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Preview isn’t working?

working here, very nice! GLWS :-)

Adding one feedback form might increase its sales. Concept and layout is so good.

Good idea! Might try to add to soon. Thanks for the feedback

Awesome, good luck with sales mate! ;)

Hi Atmosfreer,

nice, very nice.

I’d like to know if it’s possible to use jquery ui tab instead of the vertical one and get it responsive. and if it’s possible, would you be able to help me ?



I did originally use JQuery for this but had errors in responsive mode. It was mainly content not showing after resizing window to responsive mode, browsing content then resizing back to desktop. I tried to call back the JQuery but it was not possible.

All right, is it possible to get all the tab close on 320px.



If you want the tabs closed by default, you need to edit the code a little.

Find the code:

remove the ‘on’... So change to


I just purchased the landing page – nice job.

One question, where is the Google Analytics code located – in which file?


If you are using the 1 pager template: Copy and paste your tracking code into the index.html.

If you are using the multi-pager (tabbed template): Copy and paste our tracking code into the code of every page you want to track.

More info can be found here –

Hi Shane,

Sorry about this… just one more question.

I would like to use the left side navigation style as featured on the Features.html page on the FAQ page instead of the existing left navigation styel – i.e. remove the existing left side navigation on the Features page and use the left side navigtion style as it appears on the FAQ page.

Is there an easy way of cutting and pasting code from one page to the other to do this?


I have not tried this. May I suggest renaming Features to FAQ and then there is no need to move code?

Okay, but too much work. Would rather use wordpress.


Just purchased the product. It looks great, but i thought i would get one page. Instead, i got 5. Is there a chance to merge them so that it look exactly the same as the preview?


The one pager file can be found in Template > start.html

After uploading the file to wordpress got a message that the theme cannot be installed because the styles.css file is missing. What do I do about that?

Start is a HTML site template, not wordpress.

Is it normal that the template when loaded auto scrolls, so that the nav bar does not showing without having to scroll backup to the top.

Do you mean you want the nav to stay fixed when scrolling? If so, no its not built like that.