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Hi there! Just bought it and really love it, congrats! Only one question, is it possible to make de Awesome icon in the Toggle be another icon when the toggle is activated?. Instead your speech icon maybe a plus and minus icon?

Thanks in advance!! Kim

Yes. Its possible. Contact me through my profile page. Will reply with the updated theme with this feature :)

Great theme, very well documented. Not to forget, brilliant support and service from Dilipkumar.

Thanks, Birgir

Hey Dilipkumar, it says the theme works in IE8 but it looks like the top banner isn’t displaying the full image, and the next section is pushed up below it. Screenshot here:

I checked it in IE8. Its fine.Maybe you are checking in compatibility mode. Uncheck that option and check the theme.


Thank you for a perfect landing ) I make a page in Cyrillic for russian market. Can you help me to find place in code with string for Font. For english its ok (i mean H1-H4). But if i writ in cyrillic the font is default.



Pls send a mail through my profile page.

Wow! Awesome work;

Hi, Great looking theme. Do you have a blog feature/page for this theme? I’d also be interested in a sticky nav bar with a sign up and/or purchase button in the sticky nav bar.

Will add these in next update. It will be in next few days.

Great. Thanks. One more question. Do you have a WordPress version?

Planned for it. Will be released soon.

Forms don’t work. At all. Changed the email as per instructions and nothing.

Maybe you have missed any tags while update. Pls recheck it. Thanks.

Can you please help me with installation instructions?

Its a HTML theme , you must upload it to server through FTP. Any more queries in installing, pls contact me through my profile page.

Hi, I am having a problem with the Mailchimp connection it says… “the API Key” is not valid… but it is ! I even had to create a new API KEy but still doesn’t work… please urgent help since my website is alredy running and under production ! thanks thanks…

Reply sent through mail.

I’m having a problem with changing the image in the Services section. The instructions says I can “Replace “images/ico1.png” with the icon url or source.”

But I have searched everywhere and I cannot see ico1.png anywhere in order for me to change it. My goal is to not use an icon but a png image instead.

I await your reply

You can use images.

Replace ”< i class=”service-icon fa fa-desktop”></i>”


<img src=”ICON-IMAGE-URL” alt=” ”/>

Replace “ICON-IMAGE-URL” with the Icon image url or source.

Hi there, i’m having a problem with my form. I have input all of the details to sync with mailchimp as per your instructions and the emails still do not go through.

Why does this happen? Can you look at it for me?

Reply sent through mail already.

hi, im newbie and i though this landing page is based on CMS. i dont know how to installed this on my hosting. anyone can help me. thanks

hi, Contact me through my profile page, will help you on this..

Hello, great theme.

I just have one problem. The style.css doesn’t seem to accept any changes. I changed the background color and other parameters, but it doesn’t update. I already cleared the cache. When I change the html in the index.html it updates accordingly. What am I doing wrong here?


HTML file will update immediately in localhost. If you are checking through chrome clear cookies and check. If you are updating on server, the update time may vary. Some hosting take 15-20 minutes. So take few seconds.

It has been more than 10 hours now, but the changes in the css are still not showing.

I use sparks1. I made changes in css/styles.css changed the orange background color to white but the orange is still there. It seem the the styles.css is not taking any changes I make.

Send your site link through my profile page. Will check it.

I think I will buy this, but is it easy to build custom forms? I´ll base it on the contact form, but I´ll need more custom entry fields I guess.

Yes. You can add as many fields. If need help, we are ready to support 24×7. Thx.

Hi, a pre-buy comment. Usually I use Wordpress for my work.How I can use this template that is made in html? Sorry for the stupid question, but I don’t know how I’ll can modify this page. Second question: I have one free pdf to send to the customer (for free) that leave me the email. Can I do this in an automatic way with this theme? Thank you a lot.


affraz Purchased

where we going to update the SMTP record? as we installed on server but not contact form is not working , we not getting any email, so please explain how thats works?