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Discussion on Smooth Web Hosting/Tech

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7 years theme :O !

Hello, Nice, clean and very presentable. Has the IE issues been resolved? Now that IE9 is out.

Thanks Much, ,


just wanted to know if this site had permission to convert your design to a whmcs theme and offer it for sale

see: http://www.whmcsthemes.com/billing/cart.php

If anyone wants the WHMCS integration for this lovely template, you can get it here:

WHMCS Themes

Please note that you will of course need to purchase the template from here – we are only selling the WHMCS integration files, so that WHMCS can match your site with this template!

We are not selling the template – only the WHMCS Theme.


I just buy this template 1 week ago. Theres a nice design but theres some problems whit the css

I cannot add a link to any text in the packages beacuse the css goes crazy and theres nothing to do.

Also theres no javascript.

So please can you fix the problems, go to the home_price and add a link those boxes are gonna go crazy. In special idk why home_box_image

You must add more pages we are just paying 1 ? beacuse in the about you just change the header.

And i think for the packages list you must make something whit lines and not css or boxes.


Is there a fix for IE7 ? The javascript links don’t work…

If anybody wants this theme intergrated then please contact me. I know how to integrate it.

Where’s the sub-page?

This Question is for the Author or the Purchasers.

IS the Web Hosting Comparison Page included with the template? I see that Sub Page is there but, what about the comparison page?

I was interested but, wanted the answer first.

Any chance for a Wordpress version?

you can integrate with WHCMS ?

I dont this so..

Was this fixed to work on the latest browsers?

I have a comment too. Although I think this template is great, there is one issue. In IE6 it looks great and everything is placed where it should be. However in IE7 , possibly firefox too, the footer does not stay at the bottom of the page. If the text rolls down passed where the footer is, then the footer becomes infront of the text and you cannot read anything.

So this needs to be fixed too. I have tried everything adding in more tags, increasing the layout of the main body, but nothing works.

Anyone got any ideas?


It’s a nice template, but for the cost of the template i would’ve thought that the CSS would all be external aswell as the JS.

Would it be possible you fix these issues up?

anyone have a preview of the second page in the template?

Not a bad template. However… CSS styles belong in “style sheets”—not in HTML files. Next time, please do not put 118 lines of CSS code in your HTML pages. Otherwise… nice layout, color scheme, and graphic design. I still give it 3 stars because it looks great.

I thought you said its 2 pages? Only 1 in the preview.

nice work! what icons did you used?

nice design! the accordion would look more like a link if you changed the cursor with CSS .


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