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Wow this is nice, I think you should code this one. nice work man.

please code it!!

Great work ! Code it and you earn a lot :)

just psd or contain css layout?

just PSD

I’ll buy it – if you code it for wp.

Very Nice! I´m not very saavy at this but can this template be used/modified for a hotornot.com style photo and video rating website? With several features like meet me, rate me, video rate, shootout (one member vs another), etc…


This has awsome potential! This should be considered for coding into a social engine template.

Would be EXTREMELY popular in the SE community, Templates for that product are slim, and if you find one are very poorly designed.

Kuntiz, I dont know if you have coding experience, but I would recommend coding this for the web…Until then. I think I may just purchase your PSD and hire someone to code it for my Social Engine site.

Well done, fantastic work


Im interested in Buying it BUT only if its Html css Coded ….

please try to provice slice html css version also



Owner … any update on html css ?

hi will you update it as a html?

good job! just bought it

did owner not replied for css coding

hey dude wen we goona get css for this

hola .. I want to buy this theme … but you need to make some changes … is it possible? .. how much?

Have you a demo link

Oh ! This is good and clean theme

Very good

Nice work! plz code it!!

Hello I bought this theme I have only psd´s, otherwise, nothing… greets. R.K.

Work in WP?