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Will there be a html/css template version – without the wordpress bit?

Yep, we’re building both! Look for them in 1-2 weeks!

Great thanks for the quick reply – I will hang off for that then :)

I was even considering creating the site myself from the PSD until I checked the comments.

Thanks :)

hi, would like to know if html / css or wordpress version of this is available yet? thank you.

Not yet but it will be soon. Thanks!

Any updates on the wordpress version?

Hi Elmindo!

Yes it is almost done, and it is FANTASTIC ! We have the revolution slider and a layout builder implemented. Its very nice, look for it in a week or two. Thanks!

Hi any ETA on the html/css template version? :)

Wordpress is coming first, within 2-3 weeks. Thanks!

Any more updates on this one?

Yes sorry for the delay, we decided to update our Avada theme first to our new framework. Which is now done, so we are back to Squeaky. it will be released in a few weeks.


Hello there, any updates on a wordpress or html version of this template? Have been waiting for months. Thanks and keep up the great work :D

Yes its coming! Sorry for the delay, its coming and is VERY nice. We have a page builder, multiple sliders, and an incredible theme options panel.

We’re taking our time and making sure its perfect, its going to be VERY nice. It will be done in the next 2-3 weeks.

Will the WP version of Squeaky have the same features as Avada?

Yes and even more so. But its not ready yet, we’ve put it on hold to create Avada 3.0 for our users, its been so popular that we are focusing on adding new features for our users, then will finish up Squeaky, which is about 70% done.


Avada 3.0 you say. Any ETA on that? I have the Avada theme and love it, but would like some minor design changes. Trying to learn how to code a WP-theme my self, but not a lot of time after a days works followed by familylife. Would you take some photoshop sugestions for a theme style?

Sure, I always take suggestions :). Let me have them!

For avada we decided to do incremental updates and spread out the features due to time. Plus this way our users get the features faster, and the new features are really amazing. A new update us coming this week with some new design headers, retina ready and a new slider :)

Have you got the HTML version of this?

No sorry, I do not.

hi, i like your theme, i ´d like to buy an html version for my site, how much does it cost? thanks

Unfortunately it is not for sale at this time.