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cool :) good job !

Pretty clean! Nice one man.

Thanks Guys.

Thanks Dude.

If this was wordpress it would have sold bro.

Can you also code WordPress themes or simply Drupal at the moment?


Yes bro agreed, if it was wp it would have some sales bocz wp has more market where has drupal has less market and here no much exposure for drupal templates, as you said am also thinking to stop doing drupal templates any more for time being, am just waiting for last drupal template to get approve that i submitted then i am planning for wp themes.

Nice template ;)

Santosh – would it be possible (with a bit of tweaking) to have a different “gallery” on one of the inside pages?

Insid page like? can you plz give me some more info

On another page besides the home page. Create a few different galleries.

That need to be created manually

looks really good.. thanks the initial rendering shows the images stacked prior to organizing the view into the slide presentation.. is there a way to hide/prevent that initial rendering of stacked images/divs?


- purchased it; looking for documentation .. txt / readme file? thank you.

Ok, for more assistance mail me from my profile page.

thanks.. will do.. just interested in your module list; configurations thanks.. following you on twitter as well.

Sorry i didn’t get you, can you email me from my profile page so that we can sort it out


Purchased this theme, installed, added images and blocks, nothing happening. No jquery, no thumbnails….just list of images with bullet points.


Email me your website URL from my profile page.

Hi, I have Drupal 7 installed. Is this theme updated for version 7? Also browser checked for IE9 . Just wanted to know before purchasing. thanks. lovely theme.

It is Drupal 6 theme.


you´re looking forward to perform a upgrade for Drupal 7 ? Thats would be great.

Kind regards,


At present no plans, future i can’t promise.