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I love minimalism, good luck with sales bud!

Thanks, good luck for you to buddy.

lovely design good luck with sales :)

Gratz with first file! Good luck with sales ;)

Thank you siminitzki.

Thank you siminitzki.

Hello, I expected there to be files here – index, about, etc. – there is css, images, library but no files. I thought this was a template? I bought this so I wouldn’t have to code from scratch. Suggestions? Thanks.

Nevermind I see you have the file called something else, I opened it in Dreamweaver just fine.

Different question: How do I remove the color selector so people who visit the site can’t change the color or pattern? Thanks very much.

Also I forgot to tell you the design is very nice, excellent work on that.

Hi, thank you for purchasing my template and for the compliment .

You can do that by removing the Styles switcher section from the line 114 to the line 140.

Does it cames with a working contact form, PHP file?

No, it doesn’t but in the next update probably today i will be adding a php file for the contact form.

Best Regards Benaissa Ghrib

Hi, i have updated the template now the form sends email, the update is uploading.The update will be available soon.

Best Regards
Benaissa Ghrib.

The update has been approved. Now the templates come with a working contact form, and a php file to send email.

Best Regards
Benaissa Ghrib

Great vcard, thanks!

I have a quick question: I understand how to remove the color selector tool itself, but how do I first enforce my own color choice? It seems when I comment out the color switcher section, the website just loads with the first color (i.e. red) and background choices by default. How do I get it to load with blue for all visitors?

Thanks a lot!


Thank you for purchasing my template.

The web site load first with red skin because it’s the default skin. If you want to have the blue skin you have to change the css style in the main.css located in the css folder.

You have to replace the red by the blue, open the main.css in any editor of your choice and do a replace all here the color value that you have to replace :

replace : #EF0007 by #00B4D9

Or you can send me your files and will do it for you.

If you any further questions feel free to send me an email via my user profile page.

Best regards
Benaissa Ghrib


Ger Purchased

Why psd skins are not included?

This doesn’t have any real documentation for it. Nothing on how to change the twitter timeline to your own. Nothing on how to change the contact email to your own. Or the map to your location… just nothing. disappointed. Sent you a message. I hope you respond.

3 days no response! So glad I wasted my money. Thanks for nothing.

I did answer you sir.