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Hello I have no answer since 13 days at my question … maybe stupid but it is my trouble

well the loaded takes time according to the page size if the page is heavy than it will take more time, i hope this is what you are asking and what i understand :)

Hi and thank to your answer … I feel some “wait time” to display spinner and my next page and I just ask if I can discrease it. Have you a minimum time to display spinner and can we minimize it ? If it is not the case I understand that load take times according of the page size , my question was really stupid :-)

Hi, there,

For some reason, the footer in the download is different than the one on the example site.

I’m on a Mac on Chrome or Firefox and the black part of the footer bleeds into the section to the right, but on your demo it doesn’t do that.

Is the downloadable files the same as the ones in your demo?

Could you please help with a fix?

Hi please send me the screen shots thanks :)

Hi, Nice theme. Just a question. For the accordion in “Careers”, how do I add + and – for expand and collapse of contents? It’s on your demo website but not available in the version downloaded. Thanks.

i purchased theme and have noticed a few issues. 1 letter footer box overlaps centre box 2 header search box doesnt work

Hi, send me screen shots thanks :)

The search box is not working. When I click on the magnifying glass icon a black screen slides down with a white rectangle that looks to be a text box. However, this will not show a cursor or let the user type in text. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

All issues are fixed thanks :)

Hi i need your help :)

the footer dont works like in the demo template. please write me an email on info@pixel-plus.ch

i will send you then the prntscrn.

thanx a lot! Regards

hi. i wrote you an email already :)

This is a re-post of a question that was overlooked. Please reply: The search box is not working. When I click on the magnifying glass icon a black screen slides down with a white rectangle that looks to be a text box. However, this will not show a cursor or let the user type in text. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

hi, send me the URL or files of your website i will check it thanks :) atifpkhan@gmail.com is my email ID :)

Great. i just sent an email containing a ZIP of the files. :)

hi, the issue is fixed i sent you the file … thanks :)

There still seems to be an issue with the footer and the black/gray areas not lining up.

It works fine in the online demo but not in the downloaded files.

Can you please see? I’ve been waiting to use this theme and you’re getting other comments about this, too.

Is there some sort of fix for this?

Could you please try the downloaded version yourself?

I already sent you the footer images in a previous issue I emailed you about – thank you.

hi, can you please send the screenshot again also mentioned the resolution i will definitely fix it … i will also check the issue myself thanks :)

Hi I have a question about the contact page I get improperly configured mail does not work

hi, ok i will check it and get back to you thanks :)

hi contact form issue is resolved updates are on the way thanks :)

Hello. My question is what johannes1000 asked before, but does not look to have a reply for.

icon-menu-1 moves to the right very quickly as the browser window is made thinner, but the rest of the menu does not move to the right. How do we make icon-menu-1 stay positioned like the rest of the menu?

Changing nav#main-nav { display: none } to say nav#main-nav { display: block} only makes it visible, and causes it to travel through the rest of the menu titles as you make the browser window thinner. We want to keep it positioned next to the magnifying glass.

Please let us know how to keep icon-menu-1 still like the rest of the menu (and then all of it will shrink together as the browser window is made thinner).


hi, that issue the resolved updates are on the way Thanks :)

Hi okathemes, I purchased this template and so far I am happy with it, but the video on the homepage doesn’t work. Tried it with Firefox, Opera and Safari on an Apple Mac and it doesn’t show or only a blank space where it suppose to be. Any idea why this is happening?

Many thanks

Guess I have to do my support myself; beware that mp4 videos are not supported in Firefox or Opera (on Mac). The video will need to be converted to .ogv or .webm…that’s it!! Simple!!!

hi contact form issue is resolved and updates are on the way thanks :)

Hi okathemes I have an issue which might be small for you but bothers me a lot; in the dropdown menu the item on the top level (before the hoover toggle happen) doesn’t seems to work when you linked a file to it:
  • Pro1

    In fact the page Pro1.html does not open at all. I would like this link to open the page when clicked, because on that page there’s a slider with a choice of visuals. If I take out: (class=”dropdown-toggle js-activated”) the link is clickable but the dropdown list no longer work. Can you help and let me know why or how I can fix this. Many thanks.

  • Several people have asked about the footer issue where the black/gray background doesn’t line up with the content. However, I don’t see that an answer has ever been posted. Please let me know if there is already a fix for this or an update available. BTW, I sent you a message too. Thank you!

    Although I did get an email reply, I never received a solution, so I enlisted the help of another developer. The bgfooter image file included with the download is a different size than the bgfooter element on the demo site. That is why your demo looks fine but the downloaded file doesn’t.

    Hi, if I insert in the footer:

    class="icon-youtube" and class="youtube"

    It appears the PINTEREST icon instead of the YOUTUBE icon. Could you give me a fix please?

    • class=”icon-youtube”

    The version that I’ve downloaded is different to the demo site. I see a lot of people complaining on here with the same issues that I’m having.

    My main problem is that the footer:
    • I am using Google Chrome 41, Windows 7
    • The black background on the left of the footer overlaps the middle block so the black ends at the ‘P’ of ‘Latest Posts’

    A screenshot can be found here – http://tinypic.com/r/28w0wvc/8

    Another bug is the ‘right container’ toolbar, which shows pinterest, twitter, etc is broken. This is broken in both the online version and the downloaded version. This appears to be a minor CSS and JS issue where the !important flag is being used incorrectly and the JS event is only activating the menu, not toggling it.

    hi sorry for the late response, so you are facing footer bg problem or anything else do email me thanks :)

    I keep seeing the same issues raised over and over in the comments and you always ask people to email you. I don’t know if they are getting solution via email (I didn’t). But it would be helpful if you could post solutions here.

    Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin: