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Hi, do you know of any security issues with the theme? Someone inserted hidden text with links to third party sites on all my pages.

Thank you

Hi. Thank you for purchasing.

This simple HTML, it has no weak spots in the security and may not be, because it is the end result of the browser rendering – static page html. Most likely your hosting someone hacked and put it in html text links

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How to i change the word “Template Style” from the style swither/selector. please an urgent reply is important this morning. Thanking you.

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You can change the word “Template Style” in the file styleswitcher.js

Thanks for the swift response. It worked. I’ve sorted it. you are the best. Are there any updates on the template? cos its been a very long time i bought this (Date: 2013-09-22 01:35:50 UTC). so i can download the new files.. just using it now

Thanks. The latest version is 1.1 from 22 Jul. 2014 (Updated carousel)


is there a way to render the flexslider’s images responsive?

Thanks in advance for your answer.


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For slide images using “background-size: cover”. Also, flexslider documentation you can find here



How to replace the icon : images/icon-gears.png in the index5.html by an icon found in font awesome?

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Just replace any icon, you want (icons.html – examples of icons)

For example replacement of elegant font icon cog to the font awesom icon anchor

replace this <span aria-hidden="true" class="icon_cog"> </span> to this <i class="fa fa-anchor"> </i> Thanks

The jCarousel section for latest works doesn’t works… first it’s invisible, so I added width and height to .jcarousel (it brokes the responsive layout, but the itens are visible now), however, the carousel doesn’t works, when I click in the button it doesn’t make anything.

I use Chrome…and i download the latest version…

Thank you for your purchase. I just checked everything and found no errors. Do you have this bug in the live demo? Thanks


I have send you an email about how to operate the contact form page in order to allow sending emails.




Thank you for purchase. I sent you email


Sir, The template is very good. could you help me solve 4 problems. 1. I wish to remove logo grey background. 2. Auto-rotate of recent work and our news. 3. Client logo is in black and white, i need it colour and auto rotating. 4. Newslatter is working?



Thank you for purchase. Please send me email, that I could answer.



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The jCarousel section is not working on chrome (images don’t appear on the chrome browser)


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It’s strange. I checked the live demo and the main package and there are no problems.

Maybe it’s happened on the server. “Chrome” and “IE” and “Safari” have features when working with JS if site is not placed on local server or hosting.

Upload template files to server. For the correct working of all functions of the template, especially JavaScript plugins, you must upload the template to web-server or local server

Due to local security restrictions, some things will not work locally, especially in Chrome. But everything will work when files have been uploaded to your web server or local server.

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It seems removing the map div messes up the whole page..