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Thanks for your nice word :)

awesomw work! Good luck with sales :)

Thanks for your nice words :)

Great template! Are you guys planning a WP version?

Currently I don’t take any plan for WP :(

Excellent template with great movement, annotation, and sheer amount of source files. Author is also very helpful. Definitely glad I purchased this!

Thanks for comment

i love the template! question. how do i incorp my twitter account into the twitter feed?

In index.html on 800th line you see the twitter json file. Just rename envato to your username that’s all see the below code

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”” ></script>

Fantastic template. I’m having a little issue with changing one of the portfolio items to youtube video (same with the feature:video page) It just shows black. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

Just contact me through my profile page with link i will check it

Great template! Works just great! I have one question though.

Would it be possible to make the menu “work” so it “follows” you and know where you are on the page. I see this on alot of “one-page” templates. F.x if i press “services” this is highlighted but if i then scroll down to f.x portfolio the menu dont highlight “portfolio”.

This is the only thing i think this site is missing, any good solution to this? :)

Once again, thanks for a great template :)

I will try to add this option on next update

Cool, thanks! Looking forward to the next update :)

Love this template! One issue, though. When the parallax scrolls down to lower pages, it carries the menu at the top…but not the company logo. Any easy fix for this? I can probably stick it in there myself, and add a little css…hopefully without screwing up the rest of the template. But I was just wondering if there’s a quick fix (turning something on or off…maybe a display:none I don’t know about?) Thanks!

If you contact me through my profile page i will do it for you, the logo part is control by jquery so we need to edit the main-fm.js file

Where can I change the logo?

In custom.min.js file you see the below code, just add the google font link inside the $(‘head’).append(“google font link”) code. If you need to add more font just copy and past the same code

$('head').append('<link rel="stylesheet" href="//,400,600,700,800,300italic,400italic,600italic" />');

Hi, I try everything about changing the Bgr color on the menu to white, but I still getting a gray light grey beg anther the main words:

This is how I have it:

/* menu color / .header.singlePage{ background-color:#ffffff; }

.menu_color, .header .nav li a { 
    color: white; 
.header .nav ul li ul li { 
/ menu white /
.white_nav .header_bg{
.menu_color.white_nav, .header.white_nav .nav li a { 
    color: white; 
.header.white_nav .nav ul li ul li, .header.white_nav .nav ul li ul li a  {
   background: #FFFFFF;

/ end menu color */

Contact me through my profile page with details and link, i will check it

Really great work, and great documentation! Thanks!

Thanks for nice comment, please leave rating :)

Hi FMedia and congrats for such a great looking template!!!

I only have one question for now.

How would I go to remove couple pages (Portfolio & Features) from Black and White version_onepage so they don’t show at all. I already removed them form menu but I notice they’re still showing when I scroll.

Thank you!

You need to remove body content also, Just remove the div that place below the <!- Portfolio Page start-> comment text. i hope you understand

I got it! Thank you for your quick answer.

Just one more question: Besides editing, $email_to = “”; $email_subject = “Your email subject”;

Is there anything else I would need to do in order to get the contact form working?

I already put my email there but for some reason I’m not getting the email.


Hello & thanks for great theme!

I would like to make the first pages scrollable directly. Now I have to click the arrow or menu, but I would like to make it scroll directly. I guess it should be an easy fix?...

Thank again!

Just contact me through my profile page with details i will send the modify file

I like the video background version and wondered if there is anyway to make this work on mobile devices?

Lovely theme! I’m setting up the coming soon version for the time being. I am probably just overlooking it but where can I fill in the social media URL’s so the icons are pointing at the right Facebook/Twitter accounts?

You can see the links on your account page on those website

Hmm, I don’t think you understood what I meant. I know what my Facebook link is but I asked where to put it in the code so the Facebook icon would actually point to my Facebook… But I think I solved it by embedding the <li class=”facebook… into an href that has my facebook url. Don’t know if that is the right way to do it but it works :-) Thanks for the quick reply!” />

Just chiming in that I would also love a menu that “followed” as you scroll down the page. Look forward to the next update.!

i will try to add this option on next update

i have certain basic knowledge of html however planning to buy this templete but you have instructions how to use it . do you have a certain programe that will help to customise your templete for just inserting images and videos and changing thte words. I know how to use wordpress coz of back office but I’m stuck of thinking to buy this templete because of the complications to customise it.


You need the basic html knowledge to edit this file, if you have Dreamweaver software it’s very easy to change the image and text


It is a great theme I had bought from themeforest. I have a little question about theme performance. This theme is too slow. When I open the html page (index,aboutus, services, etc…) it waits 10-15 seconds to opening.

How can I speed up opening time ?

Best Regards Omer

The site is open after the required images are loaded completely. Its take only few seconds, if you need to remove that option, just delete the preLoadImgs array value and set siteStartOpen = true in custom.min.js file

I deleted this >> var preLoadImgs = []; and change value to siteStartOpen = true both of custom.min.js and custom.js

But there is no change in speed. Please help

Just contact me through my profile page with your page link i will check it

Hello, I love this template! Congratulations Can you tell me how can I customize the font like for the entire page. I want to change it to “sansation light” is it possible?

if it isn’t possible how do I use the font of the tittles in light instead of bold?

thank you so much

You can see all fonts in font folder, and the font face style in base.css file. If you need to add the google font just delete the font face and add the google font style.

i think it can be good to change the arrows on the screen, put them up and down, it is confusing now, i thought the slider is working vertically and horizontaly because of the current arrow positioning. in my eyes this is an usability mistake, you make me, as an user, to expect something that the website dosen’t offer.

I really like this template – you really thought of everything!

The navigation has a small bug for me (using latest version of Firefox on a Mac, viewing your live demo, not the files I purchases).

The black bar that slides down to the previous position of the menu (before it slides up). It’s thicker than it should be. If you rollover the dropdown menu, it corrects itself.

-—but here are my questions ---

1. If the nav menu was 100px taller, how could I get the anchors for the titles of the sections to snap to the correct position?

IE: About Us title – when you click the link, how could I get it to slide to the lower, adjusted position?

2. How can I center the navigation menu links?

Thank you for your help!