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Nice design :)

Great bones, this would be perfect to purchase for the general layout and effects and then add your own design touches too. Well done!


I’m very interested in purchase this template, but the “Resumé” button is not working.

@cristianoalves: Thanks for your interest in the template.

I did a lot of research while making the template and a lot of people choose to just have a link to a pdf version of their résumé. Because of that, I didn’t make a page for it. A pdf makes sense too, because then potential employers can just print it out or save it on their computer for future reference.

In the instructions for the template, I did provide instructions on how to make a lightbox-type popup similar to the one that does for the about link and it can be any size. If you wanted something in the webpage, that might not be a bad idea.

hi can you add more categories on the main page? I need 4 possibly 5 total thanks!

@kvision: You can have as many categories as you want. In the instructions, I have provided details on what is needed to make a new category. If you still need any help with that, I’m willing. Just let me know!

I recently purchased this template. I love it. With dontangg’s help, I was able to add the dialog popup (the same on as the “about” link) to the gallery images instead of them linking to another page.

1. You need an element with an id that will contain everything you want to be in the popup. Here is an example:

2. You need to modify the link in the gallery to have an id and change the href attribute. Change from this: \ To this:

3. You need to use MooTools (javascript) to add an onclick event (add this code to the main.js file within the showBreadCrumb function): $(“project1Link”).addEvent(“click”, function() {‘project1’, { width: 300, height: 500 }); });

Hope that helps someone

1. You need an element with an id that will contain everything you want to be in the popup. Here is an example:

2. You need to modify the link in the gallery to have an id and change the href attribute. Change from this: \ To this:

3. You need to use MooTools (javascript) to add an onclick event: $(“project1Link”).addEvent(“click”, function() {‘project1’, { width: 300, height: 500 }); });

sorry forgot pastie

I purchased tis theme and have a question.

1. Can I create a ‘Contact’ pop-up that include a php form?

Thank you, Motti

@Motti”>@Motti – ya, that should be fairly simple to do.

1. Create a div like the one with id=’about’ to put your contact form into. 2. Go to the javascript code and remove the code that is doing stuff to contactBtn already. 3. Do the same thing in javascript to contactBtn that is done to aboutBtn.

I know that these are very general steps. If you are still having troubles getting this to work, please click on my avatar and send me a message.


How would I create a link to the main gallery page after being on a sub page?


I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “main gallery” but I think that you’re meaning the page you start on. If so, you can do this:

<a href="javascript:goHome();">Main Gallery</a>


I’m helping a friend out and purchased this to use as a template for his site. I was hoping you could help me utilize that modal dialogue box as a lightbox for his work. I tried to follow some of the comments above, but must admit, that I had a bit of trouble. Any help would be most appreciated!


@jwtdesign – I responded to your email.

You did indeed. Thanks so much for your additional help and a great site!

Not sure if you get alerted to new comments or even use this site anymore, but I’ve got a few questions if you don’t mind answering:

I want to use your theme basically to set up my art folio. It looks like I can do that easily from what I see, but can I add something like a blog area to this?

I can change around the background images and what as I like right?


Ya, the theme really doesn’t limit you in any way. You can easily add a blog are to it and you can change images as you see fit.

I think the best way to add a blog would be to either add a subdomain (eg. or to create a folder that you would link to (eg. Then you just need to add a link to it somewhere on the site.

Thanks for the reply.

As much as I love the look and transitions of the theme, I’m just not good enought to use it well enough I think. I tried opening it up in DreamWeaver to then add my own artwork into the galleries, but just couldn’t figure it out.

I really wanted to have it so people could click the images in the galleries and have it open ina box like the about page. I know another user commented on how to do that, but I don’t really understand much of that.

I might go and learn the basics of webdesign and then hopefully I can come back with a bit of knowledge and use your one in in the future.

If you’ve got any tips to make it easier, that’d be great.


hi dontangg, I would like to purchase this item, but would first like to know if you are around to help with instructions for:

1) creating a pop-up box for each gallery image that allows: (a) an enlargement of the image and (b) a caption of 3 lines below each. (I see instructions were not accessible in previous comments/replies).

2) functionality where the first page (gallery categories) allows 3+ category icons and how would that scroll?


I am willing to help.

1) The instructions are provided and they are accessible in the downloaded zipped folder when you purchase. There are instructions on how to create a popup and you can actually just model it after the one provided that works on the about link in the footer.

2) You can definitely get more than 3 category icons. Here is an example of someone who did: