkit Admin Template

Discussion on Scutum - Professional Material Design UIkit Admin Template

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Hi Tomek! “I have a plan to make update before end of August” <- Is this still planned? What new features / updates do you have in mind?

Hi, unfortunately I have to move this update to September. Mostly it will be maintenance and bug fixes. There is no plans for big features, I need to check once again emails and comments, maybe I’ll find some interesting suggestions/ideas to include in next release.


winalot Purchased

Thanks for your reply and looking forward to update.

One addition I’d like to see is in the Dynamic Forms, where you could have more than one template.

In your example, you click the + button and you get User 1, User 2, and so on.

I’d like the + button to have a dropdown with additional options (+ itself can be default as per now) which inserts a different template.

For example, a separator or title field which can be edited. Or choose from the Days of the Week, etc.

Do you think this is possible?

tzd Author

I think that this is possible but it would require some time to implement this feature. I’ll try to add it in next release. Update should be ready before end of the first week of October (06/07.10.2022)

Very nice design! Can you please make a version base on Bootstrap v5 ? I am surely will buy that version.

Hi, thank you :)
Unfortunately, at the moment I don’t have plans for a Bootstrap v5 version. It would require to rewrite almost all components, anyway I’ll think about it :) Thanks

Its long since we had an update on this dashboard, is it still maintained?

tzd Author

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Yes, Scutum Admin is still maintained. It’s been a while since last release but I have a plan to make update before end of August. If you have any suggestions/request please let me know.

how to custom middleware: [‘redirect’], and ‘auth’

tzd Author

Hi, could you tell me what are you trying to achieve? Do you want to customize laravel sanctum?

what is tag img v-rjs what form is libary UIKIT?

tzd Author

Hi, this v-rjs directive is used to load high-resolution image variants, please check https://github.com/wangbinyq/vue-retina and /plugins/vue-retina.js

Hi, can you confirm if html version is using the same component definition as the vue version? This is, we are migrating an html admin backend to a new framework centralized one. We would like to use the html version on the process and then at some point change everything to nuxtjs router. Assuming different dependancies i am wondering if the templates themselves could be reutilized.

Also, are you available to assist as a freelance in this kind of work?


Hi, components in HTML and Vue version are almost the same (visually) but the implementation is different. Vue version is based on Nuxt.js and follows this framework’s folder/code structure.
There are also custom components used in Vue version that are not available in HTML.
In short it would be quite difficult to transform HTML to Vue in the proccess. I think it will be much better to use Vue version from the start. I can assist you in this work.
Please send me more info to tzdthemes@gmail.com

Hi tzd,

I purchased your other item, altair admin template (HTML). If I buy this one, is structure simular as Altair admin? I want to overwrite altair with this template.

Thank you, Roel.

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately Scutum Admin code structure is difrent than Altair Admin code structure. There is no easy way to overwrite Altair with Scutum.

For the Nuxt version, could you give an example of using Datatables with server-side? Thanks in advance!

I’m realy sorry for the late reply, I missed your message.
Please send me message to tzdthemes@gmail.com, I’ll send you back the datatables server-side example.

sanctum-laravel is not working (.env is not accessible within nuxt.config.js) file

Hi, in the last update .env file was somehow removed from package, sorry about that, please send me message through tzdthemes@gmail.com. I’ll send you updated documentation and this missing .env file.

how to update the new version of scutum template if i has using older template ?

Hi, sorry for the late reply. The best way to update your app is to use data comparison utility like Winmerge, Beyond Compare and merge changes into your application

okay thanks for the information

Hi, Is there a light version provided like some startup/clean theme without all components?

Hi, sorry for the late reply. There is no startup template but it’s fairly easy to remove components/elements from Scutum Admin. If you want I can create this starter theme for you.

can i host it in heroku using flask

Hi, I don’t have experience with flask but I’m assuming that you have used HTML version to integrate it with flask framework. Pleae check this guide how to host flask app on Heroku https://vivek-kaushal.medium.com/guide-to-deploying-a-flask-app-on-heroku-1c64ca9a1ce2

Swiped List – The icons visible when swiped left or right cannot be clicked as the plugin overrides the event.

You are right, I’ll test what is causing this issue and I’ll fix this in next release.

Calendar/Events With Swiper Plugin – when clicking the calendar icon it doesn’t navigate to the current day as the slides in the group include the days from the prior month (from CLNDR) so the index is incorrect. Is there a fix for this? Thanks.

Hi, sorry for the delay. I’ll do my best to release it before end of this week.

Hi, I need 2-3 more days, sorry for the delay.

Hi, sorry for the delay, update should be ready shortly for download, it’s queued for review.

When using DataTables with a responsive display the expand / collapse icons don’t appear. Take a look at the demo and you’ll see this. It’s because the responsive CSS is not included.

Thank you for your message.
It’s already fixed on dev env, shortly I’ll update Scutum Admin. Fix for that issue will be included with the next update.

Hi Tomek, HTML demo site is returning 404?

Hi,Thank you for your message.
Should be ok now, I had to move my demo sites to other VPS.

Could you please update scutum.sidebarMain.touchGestures() so that if var sidebarHammer isn’t found Hammer isn’t called. In some instances I don’t use a sidebar on the page. Thanks.

Hi, I think it will be better to add a check if sidebar is present, like
if (scutum.helpers.mq.mediumMax() && scutum.$sidebarMain[0]) { ... }
What do you think?

Yes, that’ll work, just stops the exception if the element isn’t found. Thanks!

On the Fancy Footer the the default item is always set to 2 and doesn’t allow to set another (unless calling custom JS and this gives a poor experience as you can see the index change). Be good if the function looked for an active class and set that as the default. Also, is there a mismatch between uk-active and active in the example?

This example is made with the uikit switcher component, that’s why this two classes are present. ‘active’ class is used to set active element on fancy footer, ‘uk-active’ is used to indicate active switcher item.
You are right about the default item bug, I’ll fix that in next release. Thank you for your message.


p_mu Purchased

Hello, I like your new FancyFooter, however I’ve found a small bug: when you view it in mobile it’s ok. Just try to change orientation and it tries to adapt itself but the result is wrong. It can be easily reproduced just by turning your mobile phone. Also, not a bug but a request, it would be great to not just have a FancyFooter but also a FancyToolbar (basically the same but aligned at the top). Thanks!

Hi, thank you for your message. I’ll fix that bug in next update and I’ll also add Fancy Toolbar. I’ll try to release it before end of Februrary.

Hi Tomek, loving the latest update, especially the maximise cards, fancy footer and scrolling calendar events, great work as always!

A question on the scrolling calendar please:

1. Is it possible to make the scrolling calendar full width and repeat the days of week header (M, T, W, etc.) for every day and have the header also move as you scroll (so basically no fixed header)?

2. Is it possible to indicate there is more than one event on a day instead of a single blue dot?

3. Following on from 2. is it possible to have different colours for the different events / dots on a single day?

4. Is it possible when clicking the calendar icon instead of navigating to today it displays a popup calendar to choose a date and navigate accordingly?

5. Is it possible to display / move the slider position to the current date so it’s visible in the view by default (so you don’t have to scroll to today when first initialised)?


I answered my own 5. by using the initialSlide property of swiper plugin. :-D

Thank you for your kind words.
To answer your questions
1) yes, I think it’s possible. I’ll create an example and I’ll add it to Scutum Admin in next release
2) yes, it’s possible but require some work, I’ll also include it in next release
3) yes, this also will be possible and will be included in next release
4) I’m not sure about this feature but I’ll add it to todo list.
I’ll try to do my best. 5) I’m glad that you have sorted it out


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