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Great theme! I really love how photos are displayed in this theme and how everything seems to flow together.

I was wondering if in future versions you might add settings to disable some of the animations? I like keeping things simple, and animations get finnicky sometimes :)

Along those lines, I noticed that sometimes when I refresh with the “Continue” text at the top of the page, the post’s image below and its grayed out version are offset slightly from each other. Hovering on the image fixes it until I move the mouse off again. Do you know how to fix this? Please see the screenshot here http://postimg.org/image/9w7luidor/

@yunchiluo thanks for the purchase. The issue is bit common and can be overcome by place the image code exactly in top of your post content. Can you email me the contents of a post to hello@dreamsmedia.in. After the image there should be proper separation between the next line.

Also regarding the animation, you would be able to do it by editing the CSS. In case you are familiar with .LESS than this would be easy to do.

Hey there! This theme is great but for some reason on images when I hover over, it jumps up. Is there any reason for this? See nickloui.com.


@nloui thanks for the purchase. Can you email me the contents of a post to hello@dreamsmedia.in. The image code should be the first thing in your post content and after it there should be proper separation between the next line.

@hchouhan got a short question;

When sharing posts on FB, with the link of the post or via the share button below the post, the extract is the blog description, not an extract from the post.

Is this a Ghost thing, or is it controlled by the theme?

// Mn.

Site = http://www.smithjones.biz

Hi again. If you are simply upgrading from 1.1 to 1.2, then just update the index.js file from the assets/js folder and open the default.hbs file to see updated code in the header. Other than those there are no other changes.

Please Note: Just visited your website. The new changes in the JS file will result in the line below images appearing within content. To avoid it, you may continue using the old JS file. Simply copy the updated header code from default.hbs and add it to your customized theme. That will fix the heading issue when sharing with Facebook.

Yes. Thank you. Works just fine!

Recently, I’ve been looking at themes for Ghost with an eye toward selecting one for a new blog. Stretch is one of my favorites overall, but in doing some browser testing with it, I’ve found a couple of rendering issues and wonder if there are any updates planned that may address them.

In Firefox 28 on Windows 7, after clicking into any post, there’s a misplaced border as you see here toward the bottom of the screen capture, which I’ve verified on three different machines with varying display resolutions:


In IE 11 on Windows 7, I’ve found that only half the cover image tends to load when first visiting a site themed with Stretch, as seen here, though refreshing will usually get it to load fully:


Both of these issues I’ve seen with the demo version of the theme that’s posted here and the actual blog at 404.tf.

On Google Chrome, I’ve seen neither of these issues.

Thanks in advance for any input. It’s a theme I’d be interested in purchasing, but the rendering issues, especially with Firefox, concern me.

Hi @KJPike. Thanks for sharing a detailed analysis. I was not aware of these. I will look into it and upload a fix this week.

@KJPike, can you please drop me an email to hello@themeist.co. I would like to give you something as a way of saying thank you for sharing this info.

Hi, is this theme compatible with WordPress?


Hi @vickylyashenko. No this isn’t. Its created for blogging platform named Ghost. WordPress version would be released later this month.