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Hello, i have buy your Simpleflex Joomla template and i have already written to your support my Item Purchase Code and my question, without receive reponse.

I have install it on my site and I have notice that there is a problem.. if you go inside a portfolio item and want to return in homepage, you can’t. Click on logo doesn’t works and there aren’t Home button in the top menu.


Second question is about to modify the menu item.. how can i change the title? Thanks

Joomla version of our SimpleFlex template is made by our partners, not us. Unfortunately We cannot give a qualified answer on your question, as We has not create Joomla template.
Here is a link to theme developer:
Best regards.

hi, my name is Memo, im mexican and bought your html.

how change color of text of nav bar (about, portfolio, blog, pages, etc)???, i don’t find the part in the css.


Thanks for purchase and your question!
Please open your “main.css” file, find code: .sf-menu a { and change “color” CSS rule from #343434 to any value that you need.
You can always open your site in Chrome browser, right click on element that you want to change and select “Inspect” to open DevTools and find CSS file and line number in this file that has appropriate styles to element that you need. Best regards!

hello, I am thinking to purchase this simple web template for my wordpress site. My query is that would i be able to change the HTML markup . i will be implementing this theme via child theme for wordpress

Thanks for your interest!
But this template – is not WordPress theme. This is a set of regular HTML files that you can edit it any HTML editor that you prefer.
Best regards!

Okay so this is a pure HTML template with preferred CSS . I want that only.

hello there,

we have purchased one theme today but we done one mistake we want wordpress theme but by mistake we purchased html temple now what i do for this ? i want help from your side


Hello Dear Customer! Thank you for your message. Please submit a refund request at After the refund request will be finished, you may purchase WordPress version of SimpleFlex theme.

Here is the link to purchase WordPress version of SimpleFlex theme:

If you have any additional questions – please contact us. Best Regards!

hello i am trying to submit ticket on this but i cant proceed on that what can i do?

Hello Sir, in order to submit refund quickly, please use this link Thank your for your attention!

Hi, I bought your template in March last year (2015) and it works great. I need to change 3 things in the website. 1. One of the pages “What we offer’ is split in two boxes (or columns) and each box has a video inserted. How can i resize the WxH of the video? 2. How can i make all boxes the same size 3. How can i delete the animation icons? Look forward to hearing from you. Ramon

Hello, Ramon!
Thanks for using our template. Can you please send a link to your page or perhaps on our demo template with elements that you need to modify? Also please clarify do you using HTML or WP version of SimpleFlex template?
Best regards!

Hola, my link is I use a WP version of the SimpleFlex template. Thanks in advance. Cheers

WordPress version of this template is made by our partner, not us. Please contact a theme author and he will help you. Here is a quick link to WP version:
Best regards!

Hello !

I bought your product “Simpleflex” and I use the One-Page version, which is great :)

I customized it the way I wanted, but I’m struggling with an issue, about the contact-form.php file.

I configured it and the hoster took the thing well, the contact form work well, but… the sender’s email is never displayed in the messages I receive.

Whenever I try it myself, the email sending the form is the hoster email-server, so basically, it’s my name which is used.

I received 2 contact demands and I can’t reply… I don’t know anything about PHP, can you tell me how to have the email of the senders ?

Thank you for your concern,

Truly yours,

Gauvain Boiché

Thanks for purchase and using our template!
Can you please give us a link to your site and current contents of your “contact-form.php” file?
You can send this info on
We’ll be glad to help!
Best regards!

I truly hate to do this, but im on a very tight budget. I was looking for a WordPress template and purchased this after a long search and a very long night… is there any way could request a refund?

Once again, im awfully sorry for the issues that this may cause, I just read the title wrong and being a first-time buyer on this site I wasn’t sure how to request this and the help page said to just message you directly?

Either way, beautiful work on this template and im sorry that I have to request a refund!

Hello! Sure, no problems. Just submit a refund request!
Best regards!

Hi can you make a refund please? Becouse i need it for wordpress – i buy the wrong one.

Thanks alot Best wishes Stefan

Hello! Please create a refund request

Hi still dont know how to make a refund…

And i cant answer to your mail.

I buyed no the wordpress theme – this also not work well.

Please help me


Best wishes Stefan