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Hello, I just bought the theme and am loving it so far. I just have one question, my website has full screen video from vimeo. Is it possible to mute the audio or use a different one? Also, I read the documentation and was not too clear on the adding php to do random videos. Could you be more specific? thank you

Hi, sorry for the delay.

You will need to edit the file wp-content\themes\storm\js\scripts.js on line 178 replace this code:

videoMute = $.cookie('tcrVideoMute') === 'mute',

With this:

videoMute = true,

Regards, TC

It worked!! thank you, Now how about the doing random videos? Thank you so much!

Add the code from the “Set up random videos” section to the theme functions.php file. Each block starting with array and ending with a closing bracket corresponds with one video in the pool that will be randomly chosen from.

    'url' => 'http://vimeo.com/45878034',
    'autostart' => true,
    'complete' => 'restart',
    'width' => 1920,
    'height' => 1080,
    'start' => 0

So add or remove the array blocks so that you have one block for each video you want to randomly show. Then change the url between the single quotes on the first line inside each array block to the video URL, and change the other parameters below that to suit. Hope this helps.

Regards, TC

Hi, I like this your work and am tempted to purchase this, but have couple of question, does it have a client signup and log in, if so can a photo gallery be assigned to each specific client for review and no possibility to right click and copy the images? thanks.

I believe there will be plugins out there that allow you to do these things, these features aren’t a part of our theme.

You can create a password protected page for each client and use Storm’s portfolio shortcode to only display images for that client on the page. You should create a Portfolio Category for each client and only select this category when inserting the portfolio shortcode to ensure they see only photos assigned to them. See this page for how to set up a portfolio.

You can install the plugin No Right Click Images to prevent them copying them but they can still access the images through other means. You might want to watermark them before uploading.

Regards, TC

Hi TC,

I would like to have a specific color for the “current” page that I am on, is there a code that I can use to achieve that or is it too complicated?

Thank you.


Go to Theme Options -> Advanced -> Custom CSS and enter this code, change the color to suit:

.primary-menu .current_page_item a {
    color: #ff0000;

Regards, TC

super thank you

Hey there,

just bought your theme but having problems with “Essential Grid” – which I would like to use… I am really no JS expert, but I see your theme is loading a lot JS files. Is this conflict maybe caused by “out-of-date” JS files?

Thanks for a feedback.


Could you post a link to the page where it’s broken or send the link to info@themecatcher.net

If you can’t leave the site in a broken state, could you please send over administrator login details and your admin URL. So we can activate the Essential Grid plugin just to diagnose the problem. Also tell us how we can replicate the problem.

If you’d prefer not to send us the main account login, you can create a temporary user account just for us with the “Administrator” role, which you can then delete when we have resolved your problem.

Regards, TC


I’m looking for a theme to customize and this looks like a good start. Here a list with a few pre-sale questions:

Is this theme multilingual prepared? As and integrated multilingual system or with the use of Polylang or WPML? Is the theme multisite ready? Multilingual shop and 404 functionality? Can homepage and theme driven items be translated as well?

Is the website retina ready? Retina images automaticaly created on upload or manually?

Is the theme fully responsive?

Is the website full screen? Does it have the option for full screen scaleable background images and video? Can the image/video pages be a gallery? Is it possible to make every page just full screen height and have the scrolling in the content block?

Is the theme Woocommerce compatible? Will the shop and communication flow be multilingual? Is it possible to show product details in a light box?

Do you do custom modifications to the theme or know someone who does? The theme should have a thin fixed top and bottom navigation withe a full screen scaleable background image or video. The logo preferably positioned in the center withe the navigation left and right of it. Content should appear horizontally and vertically center positioned in and semi transparent layer. The idea is to have a website similar to kylie.com

Regards, Remco


This theme is several years old. It doesn’t support most of what you are asking, so I’d say it’s not suitable.

We are about to release a new theme which has WPML integration, is Retina ready, fully responsive, WooCommerce compatible, and full screen video/image capable. So check our portfolio in a week or two to see if it’s suitable for you. We are not available for custom modifications.

Regards, TC

Hi Hi,

If I understand you are going to release a new theme Storm. Will it be compatible with the old version?

Best regards



We aren’t planning to release a new Storm theme. It’s a completely new theme. Any future Storm upgrades will be compatible with existing Storm sites.

Regards, TC

Thank you very much for your answer Can you give me the approximate date of release, I am trying to see to change my website and following the release of your new thême I’ll wait

Regards, Denis

It’s still going through the ThemeForest review process. It could be a week or more, could possibly take a lot longer.

Regards, TC

Hi don’t have plan to update this theme It is really old and doesn’t have new WP futures on it

Hi, i’ve purchased the theme and i have i question. I would like to enlarge the size of the “note block” on the homepage, is it possible? The note block must be center. Thank you?


Go to Theme Options – Advanced – Custom CSS and enter this code:

.left-note-block {
    margin: 0 auto;
    float: none;
    width: 600px;
    height: 300px;

Adjust the numbers to suit.

Regards, TC

Thank you :)

Hi, i have a question about buddypress. I would like to have a plain black content style for my buddypress pages and not a transparent content style. Is it possible? Thank you.

When a choose the plain black style in the buddypress pages, it’s not working. The style is always “transparent”.


Could you send a link to a couple of the buddypress pages on your site to info@themecatcher.net so we can give you the CSS you need?

Regards, TC

hello! i need two things: 1. How can i remove the date and name (and link) of the author which appears at the top of every post? 2. How can i sort the posts by title in the following shortcode? [blog categories=”1” show_meta=”0” show_date=”0” show_description=”0” description_length=”0” show_read_more=”0” image_type=”below” image_width=”270” image_height=”320”]


1. You can add this CSS to Theme Options – Advanced – Custom CSS:

.entry-info .date, .entry-info .entry-meta {
    display: none;

And go to Blog – General and set “Show date circle” to off.

2. This requires modification to one of the theme files. I will be releasing an update to the theme this week, if you can wait a couple of days I will add in this option. Otherwise let me know and I can give you the code changes.

Regards, TC

Hi, when will this theme become fully responsive, so google starts to like it again. Or is there something else I can do? THanks


We are currently working on a new theme which is fully responsive. There will be updated version of the Storm design available with the new theme. All the same functionality will be there and more.

I will let you know when it’s live. We think within a couple weeks.

Regards, TC

Hi, I just installed the latest theme, it still is not mobile responsive. Is it not long till the responsive theme will be released? As this is quite important I need to make a decision if I need to go with another theme. I really do not want to, is there anything else we can do? Thanks


It should be released very soon. We are putting the finishing touches on it for submission but it will depend on whether ThemeForest accepts it straight away or whether they want us to change something about it. If you send me an email to info@themecatcher.net I can give you a link to see the theme and the Storm version of it.

Regards, TC

This is the only site out of a couple of hundred that has been hacked 3 times. Any chance you will update the theme to make it more secure, since the client’s PHP files keep getting hacked with {HEX}php.brute.bf1lic.187, as detected by maldet on the server. Seems that there is a major problem with the theme’s files.

I’ve had to suspend the client on the hosting server because of this theme…. desperately needs updating and making more secure.


We are not aware of any security issues with the theme. I have scanned the theme with wpscan (result – no public vulnerabilities). Make sure you are using the latest version of Storm (1.3.0) and Quform (1.7.0). See updating the theme, also updating Quform (manual install).

Make sure you are using the latest version of other plugins, WordPress, and have strong passwords for your admin users. If you want to send me the site URL to info@themecatcher.net I can scan the site to see if there are any vulnerabilities with any plugins you have installed.

I will check the theme again anyway and make a new update.

Regards, TC


Jov Purchased

I think this theme is a excellent choice for any site and the form that it comes with is second to none. What would take it over the top is if the footer had a few more options and it was responsive. I hope these guys make more templates in the future.

This is awfully frustrating… As a licensed user – we still don’t get any replies… Envato instituted this so-called “Support (Premium for a fee)” and yet NO ONE responds – its a virtual ghost-town.

STORM is a wonderful theme and the support was almost always immediate. How times have changed.

They don’t respond to their forum – they don’t respond here and Envato STILL wants premium dollar for what they imply is reliable product support.

I have never understood why individuals and firms simply have a tendency to sweep things under the rug. It is so simple just to make a post about an inability to respond, or other issues preclude an ability to reply in a timely manner. I could accept that much easier than just listening to the crickets and wind.

Hello??? Anybody here???


Our developer has been off unexpectedly this week. You should get a response to this next week. Sorry for the delay!


Hi, whether after buying this template I will get information where to buy photos used in this template


Here are the links to the images used in the live preview when the theme was created.

Regards, TC

is it possible to have a gallery of youtube clips?


Yes, see Setting up a portfolio. In the Portfolio Item Options metabox when adding/editing a portfolio item, choose Type: Video and enter the URL to the YouTube video.

Regards, Ally


I have a question: Will this version still be updated? The lest update is : v1.4.2 – 20th January 2017

Best Regards


Hi Denis

We weren’t planning an update, is there something specific you would like to see added or fixed?

Regards, Ally


I’m trying to set up the portfolio, but white screen appears. I installed the demo.xml version and all the pages in the portfolio show white screen.

I’m with the latest version of WP.

What can it be?


Could I take a look at the site settings so that I can fix this problem for you?

Please send over administrator login details and your admin URL to the contact form on my profile page. If you’d prefer not to send us the main account login, you can create a temporary user account just for us with the “Administrator” role, which you can then delete when the issue is resolved.

Regards, Ally

ok, Sent!


I understand the problem now, the error occurs because the “slug” of the Portfolio page is “portfolio”, which is also the default value of the theme option at Theme Options – Portfolio – General – Portfolio rewrite slug.

I changed the option Portfolio rewrite slug to “portfolio-item” and the problem is fixed now. The rewrite slug cannot be the same as the slug of an existing page or it will cause this problem.

Regards, Ally

can we embed our own videos in the background instead of youtube?? And does it have a playlist where videos can play one after each other? Lastly is there an auto start option where the video automatically starts on the page without the button being pushed?


Only Vimeo or YouTube background videos are supported, and there isn’t an option to play one video after another. You can set different background videos for each page though. There are a few options for what to do after the video is finished: Redirect to another page, Restart the video, Hide the video or Do nothing. There is an auto-start video option.

Regards, Ally