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Downloaded it. Great Package!!! Is there a simple way to disable/remove the countdown from the “coming soon” template?

I’d like to just use that for my front-end for the time being… but don’t need a visible timer present. Thanx so much!!!


Never mind. Found it.

<!- Count down text ->

Hello, I just purchased your template, I did not see that it was not compatible with Wordpress…is there any way to get this template to wordpress for inexpensive charge or is there a way to get my money back so I can find a parallax template that works on Wordrpess.

Thank you

Sorry, it not a wordpress, it’s a simple html file.

contact support center about this issue. Anyway envato doesn’t refund your money due to envato rules, sorry :(

Hi and thanks… Could i add the “Disqus Comment Box ” to the blog post page, or do you suggest any else idea to activate the add comment in Blog page ?

Just use “Disqus Comment Box ” it work well in this template

Please, how do I load a video from YOUTUBE or VIMEO Background??
  •‘vids/video.mp4’, {altSource:’vids/video.ogv’});

Hey, you forgot the pagination element for blog :(


Did you managed to solve the sticky footer problem in IPhone and IPad?

Thank you!

Contact me through my profile page with details

Message sent, again.

I am not receiving email from your side, please check it

Can you tell me how to insert a logo on the COMING SOON page that would rest in the area below the countdown clock? I don’t want it to be below the transparent background, however.

Thank you.


Just add your logo below the clock id div see the below code

<div class="countdown">

     <!-- Count down text -->
      <h1 class="light_color"><div id="clock" class="coupon" /></h1>
       <img src="images/logo.png" data-src-small="images/logo_s.png" data-retina="yes" alt="logo text" />

Thanks for the quick reply. However, I don’t want my logo beneath the transparent background layer. I want it on top so that the colors pop rather than being muted by the background layer. Can you help with this?

Contact me through my profile page with your design

Is there a secret for cleaning up the CSS so that they are more easily managed within Dreamweaver without disturbing the integrity of its content? I’ve tried W3C Validation and, but, once it cleans the CSS, they aren’t 100% accurate. Having all of the CSS code on one line is an incredible pain for a guy like me.

Please advise.

Replied to your email. Just use the original file instead of minify file

Hi! Im trying to remove the “all” filter from de portfolio, i want to start showing another category but i cant find where, can you help me please!

Thanks, great work!

Just add the below code in your page header inside the $(document).ready function

                $(".filter_options #filters li a[data-option-value='.web']").trigger('click');

Hi again, I added the code, but it’s not working, do i have to add it in some particular place inside the $(document).ready function?


Just place below the isotope Portfolio function. if you still have the same problem, just contact me through my profile page with details and link

I don’t see the video background demo in the download package? Was it removed?

You can see the video_background.html file inside the Black and White version_onepage folder

Hello, I have a problem with the fixed position navbar which is only clickable once when I see the site on my iPad 2 with 5.1.1 iOS version. Can you please tell me how to fix it? thank you in advance!

contact me through my profile page with details

Great Package. I uploaded all files but when I fill the form, althought passed the confirmation phrase as ok, the email never comes. Can you help me.!

Replied to your email

Usually when there is a video background when you pull up on a mobile it defaults to an image background, however this is not the case with yours. Any ideas how to fix this?

nm I found the problem with the script and fixed.


I am really interested in purchasing your product. But I am in two minds right now.

I wanted to know if instead of scrolling down, could the actually pages move to the left instead?(In the editing process)


yes it’s possible, just contact me i will enable the home page scroll option

First it is again an awesome template of Fmedia.

I tried to change the icons (service image icons) from the base.css to my new icons, i made the same size, and also the retina icon, but they it doesn’t change the icons, not sure if they are inside another .css or where can I see the new icons (my new icons are in .png maybe that is an issue)

Thanks A lot!

I will reply as soon as possible :)

in base.css file copy and past the .service_icon1 class and rename. Just use that class name on service page to add the service icon.

Don’t forget to rename the base.css to base.min.css file

Hello Video background don’t seem to work with firefox. I upload full package to my server and firefox don’t show the video background, all other browser shows it normal. can you help?

Contact me through my profile page with details and link


First of all, thanks a lot for this awesome theme.

I’m working on the template “white pages separate version”. In the index page, I would like to remove the Supersized slideshow. I read in the documentation that I have to remove the class “homeSlider” and what is initializing Superzised in the Header. The problem is, after doing it I’ve got some errors:

- The page can’t be scrolled. It’s been blocked. - The page is blocked on the white layer loading. - The background images for the different parallax section disappear.

How could I resolve it?


contact me through my profilr page with details

Hi, I have a problem with Turkish fonts. Can you help please.

just add <meta http-equiv=”content-type” content=”text/html;charset=utf-8” /> code in header on the html file

Thanks, but we’re having problems with “?” and “?” characters.

? and ?

Hi ! Great package :)

Can you update the code ? The twitter api V1 is no longer available. And I don’t know why, I re-downloaded the files today and the video background doesn’t load so the page stays black.

Can you fix that ? Thanks in advance :) Have a good day !

I will update the twitter api as soon as possible

Please download and replace file

Hi ! Ok thank you :) Have a nice day :D

Hi, I purchased this theme and problem I am having is height issue in mobile version. It is calculating wrong height on one page template.

Thanks in advanced for all your help.

contact me through my profile page with detail. Please contact through your file purchase username

Information sent. Please respond back soon. Thanks