Discussion on Seclek - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Discussion on Seclek - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

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The primary menu has set itself as the footer Quick Menu and I can’t change it anymore. PS: I already went to> appearance> menu> set primary menu, but it doesn’t change.

Ok, I solved it by resetting in: pages Home page Advanced Option Header Setting Select Menu Seclek Nav

Please create a support ticket with your website URL & temporary admin access in a private comment in the forum, so that we can have a look into it.




I purchased the Seclek theme from the page Themeforest, and in mobile view the menu is deficient, it is always open. I read the support, that you can correct it. Can you tell me, how can we correct it? Thanks

Updated. Please download the latest version.

Which link can I download the update?

Hello. I’m before buying. in the mobile view, the menu will cover the screen (DEMO view). Is this purchased in the purchased template? Thanks.

Thanks for your interest. Yes, you will get everything is as demo.


Thanks. are the menu items folding in the mobile phone view of the purchased template?

Yes it is. Please see the demo. You will get everything is as live demo.

Main Contact Button is not able to be changed, links to your seleck theme site. I need help thanks.

Sorry sir we didn’t get your query properly. Can you please share your issue with some screenshot also if you can provide a temporary admin access to your site in our support forum in private tag that’d help us.

Support Forum: https://themeregion.com/support-forum/

Thanks & Best Regards

I am unable to get rid of this banner that is connected to the Blog page.

I created a new page and attached the blog post to the page and the banner with the two people, latin writing and orange keeps reappearing.

Please help.

here is the page: https://artofme.org/wp-admin/?page=kingcomposer&kc_action=live-editor&id=815#

Please create a support ticket with proper page link & temporary admin access in a private comment in the forum.

Forum Link: https://themeregion.com/forums

Just purchased theme, .css is not found, please help.

Can you please provide a link where we can check what’s going on. Also please check whether you’ve uploaded only child theme & forgot about the parent theme. Please provide a temporary admin access to the site at this email address: support@themeregion.com

Hello mate i have this issue https://1to18.net/eget-miproin-sedliberoenimsed/ in single post any advice

i create account but didn’t get confirmation account

can i send it to private email

adlord Author Team

Can you please check whether you’re using PHP version 5.6 or higher because we don’t support php lower theln 5.6? Then if you’re using forward your access at support@themeregion.com

Very beautiful and nice project! Good luck and more sales! ;)

It would be much better to generate a css file and statically reference it, instead of using admin_ajax to load the CSS:

seclek_custom_skin_css and seclek_dynamic_css

It’s currently adding 1-2 seconds to the page load time. It’s best practice to not use admin_ajax for anything other than what is 100% necessary.

adlord Author Team

Hi there, thanks for your suggestion but without using admin ajax you will not be able to put dynamic css through php in css files. Envato also refers this system for which we have to go by this way. Hope you can understand.

You can easily generate static CSS files when someone saves Theme Options in the admin, and then just statically reference those CSS files.This will also allow plugins that minify and combine CSS to include your CSS, something that cannot be done with the current set up.

adlord Author Team

You can’t add php values in a static css files. That’s why everyone uses such way.

How do I delete a header link


does the king composer expire ?

adlord Author Team

its a free plugin. You can update it to latest anyway from WordPress repo.

Does the portfolio have a category filter?

adlord Author Team

There are categories for portfolio. But there’s no filterable category system. You’ll have categories to set on each portfolio pages. Hope this will help.

is there a shortcode to display portfolio items based on categories on a page?

adlord Author Team

There’s a shortcode to display portfolio but not by category.

hello mate i saw you had put the offer last week, and now i want to buy it.. i can take the offer ?

Thanks for your interest. However, it was intro offer only. Now time is over.

I’m a professional PHP developer, and very demanding in terms of code quality. I vouch for this theme. It’s based on Underscore by Automattic, very slim and secure. The theme is well documented and follows good practices. Whoever did it, tried to do a good job and succeeded.

CSS is calling “font-family: Nunito Sans” instead of “font-family: ‘Nunito’, sans-serif” on some places, thus causing font to not be recognized.

Apparently the “Nunito” issue mentioned above is in demo-data.xml

adlord Author Team

Thanks for all your effort & reporting the issues. We’ll be sure to update these issues in our next update of the theme.

Now about the external links those can be changed actually & it’s in your site because of custom link option. As you’re a developer you know that well when taking backup custom url won’t changes.

About the fonts yes that’s a mistake you can say that but you change it anyway. We’ll try to update the theme in near future with the issues that you’ve told us.

Thanks that you’ve taken so much time to find out all the issues. :)

Good theme.Good luck with sales. One question please, how easy to make it like the demo? I hope there is only one demo.

Thanks for your comment. It’s really very easy to make it like the demo. It has one-click demo installation. Yes, only one demo.



Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Amazing Work! Congratulations :)

Congratulations! Good Luck with Sales :)

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale, Follow me too :)

Nice Work,

Congratulations! Good Luck with Sales :)

Congrats! Good luck with sales :)


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