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how to remove mobile version?

Support is provided only for buyers


you miss to put the css file style-ie.css in your package, could you provide it ?


Hi, Thanks for purchase This file is not needed. I’ll update the version of Solana


Hi, great theme!!

I’ve been looking all over photodune for the credited stockphotos used in this theme… especially the one called “port-2-1.jpg” but I didn’t find any of them. Could you provide a link to the stockfootage please so I’m able to license them? Thanks a lot!

Hi. The this work was done long ago and i ,unfortunately, did not save links.

hey, thanks for your fast reply. and – damn – my client so wants this photo. are you sure it’s even a stockphoto? otherwise i would call off the search ;) – thanks a lot!

Unfortunately I can not tell you exactly, because I don’t remember

Hi nice work! how can i change logo size? I need bigger! Thanks

Hi. Thank you for your purchase. You can change logo size in the file style.css (class. logo)


. logo { width: 400px; height: 40px; margin-left: 27px; margin-top: 20px; margin-bottom: 10px; display: block; }


The jCarousel section for latest works doesn’t works… first it’s invisible, so I added width and height to .jcarousel (it brokes the responsive layout, but the itens are visible now), however, the carousel doesn’t works, when I click in the button it doesn’t make anything.

Hi. Thank you for your purchase. I replied to you via email.

Hello. great job i must commend. Please i ned help with the google map set up for the contact page. again help with the contact form too.. kindly treat as urgent.. thank you..

Hello. Thank you for your purchase. Write me an email describing your problem. Th?nks

An awesome template, I love it!

Is there a way to separate the logo from the menu bar? I need to have a bigger logo so I need to have my menu bar on the right side and the logo alone on the left side.

Congratulations for the theme!

Thank you for your purchase. I’ll write you a email soon. Thanks

Thank you!

Dear Sir, great html theme!! I have a problem with the contact form. I’ve send today an e-mail to Can you respond asap?

Thank you very much in advance!!

OK thanks … mail is send to

Hello Sir, did you received my mail? Is it the correct address?

Hello. Yes. I wrote you answer

Hi! how to remove ” Template Styles Box” ?

Hi. Thank you for purchasing. If you mean the “style swither”, simply find and delete in each html file this lines:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/layout/wide.css" id="layout">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/colors/yellow.css" id="colors">
<script src="js/styleswitcher.js"></script>
<div class="switcher"></div>


I downloaded the theme ( but the file index.html had some problems with Google Chrome: the slider THIS IS THE LIST OF OUR RECENT WORKS won’t show correctry.

The same slider in the live preview works fine. Could you help me?


Thank you for purchase. Maybe it is happened because you placed site not on a local server or hosting. “Chrome” and “IE” and “Safari” has the features to work with JS, if site is not placed on local server or hosting.


Thank you for great support!

Hi, how can I change (slow down) the speed of the slideshow for index2.html

I tried to set every slideshowSpeed: to 20000 in flexsider.js but no effect.

Thanks, B.


In file jquery.flexslider.js find line ” slideshowSpeed: ” and there set required value.


slideshowSpeed: 7e3


slideshowSpeed: 20000


If the boxed version is selected with a background image. How hard is it to make the main body / header etc transparent so that the background image can be seen?

Hello It is quite simple to do, you need make some changes in css file.

That would be great.

One other query, with the current menu bar + logo combined.

How much of a change would it be to make them separate? I really need a larger logo above, phone number + wouldn’t mind social icons there as well?

This also can be done in css files


Have uploaded via cPanel and it gives an error: Name Description Solana_HTML_1_2 Stylesheet is missing.

how can i fix it?

pls to hear!


Thank you for purchasing Strange, perhaps you tried to install it as a WP template, but it is HTML template, not WP. WP template is here If the problem still remains, describe it in more detail and send me email


Yes, made a mistake :D and got WP theme now. works fine. need quite a time for tuning into final product. anyway, great stuff! thanks!

Hi Sir, very nice and elegant template

Before i purchase, can the font be changed,, and after changing it does the frames or boxes also change size automatically ?



Thank you Yes, you can change the fonts. You can use any font you want. Yes they change size automatically


hi sir, i really like the font buy some turkish characters is not good. how can i change the font or add some turkish character.


Thank you for your purchase. Strangely, template uses Google fonts (Open Sans and Oswald) Send me an email with screenshots


Would be great template if fonts rendered properly. Oscar and OscarLight render terribly and make site look unprofessional.

I sent a email to you

Thanks for your help, font is now fixed and site looking awesome.

Hi! I purched this theme and I want to know how can I activate the search and newsletter area! Thanks! Mercedes

Hi Mercedes Thank you for purchase. I sent a email to you

jCarousel DOES NOT WORK with chrome

Hi. Use the latest version of template. It has an updated jcarousel. It works good