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Please take a look here: https://www.cocreationsmanager.com . There is an image under: “Join our community program starting on October 15th” in the footer but only admin can see it. Why is that?

I had to host the picture somewhere else and embed it. Not it is working. Why a picture only show for admin?


I don’t have access for your website, and from your words it looks like problem with your server or drupal configuration. Because if this problem was in our module, then you also were not able to see the images in our live demo http://stability.nikadevs.com/

If you think that a problem with our theme then please post a ticket on our forum https://nikadevs.ticksy.com/ with website url and login details


I got a short Question. Why the MD Slider dont use the “Oswald” Font anymore? I did not change anything on the Side but now all text is in Times?!?

Hi. You can change the font for the text on the MD Slider settings. I can suggest to restore the original slider which coming with our theme. If you have any questions please post on our forum http://nikadevs.ticksy.com/ Thanks.


A while ago I purchased the Stability theme. Since php is phasing out some php versions, I would like to update the site using the Stability theme towards php version 7.2. I already update the Drupal core version towards 7.61 and updated all the modules (except MD slider, cannot get the latest version of that one). I downloaded the theme version 2.1 and update the site with that one. I now get the following error: Error Error message Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at C:\wwwroot\dnms\includes\common.inc:2786) in drupal_send_headers() (line 1486 of C:\wwwroot\dnms\includes\bootstrap.inc). Error: Call to undefined function _shortcode_tags() in _nikadevs_cms_shortcode_process() (line 419 of C:\wwwroot\dnms\sites\all\modules\nikadevs_cms\nikadevs_cms.module). The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.

I found on your site an article that the nikadevs cms module needs to be updated, but the link to the dropbox is broken. Can you help me out please. Thanks


Gerrit Degenhardt Belgium


Thanks for the reply.

Like I set above, ALL modules are updated. The NikaDevs module wasn’t even on my list of updates, I’m running on version 7.x-1.2, is that the latest then (it says “no available releases found” in the updates report)? The theme is on version 7.x-2.1.

If you want I can send you screenhots of my modules.


Hi, This error means that shortcodes module or nikadevs_cms module not from the latest version. I suggest to double check these modules, download our latest package and update them – I’ve double checked this and everything works correctly. This is very old problem which was solved about year ago. If you will need our deeper help then post a link to your website and login details on our support forum: https://nikadevs.ticksy.com/ Thanks.


I took the full folder from the latest download and that did the trick! All is working fine now. Many thanks for the quick answer!

I am getting two body ​areas on my edit page areas, which is causing me not to be able to save any of the edits on my page. i have to disable ck editor and the body copy go away but the cke editor also go away in the editor in the visual builder. Im not sure what to do?

Hi, Please post a private support ticket on this forum http://nikadevs.ticksy.com/ with your website URL and login details. Thanks.

hi dear You have a tutorial on how to customize the forms

Hi, The contact form controlled by Contact Module. You can install WebForm module and replace existing form. Thanks

how to link the images of the slider

Hi, Please post a support ticket on this forum: http://nikadevs.ticksy.com/ and our support team will answer your questions. Thanks.

Installed the required modules into an existing site and enabled the theme; however, when following the guide for existing site, admin/structure/features doesn’t have a NikaDevs tab. Any ideas?

Hi, Please post a support ticket on this forum: http://nikadevs.ticksy.com/ and our support team will answer your questions. Thanks.

In the past you have said that your image shortcode has an alt tag. Can you please tell us where that is? I do not see it anywhere, and your code does not implement the system alt tag. This is a huge SEO problem. Can you please provide an alt tag for your image shortcode?

Hi, Please update theme and modules to latest version available on the themeforest. This setting is already on the shortcode: http://take.ms/aFfxV If you will have more questions then please post them here http://nikadevs.ticksy.com/ Thanks

I purchased this theme in late 2015 and updated it recently. I’ve noticed that since the update the Google Map settings (latitude and longitude) do not affect the map displayed on the Contacts page. Rather the map always centres on the country of France. The same can be seen in the theme’s live preview.

You should add google maps api key on the theme settings page

Extended support but still not able to submit ticket through support section.

Please try to sign out and login with the Envato button.

Why does header v5 not work with sticky header?

One-page links does not work at Edge neither Chrome. It’s possible to see the issue at `Live Demo`’. There is a open ticket about that at Nikadevs. it must be related to last release. Older theme releases works perfectly.